RE: [WSG] Updated Website Feedback

2012-03-25 Thread Sam Dwyer
Hi Marvin, Your images currently aren't showing up. The problem appears to be that your code has a capital 'I' for your Images directory wherever you try and reference an image. If you convert these to lowercase you should have no problems. The alt tags appear to be fine and are showing

RE: [WSG] list heading - best practice?

2012-03-04 Thread Sam Dwyer
Nesting h1 inside the ul like that is invalid markup so that's a problem.. Children of ul have to be li In relation to marking up a title for lists I would probably use the aria tag aria-labelledby IE: h1 id=list_titleThe list titleh1 ul aria-labelledby=list_title li.../li /ul That way the

RE: [WSG] list heading - best practice?

2012-03-04 Thread Sam Dwyer
I do get what you're saying but I think you're using a much too narrowly defined definition of semantics when you describe it as defining core meaning. This is going to just sound like so much bike shedding but semantics is more than just the core meaning and semantics also doesn't mean that an

RE: [WSG] jQuery accessibility

2011-10-09 Thread Sam Dwyer
Hi, jQuery is a framework for building components and for easily manipulating the DOM of a web page, by itself it doesn't have anything to say about specific accessibility concerns. Plugins and third party components that have be built on top of jquery may or may not implement suitable

RE: [WSG] flat form with check boxes [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

2011-09-12 Thread Sam Dwyer
Hey, If you’re looking to include elements on a page (such as a checkbox) that you do not want a screenreader to be able to access and confuse the user with then the best practice is to add role=”presentation” to the element. As defined by the WAI-ARIA spec here

[WSG] RE: Accessible Modal/Lightbox Code

2011-05-17 Thread Sam Dwyer looks like a repo that has a few decent jquery style plugins that implement wai-aria and keyboard accessibility to some of the more common design patterns - including a lightbox. Haven't tested it, but a cursory glance looks like it ticks quite a

RE: [WSG] HTML5 v. HTML 4.x

2011-01-24 Thread Sam Dwyer
? Can't the same thing be achieved in HTML 4.x using classes Not really. The power of semantics really has to lie in the fact that they are used consistently across a wide range of disparate systems. The fact that all the sites you build have a consistent ‘header’ class in them doesn’t mean that

[WSG] Mobile urls

2010-11-14 Thread Sam Dwyer
is to provide a different domain, such as mob. Or m. Ie. Anyone have any thoughts on pros/cons of the two methodologies? Just curious to see if anyone else has implemented the BBC method? Cheers, Sam Dwyer Please consider the environment before

RE: [WSG] CSS Expandable Menu

2010-06-28 Thread Sam Dwyer
Hi Grant, It’s great you’re looking for an accessible menu solution, but I’d recommend not throwing away javascript solutions in the process. Yahoo has some great information on adding WAI-Aria roles and states to menu buttons using javascript that you may be able to adapt for your purposes

RE: [WSG] HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives

2010-05-17 Thread Sam Dwyer
Haven't looked at this for a while, but it seemed pretty good when I first found it: Cheers, S -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of tee Sent: Tuesday, 18 May 2010 9:24 AM To:

[WSG] RE: Using a dot . in a class name

2010-03-11 Thread Sam Dwyer
Stanards indicate that class is a cdata type ( which, as defined here, accepts any sequence of characters (unlike the id and name attributes which have to begin with z-zA-Z). Cheers, S

RE: [WSG] Standards based Drupal WYSIWYG Editor

2010-02-28 Thread Sam Dwyer
joined, look forward to engaging with you all) Cheers, Sam Dwyer Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. The information contained in this email and any attachment is confidential and may contain legally privileged or copyright material. It is intended only for the use