Re: [WSG] google and validation

2008-10-18 Thread Svip
Care to tell us what exactly the validator tells you is wrong? /Svip 2008/10/18 designer [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hello all, A client wants a link to google maps to shows where a property is located (there are 30+ properties, so 30+ pages with links to google maps). The trouble is, the pages

Re: [WSG] labels as input wrappers + h6 in place of legend

2008-10-16 Thread Svip
the original question. And my suggestion is no, because legend can easily be configured via CSS to look and appear exactly as h6. So there. /Svip *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: http

Re: [WSG] Accessible menu lists - using the pipe character as separator?

2008-09-27 Thread Svip
How about a list of links? If you want a separator, use some CSS styles. But for what you are asking, you are probably looking for an ul list. Regards, Svip 2008/9/27 Daisy Morgan [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hello all I can't seem to find a definitive answer on this via Google - is it best practice

Re: [WSG] Uppercase Tag Names

2008-09-26 Thread Svip
write the tag names in uppercase, in fact, as far as I recall W3C suggests the exact opposite, *also* for HTML 4.01. Regards, Svip *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: http

Re: [WSG] how to use images and text in a menue

2008-08-28 Thread Svip
, Svip 2008/8/28 Michael Horowitz [EMAIL PROTECTED]: How would people suggest if I have a menu with an image on top and text underneath and I want both the text and the image as a link I'm thinking of making them link items and use css to move the image on top of the text. Does that sound

Re: [WSG] iphone should not be part of your url

2008-07-20 Thread Svip
to other devices. However, that being said, I still agree with you. I'd prefer a more ambiguous term, e.g. and Or maybe something technical specific. Then use to redirect there or something. Regards, Svip 2008/7/20 Keryx Web [EMAIL

Re: [WSG] iphone should not be part of your url

2008-07-20 Thread Svip
where the mobile device industry is developed enough to allow for full blown websites on mobile devices. Which I believe is Apple taking a step too early. Regards, Svip P.S. I live in Denmark. 2008/7/20 Keryx Web [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Svip skrev: I see where you're coming from, but let's

Re: [WSG] iphone should not be part of your url

2008-07-20 Thread Svip
if it doesn't work in anything else but Firefox. Regards Svip 2008/7/20 Keryx Web [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Ben Dodson skrev: I don't personally have a problem with having iphone in a URL as it is generally used for applications that are very specific to the iphone. It is 1998 and I am developing

Re: [WSG] iphone should not be part of your url

2008-07-20 Thread Svip
as the iPhone's Safari browser does. Not that I care about that, cause I don't think I'd need that on a mobile device yet. On 20 Jul 2008, at 17:38, Svip wrote: Lars, I think you're forgetting an important thing though. The iPhone's Safari is very different from Safari on an iMac or Opera Mini

Re: [WSG] Firefox 3 and script tag 'problems'

2008-06-24 Thread Svip
I believe this problem has always exited in Firefox. Though, I have no idea why... /me strokes beard. Regards, Svip 2008/6/24 Matijs [EMAIL PROTECTED]: script src=yourscript.js type=text/javascript/script works script src=yourscript.js type=text/javascript / doesn't On Tue, Jun 24, 2008

Re: [WSG] Firefox 3 candidate

2008-06-18 Thread Svip
It will replace it, unless you backup your Firefox 2 client and move it somewhere where Firefox 3 cannot get to it. /Svip 2008/6/18 Paul Collins [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Does anyone know if it will replace your version of Firefox 2, or will it run side by side?! Cheers

Re: [WSG] html vs. html

2008-06-18 Thread Svip
). People have later assumed that that is the norm. But file types like torrents (.torrent) have proven that it doesn't have to be the case. In my opinion, I prefer .html over .htm, cause the technology is called HTML, not HTM, huh? Regards, Svip 2008/6/18 Rob Enslin [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi peeps, I

Re: [WSG] Stumped need suggestions - how to highlight two links at once

2008-06-04 Thread Svip
, Svip P.S. I apologise for the sloppy English, but my head is a mess today. 2008/6/4 Ted Drake [EMAIL PROTECTED]: First off, I'd question the usefulness of this. The disjointed relationship between the links would merely confuse the user. It would be really ugly to do this but here you go

Re: [WSG] innerHTML assignment overflows TD cell in FF

2008-05-30 Thread Svip
? But if you're already going that way, why not try shipping the HTML code as XML through AJAX instead? Much easier parse-able. Regards, Svip 2008/5/30 Thierry Koblentz [EMAIL PROTECTED]: And the node looks like this: div id=newsnode!!main_content!!/div Try this: var maincontent

Re: [WSG] Fwd: using fieldsets and legends (outside a form) for adding structural markup

2008-05-20 Thread Svip
. Regards, Svip 2008/5/20 Jason Grant [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hello Julian, If you are unsure about what an HTML tag is there for, look up in the W3C specs. It is pretty clear to me there that fieldset element exists for the purpose

Re: [WSG] Full flash websites

2008-05-05 Thread Svip
, Svip 2008/5/5 Michael Persson [EMAIL PROTECTED]: The company I worl with has a big love for full flash websites and we have produced some very nice but heavy and slow ones. What do you people, professionals and hobby standardists think about full flash websites?? where is the usability

Re: R: [WSG] Alternative to align = center?

2008-05-03 Thread Svip
Speaking of centre. W3C ought to implement British English as well. :( But yeah, the align attribute should be avoided at all cost. If you really want to align something in the centre, use; margin: 0 auto; /Svip 2008/5/3 Essential eBiz Solutions Ltd [EMAIL PROTECTED]: There is the old

Re: [WSG] Best way to hide form legends?

2008-04-30 Thread Svip
Tried display: none;? Regards, Svip 2008/4/30 Simon [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi, I've got a search box and login area that I want to use a fieldset and legend on for accessibility but I don't want to show the legend to normal users. Now I can easily hide it with display: none; but I understand

Re: [WSG] Best way to hide form legends?

2008-04-30 Thread Svip
Well then, only tell him to use the hidden part for specific media, such as projection or whatever. Don't screenreaders obey that? Regards, Svip 2008/4/30 Dan Brickley [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Svip wrote: Tried display: none;? Now I can easily hide it with display: none; but Apparently

Re: [WSG] How to make diagonal lines change color?

2008-04-10 Thread Svip
on the site are in images, and all written text is English. Regards, Svip 2008/4/11, Laert Jansen [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hello everyone. Well there´s something I want to do but I have no idea if it´s possible to be done and how would I do this. My website ( has some two color

Re: [WSG] INS and DEL in lists

2008-03-25 Thread Svip
Don't you mean server sided rather than browser/user agent? /Svip On 25/03/2008, Stuart Foulstone [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, RE: When I hid the del using display: hidden; the list would render something like this I can't say I've ever felt the need to use these tags, but isn't

Re: [WSG] PNG in IE6

2008-02-21 Thread Svip
My preferred method is shrugging at the IE6 users and just let them see their own browser rendering PNGs as ugly as it can. /Svip On 21/02/2008, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Good time of day. 1. Your mistake: Addressing in Filter is from your html, not from your css

Re: [WSG] Catch 22 list problem

2007-10-11 Thread Svip
Actually, read this page instead: I just realised that is not in XHTML. On 11/10/2007, Svip [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Try ol start=3 instead. Regards, Svip On 11/10/2007, Keryx Web [EMAIL

Re: [WSG] Catch 22 list problem

2007-10-11 Thread Svip
Try ol start=3 instead. Regards, Svip On 11/10/2007, Keryx Web [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all! Short version: A. li value=3 is not allowed in strict HTML 4/XHTML 1.0, Spec says use CSS. B. I want to start at 3. C: CSS has no means to specify a start value! Pick your poison: 1

Re: [WSG] ASP, PHP and Ruby - oh my!

2006-01-26 Thread Svip
is required, but gives you less control of it, in my opinion. But I thank thee again for bring up the language in question. Regards, Svip - On 26/01/06, Joseph R. B. Taylor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Guys and Gals, There's certainly a mass of hype surrounding Ruby these days. It raises

[WSG] Cite in blockquote

2006-01-26 Thread Svip
in the blockquotes? Regards, Svip - ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting help **

Re: [WSG] Cite in blockquote

2006-01-26 Thread Svip
Oh my, that is extremely well, I like that. Thank you very much for that information. :) Is it possible to export it as a link (a) instead of plain text using content:? Regards, Svip - On 26/01/06, russ - maxdesign [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It said that 'cite' is an attribute

Re: [WSG] .htm include file into another .htm

2006-01-18 Thread Svip
not know either if your way is a standard, as I have never heard of it. Besides, I hate frames, and thus would not suggest your way. Note: When using PHP, you probably need to name your original file with .php at the end. Regards, Svip, On 18/01/06, KJ Callender [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi

Re: [WSG] CSS Icon

2006-01-16 Thread Svip
I thought that per standard you inserted the favicon.ico file in the parent directory to the site, and thus browsers would ask for it, and get it as they requested! The HTML is just if you specific pages on a site that needs their own favicons! signed Svip - On 16/01/06, Alvaro Mouriño

Re: [WSG] p tag

2006-01-11 Thread Svip
Well first of all, you should use CSS instead of your attribute: p { text-align: justify; } The issue you are talking about is the margin of the p tag. You can remove it by adding margin:0; to the CSS above, however, I strongely suggest you not to. Signed, Svip - On 11/01/06, Todd

Re: [WSG] standards form?

2005-08-06 Thread Svip
I wouldn't suggest doing a single multi-porpuse form, as it would simply just confuse people using the website. Split them up. Though I am not quite sure what your question is. Svip - On 06/08/05, Jad Madi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm working on multi purpose form, registration

Re: [WSG] Is br / friendly to accessibility?

2005-07-04 Thread Svip
. However, XHTML is meant to be read in another way, as far as I know, only Opera and Gecko takes care of the !DOCTYPE. :( Svip On 04/07/05, Alan Trick [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: tee wrote: I presume br / is part of the standards since it passes HTML 4.01 Strict XHTML 1.0 strict validation but does

[WSG] table to div tags problem

2005-07-01 Thread Svip
to view the page in. And therefore if you know a way, I will be very pleased. And yes, the content in the content area should always start from the bottom. Kind regards, Svip ** The discussion list for See http

Re: [WSG] A web culture

2005-06-30 Thread Svip
We could make our own? Hmmm... I've got a bass. :P Anyways, I have heard a lot of songs about the Internet. Most songs on the Internet, but also some by normal bands. I think DeviantArt should have some Web Art, aye? And isn't webdesign an art? :P /me runs. On 30/06/05, Mark B [EMAIL

Re: [WSG] IE and linux

2005-06-30 Thread Svip
Hmm... According to, WINE should run IE. I don't have Windows install anymore, so I haven't been able to check it. Instead I lent my father's machine when checking the pages in IE. But in most cases IE doesn't bother me, but when I need to see it in IE, I have to lent a Windows machine.