Re:[WSG] A Linux Check please?

2007-05-02 Thread webstandards
Hey Joseph, Yeah, the layout works fine here ! I'm running Iceweasel 2.0 on Debian etch. By the way, anybody can tell me if there is a difference in spaces between Linux and Windows ? Well, I have a little problem here. On Windows the layout which I design works really fine in Firefox and

[WSG] W3C Event - XML Workshop, Brisbane - 14 January 2005

2004-11-22 Thread Webstandards
Hi all.. Just saw the following page which I thought looked interesting: XML Workshop, Brisbane - 14 January 2005 DSTC and the Australian W3C Office is pleased to present an intensive one day workshop on W3C's XML activities by the international experts creating XML Recommendations. The

Re: [WSG] FYI: article on making your ASP.NET pages XHTML valid

2004-10-11 Thread Webstandards
Interesting how this comes up around the same time .NET and the frustrations of validation appears in the Web Standards Project Buzz for October 2004 at Barry Beattie wrote: there's probably only 10 ASP.NET developers on list that this might

[WSG] gBrowser from Google

2004-09-28 Thread Webstandards
Hi everyone I was recently told by a friend that there is talk of a browser to be released soon by Google called gBrowser I have googled for any news on it, and what support for standards it may have, but haven't really heard much.. To keep on topic, has anyone heard whether it will follow

Re: [WSG] My Favorite XHTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP Editor - NO WYSIWYG

2004-09-18 Thread Webstandards
This topic has been raised a few times in the past.. Is there a way this can be resourced on the WSG site? Nick Lo wrote: jEdit: ...and be sure to check out the recommended plugins in the jEdit Wiki: Nick

Re: [WSG] Change defaults in IE with CSS style sheet

2004-09-09 Thread Webstandards
Peter Firminger wrote: Go to Tools | Internet Options and at the bottom of the General tab click the Accessibility button and add your stylesheet there. P -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Ralph Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 11:59 AM

Re: [WSG] XP SP 2

2004-08-14 Thread Webstandards
I would seriously recommend you use a mail client that supports threading like Mozilla Thunderbird.. (Assuming you are right-handed) Left-click on the folder to want to see threaded, then click View-Sort By and then Threaded and thats it! You can also use extensions like ForumZilla

Re: [WSG]

2004-08-04 Thread Webstandards
Tim Yang wrote: Hi I'm just floating an idea. I was quite interested several months ago in re-doing some big non-standards sites like into standards compliance for my portfolio. I also just wanted to find out if I had the skills to meet the challenge. It was a really interesting

[WSG] Microsoft IE Team available for an online chat

2004-07-08 Thread webstandards
Hi everyone.. I really hope this is not off-topic, but I came across a link on The Web Standards Project's Recent Buzz column, as shown on It goes: Ever wished you could give your opinion directly to the IE team at Microsoft? Here's your chance! They're making

[WSG] W3C XForms Workshop

2004-06-23 Thread webstandards
Hey everyone I attended the W3C Xforms workshop held in Sydney (just the 2nd of the 2 workshops on offer today) and really amazed at what I saw. It's a shame that current support for Xforms is poor, but thinking of all the possibilities it could bring. Validation all performed without JavaScript