Re: [WSG] Accessibility does not matter!

2010-01-30 Thread
I whole heartily agree with you Tee, and more importantly with Tim 
Berners-Lee, the Internet as a whole was invited for the people to share 
information, and how can information be shared if accessibility is 
limited, even on intranet's if the system is built from the beginning to 
be widely accessible. When I first started learning about writing code 
for Standards Compliancy, and made sure I followed the outlines, I soon 
found myself writing in that manner automatically, it's just a matter of 
learning. And in this day and age, what decent developer builds software 
for web or otherwise does it without learning new techniques. If those 
developer's are not willing to adapt to the needs of consumers, they 
should steps aside, and take up another profession. Sorry, but I get 
beaten out of jobs myself due to these amateurs, only to have those 
client's come back to me, stating they went somewhere else 'cos it was 
cheaper, and they haven't been given the accessibility or editable 
options I discussed with them.

Also, to the person in the previous comments (don't remember who it was, 
I do this via email), that stated something about when jQuery is no 
longer supported in Browser's. You need to do a little homework before 
making such claims. jQuery is a JavaScript framework, hence it's 
JavaScript, which is support in almost every Browser, and JavaScript 
won't be getting dropped from Browser's for a very long time, and in 
fact it's been around before it was implemented and support in 
Browser's. Being Netscape in fact. If anything should or would get 
dropped, it should be these bulky have to install into the user's OS 
third party add-ons, such as Flash, Silverlight, and so on.

On a personal note Tee, you seem to be of the mind of following or have 
heard of Esoteric Agenda?

tee wrote:

Accessibility is: 1% of equality [1] + 99% of empathy :)

Internet is invented by the West, Web-standards movement was originated in the West, all 
those corporates that make software, have a big influence and dominated the market  
(Microsoft, Freedom Scientific, Adobe...) are all from the West. Western mindset is all 
about  freedom of *fill_in_blank* + equal access + right of use, but empathy is quick 
lacking the way I see it.  Green business has a term, greenwashing, perhaps we should 
have a term for accessibilty-washing, that is,  1% of equality minus 99% of 
empathy, I often think that this is the reason why web accessibility is slow crawling, 
because there isn't profit in making accessible software, web application, websites , 
etc. And it's that empathy that one has that makes one willing to run extra miles to make 
an accessible website, but one's effort is limited, on this notion, I can understand some 
of Jason's argument, though I don't agree with him.

Some culture in the East has the notion of empathy but lack of freedom of 
*fill_in_blank* + equal access + right of use, and they have to learn the 
Web-standards and accessibility knowledge using English  and learn from the West.

I am pretty certain Tim Berners-Lee on The power of the Web is in its universality. 
Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect includes 99% of 



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Re: [WSG] @font-face?

2009-12-21 Thread
You could precache the font, or edit the font removing the character's 
not needed to make the overall file size smaller.

designer wrote:
I recently tried a simple @font-face test, via font-squirrel, using a 
font similar to Bookman.  Unless There are tweaks that I don't know, I 
wouldn't use it on a site that mattered because of the delay. The 
ordinary font appears, then after some time (seconds, but very 
noticeable) the embedded font appears.
Has anyone else found this?

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Re: [WSG] Semantically codes syntax highlighting

2009-12-21 Thread

Make your own

Foskett, Mike wrote:

Hi all,

I’m about to do a set of yearly updates on my personal website.

This time around I thought I’d add syntax highlighting to the code 
examples presented.

After looking at a few highlighters the best visually appeared to be 
by Alex Gorbatchev.

But even with The beauty of code 
jQuery update it just doesn’t cut it semantically (every line in its 
own table).

May I ask the group what they would use or recommend?


Mike Foskett

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Re: [WSG] Major memory leaking in IE

2009-12-02 Thread
Interesting, I've had similar problems all the way through each IE 
incarnation, I had a quick look at your example, with no luck, but then 
I didn't test it in IE.

You would think M$ would have been able to fix this problem by now, as 
it looks like it's a similar problem as I've always experienced, but was 
able to get around it by splitting data up into smaller chunks, and 
renaming vars to single chars, and removing white space which also helps 
speed the code  up and reduce file size.


Mads Erik Forberg wrote:

can anyone help me debug the major memory leakage in IE on this page;
It seems to be the JavaScript when rendering new results after 
selecting a filter. I have tweaked it a bit, but seems to be very 
messy in IE. Runs with the jQuery 1.3.2 JS-lib.

PS: Don't worry about IE6, we don't support it. :) It's just IE7 and IE8.

Kind regards,

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