Re: [WSG] Expected behaviour of links to external websites

2011-12-23 Thread matt andrews
On 20 December 2011 13:09, Alex Mironov wrote: [snip] I was wondering if anyone had any views/resources as to whether users should remain in the same window or should be taken to a new window/tab when they click on an external link? Short answer:

Re: [WSG] The 'Some Links for Light Reading' posts

2009-09-22 Thread matt andrews
Absoutely, I'll echo that. There are some real gems in there. Thanks, Russ. 2009/9/23 Susie Gardner-Brown Hi there I’d just like to send a big thank you to Russ Weakley for taking the time to collate and send this to WSG Announce each week! I always find really

Re: [WSG] Accessible websites

2009-07-07 Thread matt andrews
2009/7/8 Dennis Lapcewich Dennis Lapcewich wrote: While I agree with your general sentiment, I have to say I find the assertion that all people aged 35-40 or more are for all intents and purposes [...] web disabled and [...] in immediate need of web accessibility

Re: [WSG] Installing More than one version of IE6

2009-07-03 Thread matt andrews
2009/7/3 Matijs For what it's worth. Microsoft have—for several years now—offered free Windows XP images with IE6/7/8RC and now IE8 as well in Microsoft Virtual PC format. Microsoft Virtual PC (the application) is also available for free, making this the most acurate and

Re: [Spam] :RE: [WSG] Accessible websites (was: accessible free web hosting account)

2009-07-01 Thread matt andrews
2009/7/2 Dennis Lapcewich If you are unsure that web accessibility should play a role, take this test.  In a group of people have everyone stand up.  Those who are unable to stand may remain seated.  Now pose these three requests, in order: 1)  If you are wear glasses,

Re: [WSG] returning to scroll position in a table inside a fixed hight div

2009-06-14 Thread matt andrews
2009/6/15 raven Keep in mind as always that a JavaScript solution will not work in user agents not running JavaScript, which can include search engines, mobile devices, assistive technology, browsers in certain corporate contexts in which JavaScript is globally turned off or

Re: [WSG] Users who deliberately disable JavaScript

2009-01-30 Thread matt andrews
2009/1/27 Patrick H. Lauke As good as it is to hear anecdotal evidence from expert users such as list members here, I'd say it's much more important to bring some actual live user stats to the table. Last time I checked JS stats (around 12 months ago) at the site I work

Re: [WSG] Target sued over non-accessible site

2006-02-09 Thread matt andrews
On 10/02/06, Lachlan Hunt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Angus at InfoForce Services wrote: Most people have JAVAScript turned off, According to what statistics? I think you'll find most people actually have it turned on. Indeed. I can report from some recent testing on the sites I work on

Re: [WSG] Target sued over non-accessible site

2006-02-09 Thread matt andrews
On 10/02/06, Angus at InfoForce Services [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Lachlan and Matt Thank you for the information. I should recheck. Do you have information about International web users? For the sites I referred to as having less than 0.1% of members with Javascript turned off, the users are

Re: Moral High-horse - was Re: [WSG] Failed Redesign and the Media

2006-02-01 Thread matt andrews
On 01/02/06, russ - maxdesign [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: As a far-from-guru-status Web Standards supporter/coder (I try) I have witnessed, on this list and on another css-specific list, quite a bit of condescending and 'forced-opinion' type of replies. It doesn't make for a nice atmosphere

Re: [WSG] Failed Redesign and the Media

2006-01-30 Thread matt andrews
On 31/01/06, Kat [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Kat wrote: Their answer was that they used the table-based layout because they did not like the way style sheets render in IE, and that encoding is not utilised for search engine reasons. Wow. Those guys *really* have some catching up to do.

Re: [WSG] Pipe separated lists

2005-12-13 Thread matt andrews
On 12/12/05, Gunlaug Sørtun [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ...I'm just not sure it makes really good sense to add any kind of separators between links since they don't add any value from a usability point of view. They are just visuals that may come out as noise. I agree with you, Georg. My

Re: [WSG] italic and validator

2005-12-11 Thread matt andrews
On 12/12/05, Bert Doorn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hmmm, so (to go along with the Google debate), we can save more bandwidth by omitting html, head and body? Interesting. Indeed, and Rimantas did just that in his version: I'm slightly wary of doing

Re: [WSG] *Why* doesn't Google validate? was New logo scheme was talking points for standards

2005-12-10 Thread matt andrews
On 10/12/05, Christian Montoya [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 12/9/05, Lea de Groot [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 10/12/2005, at 1:20 AM, matt andrews wrote: Hi Lea, I completely agree. Google have somehow developed a blind spot when it comes to meeting even the basics of current web

Re: [WSG] *Why* doesn't Google validate? was New logo scheme was talking points for standards

2005-12-09 Thread matt andrews
On 09/12/05, Lea de Groot [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 08/12/2005, at 10:29 PM, James Ellis wrote: Having a valid frontend has nothing to do with whether an organisation attempts to be socially responsible. I'm sure there are heaps of slightly dodgy organisations out there that hire

Re: [WSG] firefox 1.5 is official

2005-11-29 Thread matt andrews
On 30/11/05, Felix Miata [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: So, the question remains, does a release version profile with web dev installed work without doing anything special when upgrading the release version from 1.0.x to 1.5? And the answer is: yes. (for me, on WinXPSP2, from 1.0.7, with planets in

Re: [WSG] starting ordered lists from a number other than 1

2005-11-23 Thread matt andrews
On 23/11/05, Geoff Pack [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I agree with Bert - use the start attribute and a transitional dtd. It's cleaner, more concise, and captures exactly the semantics of what you are doing. You don't need the div around the text info though. Of course you could always write

Re: [WSG] Verb this link (WAS Click here--reference)

2005-09-21 Thread matt andrews
On 21/09/05, Blank Blank [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 9/21/05, Lea de Groot [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm not on this don't use verbs boat at all because I haven't yet found (or just missed :( ) a justification for it. While I don't by default, or even often, use a verb in a link,

Re: [WSG] Problem in Firefox on initial page load only

2005-07-27 Thread matt andrews
On 27/07/05, Hope Stewart [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 27/7/05 8:00 PM, Jorge Laranjo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At the bottom of the page, you have a p class=clear/p make that p class=clearnbps;/p p class=clearnbsp;/p Note, nbsp; and not nbPS; When I've needed to clear a floated,

Re: [WSG] A Fixed Understanding

2005-07-27 Thread matt andrews
On 28/07/05, Chris Kennon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Thanks, where I got confused is with the static attribute which does not take top, right, bottom and left values(http:// So if an item is not positioned when using fixed, it is fixed

Re: [WSG] Understanding inheritance (well, trying to)

2005-07-24 Thread matt andrews
CSS specificity, not asking for a change in markup. Suggest you read Russ' earlier reply closely. cheers, matt andrews. On 25/07/05, John Yip wrote: When the ID and the CLASS have the different value on the same attribute, the ID always wins. However, you can use span/span to achieve what you

Re: [WSG] Page check please - lionsq3

2005-07-21 Thread matt andrews
On 22/07/05, Rob Unsworth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, I need some help in checking the following page is rendering Ok in IE 5.x and IE 6. I am unable to test in these browsers due to a hd crash and the subsequent decision it was time to refurbish my system. Until finished I have no

Re: [WSG] GMail... Terrible!

2005-02-15 Thread matt andrews
On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 14:54:59 +1000, Gary Menzel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: There are plenty of accesible free webmail clients available. Explan to me why GMail has to make it's product accessible to everyone? It's not that Google *has to* make GMail accessible, semantic, minimal, and all the

Re: [WSG] background-image:

2005-01-19 Thread matt andrews
On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 16:25:55 +1000, Andrew Krespanis [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've never gotten that technique to work properly in Opera. It always either a) makes scrollbars b) displays some of the text despite insane negative text-indent values... curious. in Opera 7.54, Firefox 1.0 and IE

Re: [WSG] Help - newbie

2005-01-19 Thread matt andrews
On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 00:41:40 +1000, Lea de Groot [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Rather than changing editors, or at least, rather than going to DW! :), I'd suggest you just start validating your pages. Figuring out those fixes will teach you a lot, and from there you can move on to Accessibility

Re: [WSG] background-image:

2005-01-18 Thread matt andrews
On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 02:08:53 +0100, JohnyB [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Patrick, a span { display: block; text-indent: -999em; } is this safe? (won't it bring some scrollbars somehow etc.?) I recently tried something like .hide { display: block; width: 0; height: 0;

Re: [WSG] Siter Review Please

2004-12-01 Thread matt andrews
On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 21:47:21 EST, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I just want to get some feedback about aesthetics and design on my site if possible please and also the funcionality. Yes it is designed in tables but still I would like some criticism please. J.LinasDesign

Re: [WSG] Careers in web standards

2004-11-24 Thread matt andrews
On 25 Nov 2004 11:25:56 +1100, Andrew Thompson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: As far as companies adopting a forward-thinking view, I hate to sound cynical, but that's still a while in coming. I find the knowledge of web standards among management remains close to zero. I always pitch an ROI for

Re: [WSG] Font size and arrogance

2004-11-18 Thread matt andrews
here's some reading you might find useful: The Dao of Web Design ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting

Re: [WSG] site layout problems, specifically in Mac IE

2004-10-26 Thread Matt Andrews
just to clarify: clear:none means don't clear anything - position this element next to floated blocks according to normal flow. clear:left means if this element would normally be positioned next to a float:left block, put it below the float:left block instead. clear:right means if this element

Re: [WSG] Foreign Translations

2004-10-19 Thread Matt Andrews
depends on what server technology the site is using, of course. from experience, i would recommend JSP - Java's internal handling of Unicode and built-in language/locale stuff (resource bundles) is very effective. all the text is stored in .properties files, one per language and/or country,

Re: [WSG] should you refuse to support IE?

2004-10-18 Thread Matt Andrews
well, IE is the bane of my life, and i wish everybody would just see the light and switch to Firefox :) but, when it comes down to it, the Web is about communication. commercial or personal, if your site falls apart for insert large percentage here of your audience, you're not communicating very

Re: [WSG] Re: Text Escaping from Floats

2004-10-15 Thread Matt Andrews
hi Natalie, just delete the height rule from the .floatleft div. that way the divs will expand to contain the text. in fact, Mozilla and Firefox are behaving exactly as the standards say they should - it's IE that is getting it wrong by expanding the div beyond your stated height. On Fri, 15

Re: [WSG] Mac Tools Kit for Web Standards Developer

2004-10-11 Thread Matt Andrews
i use jEdit, which is a Java-based (thus nicely cross-platform), free, open source, well featured programmers' text editor. it has lots of tasty features including syntax highlighting for pretty much anything you can think of, folding, etc etc a very active developer community, and lots of

Re: [WSG] default place-holders for forms

2004-10-05 Thread Matt Andrews
and regardless of the benefits or otherwise of placeholder text in text inputs, having dummy values in password fields is presumably useless. in fact, i would say it's worse than useless, as the last thing you want is someone leaving the password field unchanged and then having no idea what

Re: [WSG] multiple versions of Internet Exploder

2004-09-27 Thread Matt Andrews
hi Grant, Manfred Staudinger has come up with a nice hack to get around this: cheers matt andrews canberra, australia. On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 13:39:09 +1000, Focas, Grant wrote: Be careful when running multiple versions of IE in side-by-side mode