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2012-05-16 Thread Phil Archer
I think it's worth noting that there is a lot of commonality between accessibility and mobile optimisation. When the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Group began its work (way back in June 2005 - I'm feeling old) our starting point was WCAG. They're not the same, of course, but the ways of

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2012-05-15 Thread Doc2626
Grant, I think it's likely that you'll find a lot of division on this question. But I'll go ahead and offer my own opinion. I think it's an unnecessary expense and expenditure of energy to build a redundant site simply to suit mobile devices. There is a very workable solution using HTML5+CSS3,

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2012-05-15 Thread Enid Bulman
UNOFFICIAL Hi Grant, My thoughts on this are (assuming you're rebuilding an existing site): Check your site statistics/analytics - look at the range of devices accessing the site and what they're looking at - are there some pieces of content which aren't being accessed from handheld devices?

Re: [WSG] Mobile sites

2012-05-15 Thread Andrew Harris
yep, plenty of division ;-) ...but while Sheldon is correct that responsive design can cater quite well to the most popular mobile devices, there are still a heap out there that don't recognise media queries or any of the other building blocks of responsive design. In some parts of the world

RE: [WSG] Mobile sites

2012-05-15 Thread Birendra Patel
Hi Grant I think Sheldon and Andrew both are right. You have to check your user and content of the site. Here is the best example of the site which look nicely in different devices. You have to study your site material how you want to show the site.