Re: [WSG] When is invalid CSS okay?

2007-08-25 Thread Devi Web Development
I think one of the great things about the CSS specifications is that they specify how to handle errors, when rules should be ignored, etc. As long as your hacks follow these rules and a perfectly compliant browser would read it all correctly and ignore any fixes, that's fine. Conditional comments

[WSG] Height for the select markup in Internet Explorer

2007-08-25 Thread Pierre-Henri Lavigne
Good day, Does someone know a solution or a tip to set a height for the select tag in form, especially with Internet Explorer ? I've just got the case with a design that set an input and a select in the same line, and the select has every option in upper case letters. Thanks for your

[WSG] W3C CSS Validation Service

2007-08-25 Thread Joyce Evans
I used to validate my XHTML at one W3C URL, and then there was another URL where I validated my CSS style sheet(s). It seems this has been combined so that I can now validate both my CSS style sheet and my XHTML markup at this URL: I'd like to verify that