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2009-12-08 Thread Smith, Warwick
Hi, I am currently out of the office. If your email is related to DBCDE work please email webreque...@dbcde.gov.au or call Andrew Eals on 6271 1501 or Des Ko on 6271 7207. I will return to the office Wednesday 9 December. If it's of urgent personal nature call my mobile. Many thanks,

[WSG] Re: WSG Digest

2009-12-08 Thread Jen Strickland
David, that ul li business was from the PRE ELEMENT definition from the w3c, not a suggestion for the poem formatting. ~ Jen On Dec 8, 2009, at 3:48 PM, wsg@webstandardsgroup.org wrote: pre ul !ELEMENT PRE - - (%inline;)* -(%pre.exclusion;) -- preformatted text -- ul is not an inline