Re: [OBORONA-SPAM] RE: [WSG] Best Practice to Offer Different Formats of Documents

2008-02-19 Thread Alexey Novikov
=download the K Word Document: Title_of_This_Lengthy_Document I use this pattern: a href=document.pdfTitle_of_This_Lengthy_Document/a, PDF, 1234kb or with icon: a href=document.pdfimg src=pdf.gif alt=Download PDF /Title_of_This_Lengthy_Document/a, PDF, 1234kb Regards, Alexey Novikov

Re[2]: [WSG] accessible client side form validation

2008-04-23 Thread Alexey Novikov
Hello, friends. There is no client side form *validation*. There is client side form *assistance*. Validation should be performed on server. --- Best wishes, Alexey Novikov