[WSG] Rendering mismatch in IE6 and IE7

2010-03-03 Thread Chakravarthy, Srikanth
Hi, I am working on a project that uses JSF with Richfaces and Ajax4jsf. All the pages were developed using IE7.0 and they appear properly on it. The same page is rendered a bit differently on the other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome. But the discrepancy is only w.r.t to the borders that

RE: [WSG] Rendering mismatch in IE6 and IE7

2010-03-04 Thread Chakravarthy, Srikanth
. Regards, Jon Warner On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 5:42 PM, David Hucklesby huckle...@gmail.com wrote: On 3/3/10 9:47 PM, Chakravarthy, Srikanth wrote: [...] Now is there any way I can identify what CSS properties are not behaving properly in IE6? Is there any way that I can make the pages compatible