Re: [WSG] css tutorial

2010-01-14 Thread Doug Burt
Marvin, You may want to try checking out the W3Schools at That site should provide you with way more than enough information to do a couple of tutorials.. Cheers, DougB - Original Message - From: Marvin Hunkin To:

Re: [WSG] vallidation nightmares

2010-01-19 Thread Doug Burt
Marvin, Please remember to send us the url of the page you're having trouble with so that we can look at it. Don't assume that the list members keep a list of everyone's pages handy so that we can just jump up and go help them at the drop of a hat. Without including the right url, everytime you

Re: [WSG] IE ignores MIME type

2010-04-12 Thread Doug Burt
-- [/code]You may want to change that url as well as adding a correct doctype declaration to the pages, even for a demo version...Cheers,Doug Burt- Original Message - From: David Hucklesby To: Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 3:20 PM Subject: Re: [WSG

Re: [WSG] Re: WSG Digest

2010-12-20 Thread Doug Burt
slaving away while you're off sucking back a margarita somewhere's warm and sunny. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... Cheers, Doug Burt - Original Message - From: Nick Brown To: Sent: Monday, December 20, 2010 2:52 AM Subject: RE

Re: [WSG] Accessibility Testing

2011-06-24 Thread Doug Burt
Hey Gang, I just downloaded the toolbar offered there, seems to work great and caught a batch of errors I thought were gone after using another validation program. Neat find Chad, thanks for passing it along it's a great resource... Cheers, Doug Burt -Original

Re: [WSG] Help

2011-12-11 Thread Doug Burt
Marvin, It looks like you screwed on your database permissions when setting up the sql request, or you haven't used the right database info, username or password on your script to access it with the sql request. Have a good look over it and doublecheck all your information... Cheers, Doug

Re: [WSG] Century Gothic for web

2011-12-11 Thread Doug Burt
. At this time the font is now 5 years old and being offered free for web use from what I could find out for you, but double checking can never hurt. Cheers, Doug Burt - Original Message - From: Lara Atechian To: Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 7:22 PM Subject

Re: [WSG] Century Gothic for web

2011-12-11 Thread Doug Burt
Hi Again Lara, Sorry about my first post, I should have included this from Monotype Imaging, the owner's of Century Gothic, it's their free-online usage link for signing up to use Century Gothic for free on the web. Cheers, Doug Burt - Original Message

Re: [WSG] Wamp, Accessibility, How To Reset Passwords In My Sql

2011-12-12 Thread Doug Burt
Marvin, Although this goes way off topic for this forum, the localhost password you've got there should be root and the password pwd. When the form asks for the server write localhost, and if that fails use host and you should be in. There isn't a password for localhost, that is unless you've