Re: [WSG] graphic design for standards sites.

2005-10-29 Thread Dustin Diaz
layouts, I'm not sure that's something to be looking for. If the guy is a great designer, then he's a great designer. It's generally up to the developer to mark it up correctly. It's also up to developers to synch up with the designer so they're on the same page come transition time. - Dustin Diaz

Re: [WSG] injecting an extra hook with javascript

2005-11-01 Thread Dustin Diaz
function insertSpan() { if ( !document.getElementById || !document.createElement ) { return; } var util = document.getElementById('utilities'); var links = util.getElementsByTagName('a'); for ( i=0;ilinks.length;i++ ) { var span = document.createElement('span');

Re: [WSG] injecting an extra hook with javascript

2005-11-02 Thread Dustin Diaz
I completely dooced the onload. If you're using one of the infamous addEvent methods, you could just do this: addEvent(window,'load',insertSpan); Dustin On 11/2/05, Anders Nawroth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: James Gollan skrev: You mentioned that you wanted to be able to see it when you view

Re: [WSG] hourglass icon appears for a split second when rolling over vertical navigation items in IE 6

2005-11-03 Thread Dustin Diaz
have you tried element:hover { cursor:pointer; } ?? Dustin On 11/3/05, Terrence Wood [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ben Wrighton - StraightForward said: When rolling out of a nav link or into another, in IE 6 only, for a split second the hourglass icon appears. I

Re: [WSG] css title styles

2005-11-04 Thread Dustin Diaz
I had created a pretty nifty library for displaying titles just not too long ago called Sweet Titles which had became quite a hit: They were tested to work across IE6, Moz1.0+, Opera 7+, Safari 1.3 Hope this helps, Dustin On 11/4/05, Sarah Peeke (XERT)

Re: [WSG] Can't select text on IE

2005-11-16 Thread Dustin Diaz
that produces this effect. also try Good luck eh, Dustin Diaz On 11/16/05, Hassan Schroeder [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Paul Noone wrote: Why do you want to select the text? Probably worth mentioning that this IE text-selection bug also breaks Macromedia