Re: [WSG] My Site

2004-12-22 Thread James O'Neill
Anthony, Do not get discouraged. Designing semantically correct, accessible, and valid sites is not easy. Transitioning to standards compliant design is a long frustrating road, but it is well worth the pain. There are many that can forget the journey that we all traveled to get where we are

Re: [WSG] Unordered list as Path won't wrap

2004-12-23 Thread James O'Neill
Miles Try this: #breadcrumbs li {white-space:nowrap;} On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 16:25:28 +1030, Miles Tillinger [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm trying to represent the path as an unordered list, e.g. Home Level One Level Two Level Three etc. ul liHome/li liLevel One/li

Re: [WSG] Automated accessibility testers

2005-04-13 Thread James O'Neill
Cole The real trick is to understand what the specification means and why it says what it says. There has always been disputes about the validity of an automated tester saying 'Yes this site is compliant'. You can code a terrible page that will pass an automated test. It is important to code in

Re: [WSG] base css

2005-07-05 Thread James O'Neill
If you set the Body font size to 100.01% you can avoid the scaling issue in IE and some older versions of Opera, and be able to use font sizes less than 1em. Go towards the very bottom of this page - it has an explanation: --

Re: [WSG] Font Size Re-sizing

2005-08-16 Thread James O'Neill
Mario, /* use percentile on html to prevent IE from seemingly using a logrimthic increase and decrease in font size when scaling (IE Bug) and use 100.1% to prevent a bug in Opera, and then set your font sizes in em's after that. Declare Body and Table Font size together to compensate for an IE

Re: [WSG] Firefox Greyscale Extension

2005-08-18 Thread James O'Neill
Marcel, Give this a spin: JimOn 8/18/05, Zulema [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Quoting Marcel Pociot [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hallo zusammen! Ich suche nach einer Erweiterung für Firefox , die es ermöglicht eine Webseite in Graustufen anzeigen zu lassen. Im Bezug auf

[WSG] User Centered Design seminars via Human Factors International

2005-08-23 Thread James O'Neill
Greetings All, I am considering taking the User Centered Design seminars via Human Factors International in Chicago Illinois when it comes around here in September. Work will pay for it, so cost is not an issue. I am wondering if any of you have taken their seminars or know anything about them.

Re: [WSG]

2005-09-20 Thread James O'Neill
I think that the fix is 100.01% on the html element and the 1em (or what ever height) on body element. This prevents scaling issues in older versions of Opera and in Internet Explorer. I can try to find you references tomorrow. Looks great! On 9/20/05, Thierry Koblentz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

[WSG] [Off Topic] Javascript Change Time Zone Offset for Date Object

2005-10-31 Thread James O'Neill
Hey Guys, I am curious if you know of a way in Javascript to change the Time Zone Offset for Date Object. There is a way to getTimezoneOffset, but I do not see a way to set the Time Zone Offset. When you create a new Date object it will always be set to the current local time zone as defined on

[WSG] Help with menu

2005-11-14 Thread James O'Neill
I am having problems with a menu that is similar to the Alistapart's hybrid menu. I can not get the width to be consistantly even with the rest of the site and it is not workig in IE or Opera. It works fine in Firebird. I have been beating my head against this for quite a long time. It seems

Re: [WSG] Help with menu

2005-11-15 Thread James O'Neill
Joseph: Interesting. Do you have something that I can reference for this? Thierry: I will take a look at that tonight. Thanks guys!On 11/15/05, Joseph R. B. Taylor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: As a reminder, at this point you cannot safely apply widths to any elements that have a border, padding or

Re: [WSG] Class

2005-11-25 Thread James O'Neill
Stephan, I do not know if it desprecated but if you want to use it you can add the following to your CSS declarations: body { margin-top; 200px; } however you may want to go with body { margin-top: 12em; } so it scales with fluid designs (or use percentages). Jim On 11/25/05, Stephen Kortz

Re: [WSG] Layout Check Please

2005-12-02 Thread James O'Neill
My only little comment is to either make the font size fo the nav bar a little bigger or to bold the text. The size of the font seems kind of hard to read verses the background.On 12/2/05, Patrick Haney [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Guys, I'm on a PC with Firefox 1.5, IE 6.0 and Opera 8.5. Everything

Re: [WSG] Abbreviations and Acronyms

2005-12-13 Thread James O'Neill
As far as I am aware acronym is deprecated in XHTML 2.0 in favor of abbr? Here is an article on it from Lars Holst which dates back to 2003, but I think that it is still very relevant. __Bugs are, by

Re: [WSG] Site Critic

2005-12-17 Thread James O'Neill
Cheree ,One of the first things you will want to do is to validate your code. That will be of a tremedous help not only to your development process, but it will also go a long way towards getting more answers here. Validation is your friend!! You can pick up Chris Pedericks developer tool bar for

Re: [WSG] Site Critic

2005-12-17 Thread James O'Neill
Cheree, One of the first things I will say it looks like you might be writing this in MS Frontpage! You have a lot of inline javascipt: Your may want to take a look at Unobtrusive Javascript Keeping your javascript in an external

Re: [WSG] Re: Setting Up Font Sizes

2005-12-21 Thread James O'Neill
100.01% on body and then em's for the rest This prevents scaling issues with IE and older versions of Opera -- __Bugs are, by definition, necessary. Just ask Microsoft! (Work)

Re: [WSG] Could really use some help with image overflow

2005-12-21 Thread James O'Neill
I haven't looked at the code but overflow:hidden wil give you the effect you are looking for!On 12/21/05, Barrie North [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I have a fluid layout and for the life of me can't get the image to be "cropped" as the screen adjusts.Here is the link:

Re: [WSG] Site Check -

2006-01-11 Thread James O'Neill
Three validation issues that are easy to fix The CSS validates! There are some alignment issues as other have mentioned. The colored stripe in background seems to be too low or the content too hight??Jim On

Re: [WSG] Font Sizes - Best practice

2006-02-22 Thread James O'Neill
I as well. This is the default for my stylesheets html {font-size:100.01%;} body, table {font-size:1em; } Jim On 2/22/06, Tom Livingston [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 2/20/06 5:14 AM, Martin Heiden [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I

Re: [WSG] Font Sizes - Best practice

2006-02-22 Thread James O'Neill
Tom, Body or HTML it doesn't really matter as it will cascade down to everything else. I set the Percent on the Root Element and then the EM on the Body just so that the EM font size is set as the default everywhere vice the Percent. Later on in what I refer to as the Core Style sheet I set

Re: [WSG] Talking about tabular data...

2007-03-06 Thread James O'Neill
A table seems fine as would a definition list. Jim -- __ Bugs are, by definition, necessary. Just ask Microsoft! (Work) (Personal) (Consulting) __ Take Back the Web

Re: [WSG] making tables/rows/cells in IE lose their tableness via CSS

2007-04-16 Thread James O'Neill
I've tried this too, with no luck in IE. I was able to get FF and Opera to play well. =( On 4/16/07, Patrick H. Lauke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm just at the beginning of a little experimentation, and already IE stumps me. Basically, trying to use a table in markup but hide one column and

[WSG] Javascript based ASP Form Mail script?

2007-11-29 Thread James O'Neill
Greetings all, Does anyone know of a solid and robust Javascript based ASP Form Mail script that outputs a compliant confirmation email as well? Thanx *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] Javascript based ASP Form Mail script?

2007-11-29 Thread James O'Neill
I work for a small county government and we own and manage our own servers. CDONT's is easy for us to implement right now. We are in the process of looking for a CMS and that will hopefully handle it once we get there. Jim . ***

[WSG] Employment Opportunity: Small County Government Site in Drupal

2008-08-05 Thread James O'Neill
Greetings all, *I posted the following on the Drupal Forums and I will post it here as well for your consideration:* Currently, we are working towards bids for a full site developed, including back-end database work and, potentially, custom mods and content types. I have a page layout and design

[WSG] Drupal - Standards Compliant and Crossbrowser Dropdown Navigation Widget?

2008-10-20 Thread James O'Neill
Greetings all, I am in the process of working with a developer on a Drupal project and I was wondering if there was any Standards Compliant and/or Semantically Correct widgets for Drupal out there... specifically for dropdown navigation (which is a primary concern of mine) or other things... I

Re: [WSG] Drupal - Standards Compliant and Crossbrowser Dropdown Navigation Widget?

2008-10-20 Thread James O'Neill
Susan, That give me an idea. I am just starting to learn PHP and Drupal so making changes on my own will be fun. I am looking forward to tacking some. Thanks, Jim I am currently working on a large Drupal project using lots of modules. I have created my own Theme that is 508 compliant (and

[WSG] Site Review:

2009-01-09 Thread James O'Neill
Greetings everyone, I just published this site: for my our Yoga Studio to-be and I am curious for a critique. Someone else came up with the design and I hand-coded this in Dreamweaver. Tonight I will be applying Dean Edward's IE7/8, so, hopefully I can get rid of some

Re: [WSG] Re: WSG Digest

2009-01-10 Thread James O'Neill
Alan, Font size: hmmm I use the the '100.01% on the body and them 1em on body/table' settings... What resolution are you using? Image Gallery: Thanks. The CSS for the image gallery was somehow deleted during all of the editing. That is fixed now. Thank you for noticing. Images: Hopefully in

Re: [WSG] Site Review:

2009-01-13 Thread James O'Neill
Henrik, Thank you for your feed back. I am working on those now. =) The little globe is used to indicate links to external sites. Perhaps another icon would indicate this better? What would you suggest for the link colors. I prefer colors that make the links stand our and not blend into the rest

Re: [WSG] Users who deliberately disable JavaScript

2009-01-26 Thread James O'Neill
Our small county site has about 297k visitors last year and about 1.9% (5,700) had Javascript disabled according to SuperStats. On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 14:33, Jessica Enders Hi Pascal In the JavaScript/Accessibility/form validation discussion you mention the

[WSG] Parenthesis around list counters

2009-01-27 Thread James O'Neill
Greetings all, I am curious if it is currently possible to have a list item display its list counter with parenthesis around it such as this: 1. Item 1 (a). sub item 1 The only way I can think of this is via CSS 3 which is not currently widely supported, especially in our

Re: [WSG] Accessible Forms

2009-08-19 Thread James O'Neill
I think the ID's are required for the 'for' attribute to work for labels, which enables the their clickability. When these labels are clicked on they focus on the element whose ID is in the for attribute. label for=CommentsEnter you comments:/label Plus having ID's associated allows for more

Re: [WSG] Accessible Forms

2009-08-19 Thread James O'Neill
Hmmm... I do not really remember. I have used both together and separately at different times. By enclosing a form control with a label you will have a little more control over relative styling since you could something like this: label:hover input {outline:solidl} or have more precise

Re: [WSG] legal list numbering

2009-08-26 Thread James O'Neill
This straight OL does not work from a pure XHTML 1.0 Strict perspective unless your legal documents conform to the browsers' default list numbering scheme. The *'type'* attribute is not valid in XHTML 1.0 which really annoys me to no end, since I work for a county government. The numbering in a

Re: [WSG] Ordered list start value

2009-09-28 Thread James O'Neill
Really, really unfortunately, the only way is through CSS 3's *counter.**Somebody correct me if I am wrong. This is one of the things that really makes me cranky. =(* * * On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 08:02, T. R. Valentine trvalent...@gmail.comwrote: What is the proper way to start an ordered list

Re: [WSG] skip links

2009-10-29 Thread James O'Neill
I'm a bit late but here are some good 'skip link' links: *** List

[WSG] Looking for Accessible and Standards based Drupal Main Navigation Module

2010-01-06 Thread James O'Neill
Greetings all, We are working with an external developer who does speak Accessibility and Usability a bit, but not enough for me. I am looking for accessible and standards based Drupal main navigation module thingy with the specific requirement of being navigable via tabbing, including submenus.

Re: [WSG] Looking for Accessible and Standards based Drupal Main Navigation Module

2010-01-07 Thread James O'Neill
Hey Thierry, Actually, your solution and the Improved Suckerfish thingy were the first two that came to mind. =) Any other options for Drupal out there? Thanks again everyone. *** List Guidelines:

[WSG] Standards based Drupal WYSIWYG Editor

2010-02-26 Thread James O'Neill
I work for a small county government and we are working with a developer to setup a Drupal website. I am of the opinion that the editor can make or break the utilization of the website by our mostly not very savvy employees. If it is too hard or creates work then it will not be used or people will

[WSG] Read Speaker?

2012-02-21 Thread James O'Neill
Any thoughts on the Usability or Accessibility of Read Speaker If you have any reports, reviews or comparisons that would be great too. Thanks all, Jjim *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] Read Speaker?

2012-02-21 Thread James O'Neill
for these services (and they are not cheap) there are much better ways you can spend the money that will benefit more people. ** ** Steve Green Managing Director Test Partners Ltd ** ** *From:* [] *On Behalf Of *James

Re: [WSG] Read Speaker?

2012-02-21 Thread James O'Neill
from ReadSpeaker. ** ** Steve Green ** ** *From:* [] *On Behalf Of *James O'Neill *Sent:* 21 February 2012 19:58 *To:* *Subject:* Re: [WSG] Read Speaker? ** ** *My view is that if you

Re: [WSG] Read Speaker?

2012-02-21 Thread James O'Neill
They just contacted and I have not yet talked with them. I am doing some research first. Thanks for the link. Jim On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 14:55, Patrick H. Lauke On 21/02/2012 19:39, Steve Green wrote: The merits of ReadSpeaker (and BrowseAloud, which is very

Re: [WSG] Read Speaker?

2012-02-23 Thread James O'Neill
the resources on ensuring their site is accessible and then provide BrowseAloud to their audience as an addition to that. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Cheers, Gian On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 8:25 AM, James O'Neill freexe...@gmail.comwrote: They just contacted and I have not yet talked