Re: [WSG] How many of us are public and how many private?

2007-09-11 Thread JonMarc Wright
So I wonder, how many people on this list are in the commercial sectorand how many are in the non-profit / public / government / education sector? Interesting question. I for one am in both sectors. I am a technology consultant and I have various clients that have me employed handling their

Re: [WSG] Accessible Open Source CMS

2007-09-13 Thread JonMarc Wright
Anyone here try out exponent cms? I've found it extremely to use, and administer, very simple to convert designs as well. It uses smarty for the view output, and pretty much only uses code in the actually files that control the design and layout for data pulling from the database, not for the

Re: [WSG] Catch 22 list problem

2007-10-13 Thread JonMarc Wright
How hard would it be to have the list start with two empty elements, removed from view in what ever way works best? Mike It would be very simple, though you'd need to use a class for it. Empty list items isn't exactly semantic, however, and anyone browsing with css turned off would see two

Re: [WSG] source order

2007-10-13 Thread JonMarc Wright
agreed, good message Ben... something this thread made me think about that i really hadn't considered before, and can't recall reading about anywhere (granted i am new around here): with all the skips and jump tos and methods for pulling links and whatnots, i wonder how many people using screen

Re: [WSG] Re: Alt text for purely aesthetic images

2007-10-26 Thread JonMarc Wright
Except, James, that folk who make elastic layouts very often want the aesthetics (graphics) to expand along with the text etc. This is not a problem if you size the graphics in em units, but of course you can't do that with backgrounds. ?? Bob backgrounds can be positioned using

Re: [WSG] Toggle L2 menu items (within WCAG)

2007-10-28 Thread JonMarc Wright
If you can make the L2 items show up when the L1 is *hovered over* instead of clicked, then you can do that using css. it will require some outside scripts (usually either javascript or .htc) to get it working in all major modern browsers, but there are a lot of tutorials out there. you could

Re: [WSG] Site check requested

2007-10-30 Thread JonMarc Wright
Rick, the site looks good. visually i would maybe slow down your animated gif a bit, or include the company name or slogan or something and have it stop after going through once or maybe looping just a couple of times and fall to rest on the name/slogan/whatever. it's a bit fast and i found the