Re: [WSG] Operation Aborted: IE

2008-06-11 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi All, My first post. Which IE, when I open it in IE6 I don't get the same error. But I do get 'Builder' is undefined. Hope this helps. Luke Hoggett. Olajide Olaolorun wrote: When i open in IE, i get an Operation Aborted Error? Why is that? It used to work

Re: [WSG] Operation Aborted: IE

2008-06-11 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, Actually my bad, didn't click through past the splash screen, does indeed produce an Operation Aborted Error The below link may help you out

Re: [WSG] Firefox 3 candidate

2008-06-18 Thread Luke Hoggett
Firebug (1.20b3 seems stable) and web developer toolbar both are now compatible with FF3. Make sure you get the versions from the Mozilla Add-ons pages as these are currently the most up to date. On a PC if you need to run both FF3and FF2 you can run the portable versions of either of them

Re: [WSG] Keywords for text-less site?

2008-06-24 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi Lyn, As mentioned make sure you are using the description meta with appropriate tags. Also make sure that the page title above the menu bar is sufficiently detailed e.g. Artist Name - Image Name c Image replacement on the site title is a good idea, just offset the html text

Re: [WSG] Css validation

2008-06-25 Thread Luke Hoggett
hi, not sure what's going on in your CSS exactly. but behavior is non-standard, it's a microsoft thing. with that png fix I don't think you'll ever get it to validate but I could be wrong. what's the hash (#) in front of min-height, is min-height an id? and which element or selector is it

Re: [WSG] 100% height over existing page

2008-07-31 Thread Luke Hoggett
Depending on what/whether you're using anything server side, just set a session variable that records whether the person has agreed to the terms, do this across every page and no worries for Google or any other entry that doesn't come from the front page. regards Luke Seona Bellamy wrote:

Re: [WSG] 100% height over existing page

2008-07-31 Thread Luke Hoggett
to do that. We're working to some fairly tight design requirements. I've already got it saving the session variable once they agree, so that they only get bothered once. Cheers, Seona. 2008/7/31 Luke Hoggett [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Depending on what/whether you're using anything server side, just

Re: [WSG] 100% height over existing page

2008-07-31 Thread Luke Hoggett
just fine. The issue is making the overlay extend all the way to the bottom of the page if the page is longer than the viewport. Cheers, Seona. 2008/7/31 Luke Hoggett [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Doesn't have to be a separate divert page, you can just use the session variable to decided whether

Re: [WSG] doctype validation and jello layout in ie issues

2008-09-01 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, the doctype belongs outside the html and head tags. also you probably won't get it to validate with p tags wrapped around individual elements of a definition list cheers Luke kevin mcmonagle wrote: Hi im developing a site and have a couple problems. First I

Re: [WSG] Uppercase Tag Names

2008-09-26 Thread Luke Hoggett
Write you markup in lowercase then parse it with a regex into uppercase before you hand it in. Really the uppercase is fine just bad style especially if you're moving on to XHTML. On 26/09/2008, at 21:38, James Jeffery [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am at university at the moment, and

Re: [WSG] JavaScript clarification please

2008-10-23 Thread Luke Hoggett
I once heard javascript described: javascript is a flower in a garden full of weeds or was it javascript is a weed in a garden full of flowers tel your co-arguer one of those and you'll win hands down. Regards. Luke Brett Patterson wrote: Well, I read

Re: [WSG] JavaScript clarification please

2008-10-26 Thread Luke Hoggett
Indeed, as Alan Kay inventor of Smalltalk and OOP said I invented the term Object-Oriented, and I can tell you I did not have C++ in mind. cheers L liorean wrote: 2008/10/24 James Jeffery [EMAIL PROTECTED]: The language itself is NOT object-orientated, its proto-type based. It can be

Re: [WSG] CSS and printing absolute units

2008-10-28 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, Try using picas (pc) or points (pt). I haven't had this problem before myself, but I believe that it may be caused by the fact that printers have no concept of what a cm or mm is. A good description of pc and pt is at (down the page a bit)

Re: [WSG] need to get a negative margin working

2008-10-28 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, Try swapping the order of the h2 and anchor to start with, the solution will be a lot easier. L kevin mcmonagle wrote: div id=leftcol a href=# h2 class=cosanhead *(I need this heading to have a negative left margin over the leftcol div but it wont budge)*

Re: [WSG] CSS invisible to IE

2008-10-28 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, This list isn't really a help desk. For such things Google is your friend. Anyway, there are various methods/hacks available. My preference is to use child selectors eg #container .something { /* this will be used in ie6 */ } #container .something { /* this will be used in

Re: [WSG] Question on servers and Email campaign

2008-11-11 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hmm, strange that they could not write software that either: a) could be installed with out requiring root access, say a restricted user account specifically for this software or b) they can't provide you with instructions how to do it yourself. Luke Graphics Web Designing, LLC wrote: I

Re: [WSG] Another Question about JavaScript.

2008-11-13 Thread Luke Hoggett
List Guidelines: try the list is Web Standards not a help desk. Brett Patterson wrote: I hate to ask another question about JavaScript, but I

Re: [WSG] XHTML Standard question

2008-11-19 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, What was the poll and are the results publicly available? There is a difference in asking if a user would like to have javascript turned off and them actually having it turned off, check: only 6% have it off, and many of these will

Re: [WSG] Fw: The Great Firewall of Australia

2008-11-26 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi Brett, Where have you been, this is a very important very current issue facing anyone involved in web based industries. ciao L Brett Patterson wrote: 1) That, I do believe is a crock of shit! 2) If he does anything like that, he will be dead!!! --and-- 3) Anyone who believes in those

Re: [WSG] Fighting with IE

2008-12-02 Thread Luke Hoggett
hi, firstly List Guidelines: this isn't really a helpdesk secondly as you want the anchor to be displayed as block you might want to give it some height and width. cheers Luke Laert Jansen wrote: It didn´t work. :( *Instead of:*

Re: [WSG] Fonts

2008-12-16 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, Do you have the fonts on your computer? You don't give us enough information to answer your question. What type of computer are you using? also google is you friend, this isn't really a help-list List Guidelines: cheers L Marvin Hunkin

Re: [WSG] Checking My Page

2009-01-13 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi Marvin, Wow a flash back to web design circa 1997. Well it does pass XHTML transitional, so plus there. In terms of css errors well you really shouldn't be placing styling information in id attributes i.e. id=Borg; width: 400px; margin: 1% auto; Your positioning breaks (text and images

Re: [WSG] Website review :

2009-01-20 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, Just tabbed through the page and the login form are the very last elements on the page to be hit, needs a lower tab-index, not very nice in terms of accessibility. cheers Luke Stewart Griffiths wrote: Harsh is fine, it's a critique / review we asked for ;o) Got rid of all but one

Re: [WSG] Failed A Job :(

2009-01-28 Thread Luke Hoggett
Which site? James Jeffery wrote: Big company, worldwide infact. A great one for the resume but I failed it. I was brought in at the end of the project to fix some bugs. Let me just say that from viewing the source it was majorly flawed! I spent 6 hours on it before handing in the towel right

Re: [WSG] Re: Html markup suggestions

2009-02-10 Thread Luke Hoggett
try which suggest you look at and go from there, you may have to do little work for the isbn as it isn't in the citation format for good reason, but hey we can't alwasy be given everything on a platter.

Re: [WSG] Accessibility testing

2009-02-10 Thread Luke Hoggett
Parallels Henrik Madsen wrote: Hi all, I'm wrapping up a Government agency website. They have reams of design and usability standards. Some pretty pointless; others very valid - but no problem. Re. accessibility, they use ACTF aDesigner.

Re: [WSG] A Semi-Transparent Background Color?

2009-02-11 Thread Luke Hoggett
try this one Brett Patterson wrote: Hi all, I was wondering why there was no implementation to allow a semi-transparent background color using CSS? If there is, is there a link that

Re: [WSG] a Div tag won't pick up the height of a floated image?

2009-02-17 Thread Luke Hoggett
Perhaps might help. Really Brett this list is to discuss web standards, not to provide tutorials for lazy people. On 17/02/2009, at 5:25, Brett Patterson wrote: Will a div tag pick up the height of an image that is floated left? I have an image

Re: [WSG] Safari Beta 4

2009-03-02 Thread Luke Hoggett
You tell 'em Dyre ;) Dyre Hult wrote: Opera 10 was unveiled already last year and do pass the web standards Acid 3 test. Safari 4 was unveiled this month. Both browsers are still in the dev stage, so I reckon Mr. Andrew Lyle was misinformed.

Re: [WSG] converting CSS and XHTML to PDFs

2009-03-30 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, Make sure your print style sheets are correct. CAn't exactly suggest how wiithout seeing the css and markup though. The other suggested methods all reduce the page to a image and don't retain the content as text. wrote: I have a problem converting my web

Re: [WSG] Safari background image problem with transparent PNGs

2009-03-30 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi From the screen shot why even have the grid on the desk back ground image. Also surely you can structure you markup differently so that you don't have the empty divs used for presentation. e.g #main_content .container could have the background that is currently on the #main_prefix, and

Re: [WSG] Box model in IE7

2009-04-22 Thread Luke Hoggett
HI, What doctype are you using? cheers Luke Stevio wrote: Is the box model in IE7 still messed up? I thought they sorted it? I am floating a div to the right with a width of 50%. The div to the left has a right margin of 50%. I've put a 1px solid border on both of them. In IE7 there is a

Re: [WSG] Time For a Table?

2009-05-07 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, I'd say this is definitely a list of 4 lists. Something such as, ul li h3Web Applications/h3 ul lilink 1/li lilink 2/li /ul /li li h3FLASH/h3 ul lilink 3/li lilink 4/li /ul /li ... /ul

Re: [WSG] SEO - how to upgrade my skills?

2009-05-11 Thread Luke Hoggett
HI, The internet is a great resource. You won't get a certificate from it, but you will learn. btw your site has 62 validation errors, even transitional XHTML doesn't like href= with no quotes on the attribute. also font id deprecated. Cheers

Re: [WSG] Back to basics!

2009-07-12 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi all, I like for any entities that I can't remember, and if you're on a Mac there's a widget, and a plugin for Firefox cheers Luke 2009/7/10 designer Hi all, Could anyone tell me where there is

[Spam] :Re: [WSG] 「Opera」 Perce nt with css

2009-08-04 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, I'm not sure why Opera rounds like this, personally I've never seen the issue, Just wanted to point out that 12.5% of 4000 == 500 not 320. e.g. 4000 * 12.5 /100 not 4000 / 12.5 cheers Luke 2009/8/5 ピエール・アンリ・ラヴィン Good day, I don't understand the following

Re: [WSG] Multiple IE's for browser testing

2009-08-24 Thread Luke Hoggett
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Re: [WSG] Styling a hyperlink like a button using CSS

2009-10-08 Thread Luke Hoggett
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Re: [WSG] Local W3C CSS Validator for Windows

2009-10-08 Thread Luke Hoggett
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Re: [WSG] recovering file replace

2009-10-19 Thread Luke Hoggett
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Re: [WSG] my site

2010-01-21 Thread Luke Hoggett
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Re: [WSG] Help!

2010-02-02 Thread Luke Hoggett
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Re: [WSG] IE ignores MIME type

2010-04-12 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi, SSI header working on IE8 on Win7, sorry no time to check out other IEs cheers Luke On 12/04/2010 3:53 PM, David Hucklesby wrote: A student at a Web design course asked me how to include a common heading on all his pages without copy and pasting into each. I walked him through the process

Re: [WSG] [Job] Senior Freelance Web Designer | Melbourne

2010-07-12 Thread Luke Hoggett
Hi guys, Don't you think you are best to reply off list? You have Julie's email address. And I'm sorry but your future job prospects aren't really web standards. cheers Luke ps I'm interested in long walks on recursive beaches. On 12/07/2010 4:22 PM, Jonathon Ireland wrote: Hello Julie,

Re: [WSG] light box issue can you help

2010-07-15 Thread Luke Hoggett
not really the right list for such a question. but seems to supply plenty of suggestions On 16/07/2010 9:43 AM, Luc wrote: Good evening list, i just received a mail from a member who has troubles mailing to the list so he asked me to

Re: [WSG] RE: Fonts in MS Publisher compared to onlineRe:

2010-09-14 Thread Luke Hoggett
Typography on the web has come a long way, and even more so recently. Check out * Google Font Directory * TypeKit which can be used through Google Font Directory In some cases client may have to pay (TypeKit) but they do have at