Re: [WSG] Use of address

2004-11-29 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi! IMHO the problem is, that the address tag is an inline element. I would like to use it like this: address dl dtname/dt ddstreet/dd ddcity/dd ddcountry/dd ddphone/dd ddemail/dd

Re: [WSG] Is there any way to set the width of a file input field in Firefox?

2005-02-10 Thread Martin Heiden
Irina, Am Freitag, 4. Februar 2005 um 05:50:36 haben Sie geschrieben: IA Does anybody knows how to set the width of a file input field in Firefox? Take a look at the form.css in res under your firefox installation directory. There you will find the following styling: /* file selector */

Re: [WSG] A HREF around a Flash Object?

2005-03-22 Thread Martin Heiden
Matt, Am Dienstag, 22. März 2005 um 00:14:11 haben Sie geschrieben: M That way users without Flash can still link through to the target page. M Any Ideas? You can pass the URL to a Flash variable by using the param-Tag and/or the URL of the Flash itself. This looks like: object

Re[2]: [WSG] A HREF around a Flash Object?

2005-03-22 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi! Am Dienstag, 22. März 2005 um 11:01:34 haben Sie geschrieben: RP I would use code something like this: RP object type=application/x-shockwave-flash data=play.swf width=460 height=300 RPparam name=movie value=play.swf / RPparam name=pluginspage RP

Re[4]: [WSG] A HREF around a Flash Object?

2005-03-22 Thread Martin Heiden
Kornel, Am Dienstag, 22. Mrz 2005 um 14:40:02 haben Sie geschrieben: KL Use conditional comments around object tags. Sometimes one can't see the forest, 'cause there are too many trees... Thanks Martin. ** The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] Opening links in new window with XHTML

2005-04-04 Thread Martin Heiden
Tat, Am Sonntag, 3. April 2005 um 16:02:19 haben Sie geschrieben: TO I'm trying to have a link open in a new window (like I've done a million TO times). however the validator doesn't like this. TO This page is not Valid XHTML 1.1 TO ! You seem to

Re[2]: [WSG] Opening links in new window with XHTML

2005-04-04 Thread Martin Heiden
Tat, Am Montag, 4. April 2005 um 08:14:22 haben Sie geschrieben: MH uncomment the target section, give it a name and put it inside your MH site. Then modify the doctype of your pages to point at the new MH driver. Sorry, actually you have to add this section: !-- Target Module

Re[2]: [WSG] ID conflicts

2005-04-05 Thread Martin Heiden
Tee, Am Dienstag, 5. April 2005 um 15:47:49 haben Sie geschrieben: t This is the page I'd working on now. The body and the menu buttons are in id t so it works but doesn't pass the validation of course. t t .div id=siteOption t ul tli id=homea

Re: [WSG] how to use external fonts with css?

2005-04-07 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi! Am Mittwoch, 6. April 2005 um 16:31:09 haben Sie geschrieben: to I will wish to use external fonts (noncommon to pcs, obtained through to server by the pagina Web) for my designs with css, somebody knows like to doing it? If you just need it for headings or smaller paragraphs, this may be a

Re: [WSG] CSS Document layout/structure

2005-04-07 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi! I split the rules into different files: general.css layout.css elements.css In these files I try to use container centric selectors. That means: if the XHTML is structured like this: div id=container1 div id=container2 div id=container3 p/p /div

Re[2]: [WSG] CSS Document layout/structure

2005-04-07 Thread Martin Heiden
Lea, Am Donnerstag, 7. April 2005 um 15:01:34 haben Sie geschrieben: LdG On Thu, 7 Apr 2005 14:22:04 +0200, Martin Heiden wrote: I split the rules into different files: general.css layout.css elements.css LdG Are you seeing much overhead in load time? LdG I've put off doing

[WSG] take object out of tab order

2005-04-08 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi! Is there a way to take an object (flash) out of tab order? The problem: Our site uses flash for a small animation. There isn't any link/button inside the flash, just graphics. At least in Firefox on PC (IE does this job well) the focus gets lost in the flash while tabbing

Re[2]: [WSG] take object out of tab order

2005-04-08 Thread Martin Heiden
Kevin, Am Freitag, 8. April 2005 um 01:32:08 haben Sie geschrieben: K sorry for my ignorance what is the tab order? I'm not sure if it is your ignorance or my insuficient knowledge of the english language ;-) What I mean is: You can step through the links/objects/form elments on a HTML page

Re[2]: [WSG] take object out of tab order

2005-04-08 Thread Martin Heiden
Diona, Am Freitag, 8. April 2005 um 15:24:36 haben Sie geschrieben: dk What happens if the tabindex is specified as null? Is it still included dk in the stack? Yes, it is. It's the same as don't specify a tabindex at all. I found out that it is a feature and that there is a workaround in

Re: [WSG] Easy forms, uneasy Gecko

2005-04-14 Thread Martin Heiden
Kornel, Am Donnerstag, 14. April 2005 um 13:29:47 haben Sie geschrieben: KL There is a very easy way of doing forms without tables: KL label {display: inline-block; width: 10em;} KL I prefer doing forms that way, because I'm styling code KL that I don't have full control of and I don't like to

Re[2]: [WSG] Blockquote or Q?

2005-04-19 Thread Martin Heiden
Hugues, HB Blockquote for sure, and like Alan suggest, make use of normal tags inside. HB And let me give you a nice trick to insert language specific quotemarks : HB If you declare the language in your HTML tag like html lang=fr-ca ... HB you can define inside your CSS what kind of quote mark to

[WSG] Weird IE 5.0 method test

2005-04-22 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi! In a (ugly) javascript I try to test if window.location.replace exists, before I use it: if(window.location.replace) window.location.replace(href); else window.location.href = href; This works well in IE = 5.5, Safari, Netscape and Mozilla. IE 5.0 seems to have a different

Re[2]: [WSG] Weird IE 5.0 method test

2005-04-22 Thread Martin Heiden
Bert, Am Freitag, 22. April 2005 um 11:10:20 haben Sie geschrieben: Sending this off-list since it doesn't appear to be standards related (it's not DOM ECMAscript?) IMHO it is on topic, because following the standard it should be possible to test, if a method exists. Without seeing why you

Re: [WSG] realistic placement of 'high contrast' 'text too small?' links?

2005-05-10 Thread Martin Heiden
Jamie, what about something like this: [help|high contrast|text too small?] -- [logo] [tab][tab][tab][tab] [login form]

Re[2]: [WSG] Flash Satay method article

2005-05-11 Thread Martin Heiden
Simon, Am Dienstag, 10. Mai 2005 um 18:32:05 haben Sie geschrieben: object classid=clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-44455354 codebase=,0,19,0; width=400 height=300 param name=movie

Re: [WSG] Minimum browsers/OS tested for?

2005-05-12 Thread Martin Heiden
Neerav, we develop for Firefox and test while developing from time to time in Opera (7). If everything is done, we check in IE6 and Safari and tweak the code (using conditional comments for IE). After that we check in IE5 (Win), but just if anything breaks the layout completly. IE5

Re[2]: [WSG] Regarding foreign languages

2005-06-02 Thread Martin Heiden
Ben, Am Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2005 um 17:23:57 haben Sie geschrieben: For further reference: You also use both lang and xml:lang in XHTML transitional for backward compatibility with HTML4, whilst in strict mode xml:lang is all you need. I agree with you in all points but this one. Even in

Re[4]: [WSG] Regarding foreign languages

2005-06-03 Thread Martin Heiden
Patrick! Am Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2005 um 18:11:30 haben Sie geschrieben: I agree with you in all points but this one. Even in XHTML 1.0 the lang-Attribute is needed. At the risk of splitting very fine hairs even further: *needed* or *allowed* ? I'd tend to think the latter... You are right!

Re: [WSG] em vs i

2005-06-14 Thread Martin Heiden
Chris, I recall some controversy surrounding when to use em and i, could someone clarify proper use? Simply don't use i, because it is visual markup. Think about what you really want. Is it emphasis, use em, is it just something visual use span class=someclasstext/span. And try to give the

Re: [WSG] Flash and valid XHTML

2005-06-30 Thread Martin Heiden
Erwin, Am Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2005 um 19:16:22 haben Sie geschrieben: I¹ve not been able to find another method of embedding flash in a page so that it still validates. I use IE Conditional Comments: !--[if IE] object

Re: [WSG] Flash and valid XHTML

2005-06-30 Thread Martin Heiden
Jan, Am Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2005 um 10:28:18 haben Sie geschrieben: I use IE Conditional Comments: Isn't it a bit overkill? Why do you think so? I had some problems with flash satay and IE 5.x so I switched over to this method. And if you don't use loads of small flash movies in a page

Re: [WSG] Flash and valid XHTML

2005-06-30 Thread Martin Heiden
Jan, So I started to use the FlashObject... And I don't like to depend on JavaScript... ;-) But it's good to have both methods: you can choose. Martin ** The discussion list for See

[WSG] Markup for complex tables - WAS: [WSG Announce] Accessible data tables - an article and request for further testing

2005-07-05 Thread Martin Heiden
Russ, Roger Hudson and I have been conducting some tests into the difference between id and headers vs scope - to see which of these options was more widely supported in assistive devices. Thanks for this very informative article! I've got a question regarding a similar problem. I've got to

Re: [WSG] HR - Presentation or Structure?

2005-07-12 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi! Am Dienstag, 12. Juli 2005 um 05:33:00 haben Sie geschrieben: Am I alone in feeling that hr should be depreciated in favor of CSS borders? Especially with section in the XHTML 2.0 drafts, what semantic or even structural value does hr have? Every argument for its retention that I've

Re: [WSG] HR - Presentation or Structure?

2005-07-12 Thread Martin Heiden
Nathan, Am Dienstag, 12. Juli 2005 um 14:04:09 haben Sie geschrieben: Similarly, strong and emphasized elements are derivations of bold and italicized type, respectively. If you think about listening to a speech verses reading a speech, the oral form gives much less meaning to these

Re: [WSG] HR - Presentation or Structure?

2005-07-12 Thread Martin Heiden
Nathan, Am Dienstag, 12. Juli 2005 um 15:37:41 haben Sie geschrieben: In speech, I would say we do a similar thing...not the same. There are rules for italics (refering to a particular thing, like a book or a word) that don't refer to any verbal usage. You wouldn't want screen readers to

Re: [WSG] background images fluid

2005-08-01 Thread Martin Heiden
Bruce, I guess I cannot communicate what I mean. I have an image on my own website of a sunset. I put it in the banner div as an image and set the width to 100%. I am perfectly happy with it, it looks good and stretches to fit all resolutions. There is nothing wrong with it at all. At 1024

Re: [WSG] Flash 100% wide layout issues - resorting to javascript - eek!

2005-08-09 Thread Martin Heiden
Brendan, cue organ music I've faltered my brothers (and sisters) - I ran screaming back to my javascript skills - crying for a solution to my woes - help me be strong! I used some javascript to calculate the heights and widths and set some dimensions of the divs and flash. Have you tried to

Re: [WSG] Flash and 100% height - retry and apologies

2005-08-10 Thread Martin Heiden
Brendan, Am Mittwoch, 10. August 2005 um 12:41:53 haben Sie geschrieben: I have changed tact with my problem with the suggestions I received. I'm now trying an absolute layout and I think I'm closer, but IE is still nabbing me with it's insistence that the Flash application must be set to

Re: [WSG] Style a parent element based on an id selector of the child element

2005-09-14 Thread Martin Heiden
Martin, that's not possible all selectors work the other way around. You could assign a class or, if you don't need it for other things, the id to the td tag. If this isn't possible on the server side, use javascript to do so. regards, Martin am Mittwoch, 14. September 2005

Re: [WSG] The Big Lie about CSS

2005-09-19 Thread Martin Heiden
Tom, on Monday, September 19, 2005 at 14:57 you wrote: Martin's correct, class=red is putting presentation in the markup. I disagree. span style=color:#f00;some_text/span is puttiing presentation in the markup. class=red is still a class that can be changes in the sheet. In my mind, the

Re: [WSG] standards or confusion?

2005-12-07 Thread Martin Heiden
Bob, on Tuesday, December 6, 2005 at 18:57 wrote: These connected to a linked JS in the head: 1. a href=; onclick=popUp (this.href,'elastic',500,650);return false;nbsp;powered by: FotoGrafics/a a href=;

Re: [WSG] standards or confusion?

2005-12-07 Thread Martin Heiden
Peter, on Wednesday, December 7, 2005 at 12:31 wrote: Martin Heiden wrote: Do it on the serverside!!! Maybe I'm a cycle head, but it seems silly to use computation cycles (although very little) to compute a year that changes only once per year. Use a server

Re: [WSG] edit standard based website for client

2005-12-08 Thread Martin Heiden
Frederic, on Thursday, December 8, 2005 at 11:32 wrote: let's say that you have to built sites that are going to be maintained by non-techies, and you know they are going to use Dream weaver, what should you do? Upgrade Dreamweaver/Contribute to the current version

Re: [WSG] CSS Driven?

2005-12-12 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi, on Monday, December 12, 2005 at 15:01 wrote: Sorry, but I have to disagree. Tables as well as divs, spans etc. are containers. They are both html elements. I don't think that any standard has suppressed the table element from html and in my dictionary, hacking

Re: [WSG] Browser Resolutions

2005-12-16 Thread Martin Heiden
Stephen, Our statistic of last week: 1024x76840753 60.4% 1280x1024 14808 21.9% 800x600 51967.7% 1152x86428784.3% na 18082.7% 1400 x ?693 1.0% 1600x1200 494 0.7% 1440 x ?307 0.5% 1680 x ?172

Re: [WSG] Browser Resolutions

2005-12-16 Thread Martin Heiden
Philippe, on Friday, December 16, 2005 at 09:46 wrote: On 16 Dec 2005, at 5:28 pm, Martin Heiden wrote: Our statistic of last week: [snipped] Those numbers refer to the resolution of the monitor, right ? What would this tell me about the size of the browser

Re: [WSG] Browser Resolutions

2005-12-16 Thread Martin Heiden
Gunlaug, on Friday, December 16, 2005 at 11:36 wrote: Martin Heiden wrote: IMHO there are too much fixed-width sites out there to make a sidebar usable with a x-resoultion 1024px. Unless one uses Opera and has it set to 'fit to window width'. Lots or variables

Re: [WSG] Swf - google

2005-12-20 Thread Martin Heiden
Elton, on Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 15:33 wrote: I have a swf file in my page. Google will not index. I can print the content of swf in a div with display:none. Is it a good practice ? Does anyone have a better idea ? Yep! Use standards and some proprietary

Re: [WSG] best way to style addresses

2005-12-22 Thread Martin Heiden
Tee, on Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 10:03 wrote: I am working on a page that involves with hundred of address in different locations/cities. What is the best way to do? unordered list, definition list or table data? I am thinking to make two columns for

Re: [WSG] CSS Rollover Flicker

2005-12-27 Thread Martin Heiden
tee, you need a preloader (javascript) or better use css rollovers: and the flicker will disappear. regards Martin ** The

Re: [WSG] CSS Rollover Flicker

2005-12-27 Thread Martin Heiden
tee, on Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 13:03 wrote: Hi mysterious E. Interesting approach! It seems to work and a real quick fix. I have tested on PC/Mac: Safari, FF, Netscape, Mozilla, iE and Opera. Can you guys confirm?

Re: [WSG] Re: ScreenreaderVisibility issue - (was) CSS Rollover Flicker

2005-12-27 Thread Martin Heiden
tee, on Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 18:19 wrote: and this is the cure (without causing problem in PC' IEs): #siteOption li a span { text-indent: -16000px; font-size: 1px; }

Re: [WSG] Images as DIV Background with and without link (w3c friendly)

2006-01-04 Thread Martin Heiden
Paul, on Wednesday, January 4, 2006 at 15:48 wrote: I thought the Gilder/Levin/Shea Enhancement Method was best, but you can't have a hover state on a graphic link using this. Example HTML would be: a id=header title=Revised Image Replacement

Re: [WSG] Images as DIV Background with and without link (w3c friendly)

2006-01-05 Thread Martin Heiden
Paul, on Wednesday, January 4, 2006 at 17:35 wrote: You can't use the :hover pseudo class on any element other than an anchor in IE unfortunately. I don't have time to look too far, but with a brief search I found this link that mentions it:

Re: [WSG] Fieldset inclusions and possible Firefox bugs

2006-01-05 Thread Martin Heiden
Rowan, Did you try the easy clearing method? on Thursday, January 5, 2006 at 10:09 wrote: CSS: dt { float: left; clear: left; width: 9.5em; font-weight: bold; text-align: right; } dd { margin-left: 9.5em; }

Re: [WSG] All in the Head: Document Type Definition

2006-01-10 Thread Martin Heiden
Lynne, on Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 04:19 wrote: On 1/10/06, Martin Heiden [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Document Type Definitions were AFAIK first used by SGML and later for defining XML and XHTML. Because of the limitations of the DTD Language XML Schema has been

Re: [WSG] All in the Head DTD feedback

2006-01-10 Thread Martin Heiden
Karl, on Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 10:34 wrote: A Document Type Definition defines a set of declarations that conform to a particular markup syntax. That's much better! regards Martin ** The discussion

Re: [WSG] The Evils of innerHTML

2006-01-19 Thread Martin Heiden
Joshua, on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 23:56 wrote: innerHTML doesn't work with XHTML, etc,. I know... and it's not a DOM method... but do people consider it okay to use when it seems otherwise impractical to use standard methods? Do you know the discussions at

Re: [WSG] addEventListener

2006-01-19 Thread Martin Heiden
Miika, Today is my quirksmode day ;-) I tend to use .onclick for attaching events to links, because it has fewer cross browser issues than the

Re: [WSG] ASP, PHP and Ruby - oh my!

2006-01-26 Thread Martin Heiden
Joseph, on Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 15:49 wrote: I usually still use classic ASP for my server-side stuff, but have begun playing with PHP as well, since ASP is obviously over whether its a good tool or not. Now Ruby is pounding on my door, claiming to be the

Re: [WSG] Site Review

2006-01-30 Thread Martin Heiden
Darren, on Monday, January 30, 2006 at 12:26 wrote: You've got some problems in your HTML: 1. with/height attributes of img tags don't accept units. 2. the inputs need name attributes

Re: [WSG] Site Review

2006-01-30 Thread Martin Heiden
Stephen, on Monday, January 30, 2006 at 17:01 wrote: Should an agent's address really be a definition list?? I only wrote that I would do it that way. If you want that sort of semantic pedantry, the markup should be: block tag hxAcme Estate Agents/hx dl

Re: [WSG] list's with header text

2006-01-31 Thread Martin Heiden
Paul, on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 11:39 wrote: What's wrong with this? hxThe following are the days of the week/hx ol liMonday/li liTuesday/li liWednesday/li /ol regards Martin ** The discussion

[WSG] Font Sizes - Best practice

2006-02-20 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi! I read a lot of threads about font-sizing lately, but I still did not catch the point of best practice yet. I use to set the body font-size to 62.5% for getting 1em = 10px at default settings. (It's much easier for me and the browser to calculate round values...) Then I increase

Re: [WSG] Font Sizes - Best practice

2006-02-20 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi, on Monday, February 20, 2006 at 12:57 wrote: A far more fundamental group of people (which I already mentioned in my first email on this discussion) is of course that of the clients who pay for web design/development. That's one point. The other problem that I

Re: [WSG] Font Sizes - Best practice

2006-02-21 Thread Martin Heiden
David, on Monday, February 20, 2006 at 21:47 wrote: On the subject of trying to please everyone I know that it is impossible to please everyone, but I'd like to find a method which makes the world better for at least one person without doing any harm to others ;-)

Re: [WSG] Min-Width, IE, Fluid Content and Hair Loss

2006-02-24 Thread Martin Heiden
Joseph, Friday, February 24, 2006, 5:06:39 PM, you wrote: JRBT I have a min-width applied to my wrapper div of 842px, and a width set JRBT to 95%. That way it doesn't squish up (in small resolutions) too much JRBT and force floats downward. You can try the javascript-solution that Al Sparber

Re[2]: [WSG] CSS and Flash

2006-02-24 Thread Martin Heiden
Sean, Friday, February 24, 2006, 8:08:57 PM, you wrote: SJ scroll down to the section on embed multimedia, it has info on how to embed SJ flash using CSS. I really doubt that it is possible to embed flash by CSS. All these methods use the (X)HTML object tag. And this is mandatory to embed flash

Re: [WSG] Flash as background (Was: CSS and Flash)

2006-02-25 Thread Martin Heiden
Nic, Saturday, February 25, 2006, 4:36:34 AM, you wrote: ns On 2/24/06, kvnmcwebn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: your prob right but what about that flash as a css background someone was posting about here a while back?? ns does anyone know about the possibility of using a flash ns object as a

Re[2]: [WSG] Fluid layout

2006-02-25 Thread Martin Heiden
Georg, Saturday, February 25, 2006, 9:47:58 AM, you wrote: GS Adam Morris wrote: Ok. I added a min-width to the #content which seems to stop the page breaking up under 1000px. I also used the javascript fix for IE but... now then it seemed that IE dropped apart at widths OVER 1200px!

Re: Solution! RE: [WSG] form button css

2006-02-28 Thread Martin Heiden
Ted, Tuesday, February 28, 2006, 3:13:42 AM, you wrote: TD I'm using button with an image per Thierry's suggestion. I didn't want to TD use background image on an input because there are some browser TD inconsistencies and I didn't want to use an image in the input due to some TD accessibility

Re: [WSG] Styling of input type=file

2006-03-10 Thread Martin Heiden
Soeren, on Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 18:42 wrote: for an input type=file we like to design the button and, if possible, the background-color for focus. Does anybody know how to do that? The link in the fieldset 'Upload a file to the W3C Validator.':

Re: [WSG] style sheets - best practices

2007-03-15 Thread Martin Heiden
Bob, on Thursday, March 15, 2007 at 15:59 wrote: I've been modularizing like this for years: link href=../../as/cs/com.css rel=stylesheet type=text/css media=screen link href=../../as/cs/p7pmv0.css rel=stylesheet type=text/css media=screen link

Re: [WSG] Re: Microformats was [ Is this a good use of dl ]

2007-07-08 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi! Serdar Kilic schrieb: The address element is a perfect candidate to be marked up using hCard. address ul class=about vcard entry-author liName: span class=fnSerdar Kiliç/span/li liLocation: span class=adrSydney/span/li liWeb: a href=; class=url

Re: [WSG] Idiot's guide to JavaScript

2007-11-27 Thread Martin Heiden
Rick, on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 13:50 Web Standards Group wrote: On 15/11/07 (11:15) Ross said: document.write inline event handlers (like onclick) browser sniffing In summary, then, does anyone recommend me hanging onto Visual Quickstart Guide: JavaScript and Ajax (6th

Re: [WSG] Styling Submit buttons with JavaScript by making them anchors

2007-12-17 Thread Martin Heiden
James, I guess that you have to count down in your for-loop. You modify the DOM while iterating over the nodes, so the model changes while you are working at it. If you start with the last element, you don't mess up the references. for(var j=inputs.length-1; j=0; j--) { ... } regards

Re: [WSG] Where did I come from?

2008-01-18 Thread Martin Heiden
Simon, on Friday, January 18, 2008 at 15:24 wrote: I am on a do I know what page the browser was previously showing. I think Javascript History object is the ticket...but STRICT mode in Firefox seems to tell me that I don't have permission to access

Re[2]: [WSG] multiple css style sheets

2008-03-01 Thread Martin Heiden
dwain, !-- Document Head ===-- !ENTITY % head.misc (script|style|meta|link|object)* !-- content model is %head.misc; combined with a single title and an optional base element in any order -- !ELEMENT head (%head.misc;, ((title,

Re: [WSG] Experience with Adobe Contribute

2008-03-02 Thread Martin Heiden
Elizabeth, Saturday, March 1, 2008, 11:08:47 PM, you wrote: ES I understand that Contribute would allow them to make changes to content ES without messing with the coding/navigation. Does anyone have experience ES with this product? Is it possible/easy to set up to maintain ES

Re[2]: [WSG] Proxy HTTPS to HTTP

2008-03-11 Thread Martin Heiden
Kevin, well, I think it ist completely off topic, but anyway: You mean that shows the same HTML document as ? Make sure you use only relative links in the .html so that the secure connection is used for all

Re: [WSG] a a:hover

2008-03-20 Thread Martin Heiden
Olá! on Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 15:38 wrote: and the html where the word launch should have another a a:hover div class=menu ul liBittencourt Lopes/li lispanRole./spanWebsite design/li

Re: [WSG] How to make diagonal lines change color?

2008-04-11 Thread Martin Heiden
Kane, on Friday, April 11, 2008 at 03:03 wrote: If I HAD to do something like this, I would create a Gif image that had a transparency where you wanted the colour change. Yes, but you should use a PNG with alpha-transparency. The lines are diagonal, so you need some

Re: [WSG] Advice on design

2008-07-25 Thread Martin Heiden
Elaine, on Friday, July 25, 2008 at 11:42 wrote: I'm looking for some advice on the best way to put together the navigation for the following design:, so that it's standards compliant and accessible (and if at all

Re[2]: [WSG] E649 The default scripting language must be specified for an intrinsic event:

2008-12-31 Thread Martin Heiden
Tee, Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 8:52:02 AM, you wrote: t OK, finally got it working this time. All I needed is adding this : t meta http-equiv=content-script-type content=text/tcl / Do you really use TCL in your page? I guess you want to change it to meta http-equiv=content-script-type

Re[2]: [WSG] elasticity and floats

2009-10-07 Thread Martin Heiden
Hi Bob! May I add another wrapper div? Try the following. Probably you want to tweak some withs and margins. Regards, Martin. !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN; html xmlns=; head meta

Re: [WSG] Accessible Image Map Editors

2009-10-25 Thread Martin Heiden
Marvin, I doubt that there is any accessible image map editor out there in the wild. This editor must be able to interpret the image. For this exercise you'll definitely need help by someone who is able to draw the areas. When this part is done, you can put the alt-attributes at the img and area