# Re: [WSG] Beta Testers Needed for BCAT

2009-01-09 Thread Matt Morgan-May
Hi, Excuse me for jumping in here, especially (in this case) as a Flash partisan. But I fail to see how this kind of project can be anything other than a good thing overall. What I don't understand is why people are instantly critical of projects that are actually attempting to increase access

Re: [WSG] Re: WSG Digest

2009-01-13 Thread Matt Morgan-May
On 1/10/09 8:26 AM, Alan C Whiteman acwhite...@visualis.us wrote: In the end, Flash is not only an obnoxious medium in 90% of its usage ...which is not a problem owing to the platform but rather its authors... (Besides, that's consistent with Sturgeon's Law: 90% of everything is crap.) it's

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2009-01-13 Thread Matt Morgan-May
On 1/12/09 2:20 AM, michael.brocking...@bt.com michael.brocking...@bt.com wrote: Quote: The fact is that many educators have found that they can use Flash to teach their students effectively. I think you (and those teachers that you refer to) are mistaking an effective lesson, for effective

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2009-01-14 Thread Matt Morgan-May
On 1/14/09 5:38 AM, Christie Mason cma...@managersforum.com wrote: Plus, I'd be curious as to availability of the Flex server in remote hosts. I haven't seen any offer it, is it still so pricey(?), but I also haven't been looking for it. Flex hasn't been sold on a server basis since 1.5, which

Re: [WSG] PDFs and other non-html files opening in a new browser window

2009-02-05 Thread Matt Morgan-May
On 2/5/09 1:30 PM, Carolyn Diaz carolyn.d...@gmail.com wrote: I know this is an old school type question, but we are very divided about this. The people on our usability team are with Nielsen, but others (like me) are not so sure. Isn't accessibility to new windows a problem as it changes the

Re: [WSG] Implication of empty divs

2009-02-10 Thread Matt Morgan-May
Andy's technically correct, and it's true that pointing to the main content of the document is good for accessibility, though not because of semantics so much as that you can point to it in a Skip to main content link. id='mainContent' doesn't communicate any semantics by itself. (That's

Re: [WSG] Javascript Accessibility

2009-03-02 Thread Matt Morgan-May
On 3/2/09 2:02 AM, Mathew Robertson mat...@optusnet.com.au wrote: Its been possible to do ARIA style accessibility since about 1995 - its just now that people are starting to care. Not sure what value you were hoping to add to the conversation, but MSAA, the Windows accessibility API, didn't

Re: [WSG] The notion of accessibility [was: Javascript Accessibility]

2009-03-02 Thread Matt Morgan-May
On 3/2/09 3:15 PM, Hassan Schroeder has...@webtuitive.com wrote: Matt Morgan-May wrote: Look at the Atlas project that was unveiled this week, as an example. ref? http://www.280atlas.com/ One of the developers is actually talking about ARIA right now: http://rossboucher.com/2009/03/01

Re: [WSG] Javascript Accessibility

2009-03-03 Thread Matt Morgan-May
As someone who's on the working group producing ARIA, I have to say the editors have done a pretty remarkable job in terms of documenting a specification that hasn't even advanced past Working Draft. First, there's the spec itself: http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria/ Then there's the User Agent

Re: [WSG] macpro and softwares..

2009-03-05 Thread Matt Morgan-May
Try ies4osx. I haven't, but have heard it works: http://www.kronenberg.org/ies4osx/ As for software, I'm partial to Dreamweaver. And Contribute. And Flex Builder. :) But I've also heard good things about Aptana, and I've been happy with TextWrangler, which did all I used BBEdit for, free. - m

Who's responsible (was Re: [WSG] add to favorites?)

2009-03-25 Thread Matt Morgan-May
On 3/25/09 12:12 PM, Rick Faircloth r...@whitestonemedia.com wrote: The correct design (and web standards that are adhered to or not) is that design for which the client is paying. Sorry, but that just reads to me like a way to excuse slipshod work. It is one thing to figure out any old way to