RE: [WSG] long description and its implementation

2008-02-04 Thread Per Allan Johansson
Quoting Steve Green [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Screen readers do not read Flash content that is embedded using unobtrusive techniques such as SWFObject. I expect they would read the content that is supposed to be replaced, but I have never encountered an implementation where there was any alternate

Re: [WSG] Scaling a background image

2008-06-30 Thread Per Allan Johansson
it helps. Kind regards Per Allan Johansson Enonic dwain [EMAIL PROTECTED] skrev følgende den 30.06.08 22.04: this is true. On 6/30/08, Matijs [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: SVG is not really suitable for photos though. On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 7:24 PM, dwain [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: it seems

Re: [WSG] Clearing issue and IE7 weirdness

2009-01-02 Thread Per Allan Johansson
. -- Per Allan Johansson Senior Consultant Enonic AS Kym Kovan skrev følgende den 02.01.09 10.28: Hello, I have just been given the task of cloning an old website into our CMS and have bumped into a couple of oddities that I hope folk can help