RE: [WSG] CMS question [Now OT]

2003-10-27 Thread Peter Firminger
As it is pretty well off topic (though tempting for me to throw my hat in but I'd consider that to be taking advantage of the situation), can I please suggest that all answers be directed to Tim off list. The way I understood the question, it was a CMS to author HTML marketing emails within a set

RE: [WSG] Scrollbar Colouring...

2003-12-02 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Chris, I think the first thing is that it's an annoyance to some (read: me). Whenever I look at I groan and think that some little kid had a field day with Frontpage. (Hopefully the author isn't on the list. Sorry if you are.) Let the system do the chrome

RE: [WSG] Re: px em pt ???

2003-12-09 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Taco, I guess in the end it all becomes a case of - is the client willing to pay for your extra time required to apply all these hacks. First thing to note is that it is soo much quicker to develop a site this way once you get the basics right. Once you have the basics, you start the

RE: [WSG] [OT everso slightly] Gramophone web site

2003-12-11 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Jonathon, It has dynamic menus that you're not getting in Safari. A good illustration of not testing (or caring about) cross platform compatibility. This is also a good time to point out that if you use these types of dynamic menus, you must point the initial link to a meaningful address (a

RE: [WSG] OT: Opening documents in _blank window

2003-12-11 Thread Peter Firminger
If you force a user to save the file locally instead of opening it in the manner in which their browser is set up to handle it you're taking away their control of default behaviours. I really recommend against this. Let the browser handle it. If they have only the Acrobat Reader,a PDF

RE: [WSG] Fixed Width Design

2003-12-11 Thread Peter Firminger
We must remember the origin of the Home Page. This was the page that your old Unix shell account browser saved their bookmarks to (the two I used to use were lynx and I believe the other was simply www). This page was (by default) the index document in your account directory

RE: [WSG] Site Issues

2003-12-16 Thread Peter Firminger
Title: FW: [WSG] Site Issues Bouncesare only sent to the sender of a post (and us), not the list. Please do not send errors back to the list as they are then permanently archived into the public archive at (we can't delete posts from this archive). Please post list issues

RE: [WSG] What have I missed here?

2003-12-20 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Michael, First problem is that the page isn't valid. Second, the CSS isn't valid. s/auslegs.csswarning=1profile=css2usermedium=all I suggest

RE: [WSG] What have I missed here?

2003-12-21 Thread Peter Firminger
Gulp! Yeah. Well by the time I've fixed all those I might just have fixed whatever the problem is. Thanks Peter. Cheers Mike Kear -Original Message- From: Peter Firminger [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Sunday, 21 December 2003 1:08 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject

RE: [WSG] Need Assistance...

2004-01-03 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Adam, To send the header, I believe it is cfcontent type=application/xhtml+xml I use cfcontent type=text/xml for XML and RDF AGLS harvest control lists and metadata. e.g.: (HCL) and (metadata for other

[WSG] XHTML Repost

2004-01-04 Thread Peter Firminger
It may be a good time to repost this from Russ on 5th July 2003: repost Peter and I have been (endlessly) discussing the pro's and cons of XHTML over HTML4.01. We made the move from HTML4.01 transitional to XHTML 1.0 transitional mid last year, and while the transition was quick, we have been

RE: [WSG] XHTML Repost

2004-01-04 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Nick, Ah ok... so the type must be sent in the headers before the page is even generated (i.e. by the web server). So how would the presence of meta http-equiv=Content-Type content=text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1 / or the xml prolog affect the process afterwards? Presumably by then they

RE: [WSG] Small bug

2004-01-05 Thread Peter Firminger
Title: Small bug Hi Peter, Much obliged y'all. Hey, and work in progress exhibited on this list is confidential, right? Members of the list would adhere to this I'm sure, but remember that the list is publicly archived at

RE: [WSG] A few links...

2004-01-08 Thread Peter Firminger
We are thinking about this, the problem is that many people have sigs with their url in them and other people post links to sites with their questions. If we automate the link stripping, we'll get those too. I suggest (actually Russ did) we make sure we post the links in the resources area so

RE: [WSG] Russ' point from last night's meeting

2004-01-16 Thread Peter Firminger
In some Government organisations, Netscape 4 is still used as the default browser generally to the use of the Netscape email client and because they paid a site licence for corporate use (which is why Netscape had to bring out an update to 4.7? last year). If one of these organisations is your

[WSG] CMS Discussion

2004-01-28 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi folks, The [WSG] New CMS / Framework is now getting off-topic. I was willing for it to go on as it had a good chance of turning back to being about Web Standards. E.g. methodologies for making sure that user entered content (be it plain text or widget written HTML) is filtered appropriately

[WSG] Mail problem this morning and CMS list

2004-01-28 Thread Peter Firminger
Yeah, sorry folks, had a server issue this morning so if you think a message didn't get through, please check the archive and send it again if it isn't there. I have 5 people for the CMS list and I assume that some replies to this request may have

RE: [WSG] What to do? [Now OT]

2004-01-29 Thread Peter Firminger
Yes it's interesting but not a web standards discussion. Please reply to this thread off list. Peter * The discussion list for *

RE: [WSG] Last error on Validator

2004-01-30 Thread Peter Firminger
Title: Message Absolutely, one of the big ones in designing a CMS (or blog)or making sure a static site is standards compliant (see Also all " in the text should really be quot; (and no I really don't see the need for the curly varieties,

RE: [WSG] Could someone please do a little testing for me?

2004-02-04 Thread Peter Firminger
Netscape isn't tied to the OS like IE is on Windows, so it isn't an issue. You can load any number of other browsers, but without the aforementioned installations, you are generally stuck with one version of IE unless you set up a dual-boot system. P From: Universal Head

[WSG] RE: Opening pages in new windows... [We're done here]

2004-02-08 Thread Peter Firminger
We can probably shut this one down now folks. It's gotten way OT. Browser set-up preferences isn't really on-topic at all. New windows are a personal/professional preference rather than a standards topic (though the conversation did start on-topic when related to target in XHTML and the handy

RE: [WSG] code for a form

2004-02-09 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Peter, That really should happen on the server using whatever programming language you're equipped with (ColdFusion, PHP, Perl, ASP etc.) It is possible to do it from the client using JavaScript or simply submitting the form to an email address but it's really dodgy and I strongly recommend

RE: [WSG] Tenth AIMIA Awards announced

2004-02-10 Thread Peter Firminger
Stick with it David. Our time will come. The benefits of going through the (hard) process of getting your standards codebank together far outweigh the pain. Once you have it, you start with a base codeset and then, creating a new site is a much easier process. Whether you pass the savings on to

RE: [WSG] Problem Validating CSS

2004-02-10 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Chris, You need to escape any with amp;(even in URL query strings). Links to the relevant files/validator results would help so we could see the code. P From: Chris Stratford [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 1:01 PMTo: Web Standards

RE: [WSG] Problem Validating CSS

2004-02-10 Thread Peter Firminger
The other suggestion is to validate the CSS file(s) separately at than parsing the xhtml for the linked files. P I have an interesting problem here...i try and validate the CSS of my XHTML website...and the CSS page says i

RE: [WSG] Problem Validating CSS

2004-02-10 Thread Peter Firminger
It's good practice to do it for (amp;) and (quot;) in the text all the time (HTML or XHTML). Also be aware of em-dashes, en-dashes, epsilons (...) and the curly varieties of and ' (which I hate and always strip back to the plain text version). If it's your own blog software, make sure to

RE: [WSG] Problem Validating CSS

2004-02-10 Thread Peter Firminger
I've found that the entities mdash; and ndash; don't work in older browsers (like NN4), so best use the numeric entities: em-dash = #8212; en-dash = #8211; I agree entirely Justin. Sorry I didn't point that out. elispes (not epsilons) = #8230; Oops,

RE: [WSG] Hover issue

2004-02-16 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi JG, If you validate the page using the HTML validator, there is a link to check the CSS as well and this parses the page to validate the CSS (easier than validating all the CSS files individually if you have more than one and more correct as it uses the parsing tree). So go to:

RE: [WSG] Cool No-delay image rollover technique

2004-02-16 Thread Peter Firminger
I know I have my browser (IE 6 WinXP Pro) set to not cache anything, but this method doesn't work for me. Over a second delay on rollover and roll off with a blank space in the meantime. It makes no difference to a _javascript_ preload at all. Much better code though so I'm not canning it.


2004-02-16 Thread Peter Firminger
Hmmm, a) it doesn't validate... Should really be fixed before posting unless validation is the question. b) Box model hack? danger will robinson / There are ways around this. I strongly suggest you lose this and structure the page so that is doesn't require it. c) Why the div class=clearboth/a

RE: [WSG] Opera

2004-02-18 Thread Peter Firminger
I keep biting my tongue on this subject. Let me state first... I have no particular love of IE. It's what the vast majority of my audience uses and therefore it's my default browser. If Mozilla or something else takes the market share, I'll change my default (as I did when Netscape 4.x lost

[WSG] WSG Member Countries

2004-02-19 Thread Peter Firminger
Just thought you all may be interested in the WSG user base. 136 Australia 2 Austria 6 Belgium 8 Brazil 8 Canada 2 Denmark 1 Finland 1 France 8 Germany 1 Iceland 3 India 1 Indonesia 1 Iraq 4 Italy 1 Jordan 4 New Zealand 1 Norway 1 Peru 2 Philippines 1

RE: [WSG] IE bug

2004-02-20 Thread Peter Firminger
So move your form out to surround an area that isn't pixel-perfect critical.. the whole page if necessary.. P From: Chris Stratford [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2004 2:36 PMTo: [EMAIL PROTECTED]Subject: Re: [WSG] IE bug Is that why when you close

RE: [WSG] Debrief and thanks to Russ Peter

2004-02-23 Thread Peter Firminger
. See for details. Have a great conference everyone! Regards, Peter Firminger * The discussion list for *

RE: [WSG] DTDS and which to use?

2004-02-24 Thread Peter Firminger
Jaime, this is not a CSS list so no apology required. You are definitely on-topic. Unless you want to tell your client to go all the way I suggest you tell them that they are clutching for buzzwords by demanding XHTML 1.0 Strict (or anything beyond XHTML 1.0 Transitional). If they continue to

RE: [WSG] silly question about meta tags

2004-02-25 Thread Peter Firminger
Good question Peter! Absolutely. The metadata is about the page not the site and should be unique (at least the title and description) for every page. Depends on how much metadata you use. This leads to a really deep discussion about metadata that we may have at some point, but in the mean time

RE: [WSG] silly question about meta tags

2004-02-25 Thread Peter Firminger
PS. Not all search engines read nor care about meta keywords In fact, we believe that only one (not too significant) SE looks at them at all and they would be far down the decision list there anyway as they are perfect spambait for spamming the engines with incorrect metadata. There is some

[WSG] XHTML Basic 1.0

2004-02-25 Thread Peter Firminger
In looking for some other stuff on W3, I stumbled across this page The DTD is "-//W3C//DTD XHTML Basic 1.0//EN" Anyone had anything to do with this? I hadn't heard of it at all (maybe I'm ignorant and should spend more time trawling the W3 site). P

RE: [WSG] Email Standards?

2004-03-04 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Lorenzo, Firstly thanks for joining! You wrapped up one of the two continents we were missing in our members. Only Antarctica to go now (I think?). You could try looking at the document on Regards, Peter PS: While I'm at it a quick member

RE: [WSG] Email Standards?

2004-03-05 Thread Peter Firminger
Hyperlinking URIs and email addresses in plain text emails is handled by the client (e.g. Outlook) so there is no need. HTML or Rich text email is a real problem. If you get a digest version of most lists you get the raw code in the digest version as it is mixed format and text takes precedence

RE: [WSG] Email Standards?

2004-03-05 Thread Peter Firminger
Hyperlinking URIs and email addresses in plain text emails is handled by the client (e.g. Outlook) so there is no need. Let me add to that. With a URI , starting with http:// or www. should kick in a link. For a site like (which doesn't ever use www.) you would need to

RE: [WSG] A few questions needing answers

2004-03-05 Thread Peter Firminger
And I'll add a bit: Forms on Websites Is there a good place that explains/makes available the coding involved for putting simple forms on sites? My programming knowledge doesn't go beyond css, xhtml and using JavaScript nuggets, but I've always wanted to be able to put contact forms on

RE: [WSG] Bobby question

2004-03-06 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Mike, Bobby is an accessibility checker with a huge chip on it's shoulder. In my opinion it supposes too much and is basically a self righteous piece of rubbish. Take for example.

RE: [WSG] Bobby question

2004-03-06 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Martin, I'm not familiar with this at all. How much of this example would be auto-generated? One would assume that a lot of it could be fixed by putting things in the right place (scripts in the head section and adding a doctype). P

RE: [WSG] Bobby question

2004-03-06 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Jaime, Yes it's very important. Many differently-abled people don't use a mouse. They use the keyboard to navigate around a page/site (generally much faster and more efficiently than any mouse user). By using onclick or onmousedown etc. you may be blocking their access to whatever the resource

RE: [WSG] Purpose of this mailing list

2004-03-09 Thread Peter Firminger
I might just point out some of the other WSG bits pieces that many people probably aren't aware of: - the resources section (which I believe everyone on the list is able to add to) - the WSG CMS list (buggered if I can remember how you join...

RE: [WSG] Links for light reading...

2004-03-10 Thread Peter Firminger
Also of some interest, maybe a bit old... Aug 7 2003 Paul Ford from on web standards. Nice to hear NPR on a topic close to my heart. I'm available for an interview too! (my public broadcasting (ABC) background showing through

RE: [WSG] New CSS site

2004-03-11 Thread Peter Firminger
link rel="shortcut icon" href=""">" / From: Universal Head [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 1:36 PMTo: [EMAIL PROTECTED]Subject: Re: [WSG] New CSS site This doesn't validate either - does anyone

RE: [WSG] New CSS site (end of thread please)

2004-03-11 Thread Peter Firminger
As long as you don't mind all the 404 errors. Best practice: * Use the icon format with as many versions as you like (16x16, 32x32, 16 colour, 256 colour etc.) within that file. * Use favicon.ico as the filename and put in in the site root. This will account for a majority by default. * On every

RE: [WSG] New CSS site

2004-03-11 Thread Peter Firminger
I meant end of favicon topic, not feedback on the site. Sorry, P * The discussion list for *

RE: [WSG] overflow IE problem

2004-03-12 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi 7, Can you please supply a link to the page in question as well as the CSS file(s). In order to help we need to be able to see it in action in case there is something else in the code affecting or conflicting with it. This also lets us see what language and version you are using and whether

RE: [WSG] New to WSG

2004-03-12 Thread Peter Firminger
Yep, getting that a lot this morning.. The details are at the end of the welcome email (which no-one seems to read)... I will warn you however that the digest version isn't perfect. I'm about to upgrade the mail server so we'll see if it improves but it is received as an email with attachments on

[WSG] Sorry about the old posts

2004-03-16 Thread Peter Firminger
They seem to be emanating from a smtp server. Any ideas BT members? Return-Path: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Received: from [] by with SMTP; Wed, 17 Mar 2004 12:34:52 +1100 Peter * The

RE: [WSG] Usability Week 2004

2004-03-16 Thread Peter Firminger
They're at . Worst case (5 days no EB) AUD$3,618 per head. Not 20K but still pretty steep. P I wanted to send this out early so we can all benefit from the early discount fee. Thanks - that will also give us all time to have some good long

RE: [WSG] Next Sydney meeting - a fantastic guest presenter

2004-03-18 Thread Peter Firminger
Hmmm yes, we have access to three (mini) DV cameras that I know of. Processing all that video will be a bit of a pain though. We'll probably do an hour with David so it may not be very practical, and I don't really want to serve that much video from my server. Maybe someone in Sydney can

RE: [WSG] forum @ WSG?c]

2004-03-19 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Scott, Not off topic at all. We're right in the middle of a planning stage for WSG and will be making some announcements soon. Yes we have discussed a forum, but have agreed that it will not fulfil the purpose as questions won't get answered with the same speed. I am on many fora and only

RE: [WSG] [CSS] IE6 header issue.

2004-03-20 Thread Peter Firminger
The address is? P Hello all, Ok this is my first fully CSS based site (still work in progress by the way) and I first of all want to give credit to Russ's great * The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] XHTML: 1.0 transitional-1.0 strict-1.1

2004-03-21 Thread Peter Firminger
The quick test is to simply change the doctype and hit a validator to see what issues arise from your code and then work through them. Remember though that if you're changing from XHTML 1.0 Transitional, then you really need to change the way the document is sent to the browser, the mime type

[WSG] Thanks messages

2004-03-21 Thread Peter Firminger
A general note to all. Due to the increase in traffic, probably better to send Thanks emails that contain nothing else directly to the sender rather than to the list. Thanks, Peter * The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] Help us redesign the WSG site

2004-03-22 Thread Peter Firminger
H... All very interesting. To do this we may have to change the functionality of the CMS a bit and maybe even hard code the pages that rarely change due to the needs of a site that displays code on the page by default (when pasted in). I don't think that many outside the core group have

RE: [WSG] Font size, and how large is large enough?

2004-03-23 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Darian, I'm considering changing the fonts for my website's CSS to arial... maybe. I wouldn't bother. Verdana is perfectly acceptable with the Arial, Sans-serif backup. I still like verdana, I'm so stubborn (_) I don't think either of these font are really offending to anyone. Maybe if

RE: [WSG] Scrollbars in IE6 (PC)

2004-03-24 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Vaska, Posting a link to it will really help. Without seeing the rest of the HTML (doctype etc.) we have no idea about whether or not you are in standards compliant mode and what else is in there. Are you using a frameset doctype. Have you validated all your code (html and css)? Can I ask (in

RE: [WSG] Font size, and how large is large enough?

2004-03-24 Thread Peter Firminger
So you're saying we should all just use black default font on white pages then? Not going to happen! It's a pathetic argument Felix. Really not worth bothering with. Peter On the contrary. Because authors using Verdana as primary size according to their own taste for the giant font, when

RE: [WSG] How do I start a group in a city

2004-03-26 Thread Peter Firminger
Title: How do I start a group in a city Hi Brian, There would be no real need for a domain and local website as you could post your meeting notices, presentation materialsetc. on the WSGsite giving you exposure to others that may happen along later. That is unless you didn't want it to be a

RE: [WSG] What's wrong with this page??

2004-03-28 Thread Peter Firminger
Unsubscribing will fix it Felix. P Why do people send this junk to a mailing list? Why doesn't the mailing list software strip it out? * The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] Layout 39% not 39%

2004-03-31 Thread Peter Firminger
Title: Message Hmmm, Try putting it into standards compliant mode and it's different, but still not correct. Also putting the style into the head section will help... Really can't expect anything good to happen where it is. Try margin-left: 9%; See P

RE: [WSG] I am having a problem...

2004-04-21 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Chris, I believe you may need to address all states of the a selector: link, visited and active as well as hover (which you do separately): #navigation a.current:link, #navigation a.current:visited, #navigation a.current:active, { background-color: #FFF; border-bottom: 1px solid #FFF;

RE: [WSG] CSS Tables

2004-04-21 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi and welcome Noa! The only advantage I can tell is that it just doesn't use any table or td or tr tags, which I have an irrational hatred towards. Let's not get carried away with hatred for tables. They have a place in (x)html and where appropriate are the best tool for the job. Using them

RE: [WSG] I am having a problem... Tab (li) width

2004-04-21 Thread Peter Firminger
Did my suggestion last night help? Hey everyone... this problem is still a problem for me... anyone have any suggestions?? basically - I want to define the width of the tabs on my website... withouth havint to add a span... Try something like this

RE: [WSG] Org Charts

2004-04-23 Thread Peter Firminger
Great question! I must admit to copping out to a gif on the rare occasions we have had to do this but SVG may be an option. Does anyone know if the SVG plug-ins are pre-installed with browsers (IE in particular) now? I seem to have the adobe plug-ins (I'm on WinXP Pro) but can't remember if I

[WSG] Validity! (was EMBED tag)

2004-05-11 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi all, The goal in adhering to web standards isn't to pass the validator, it's to write valid code. The validator is just a tool to help achieve this. Fudging to fool the validator is just cheating on a test. If it's not in the spec it shouldn't be on the page, whether it's hard coded or

RE: [WSG] Is a degree necessary? THREAD CLOSED

2004-05-13 Thread Peter Firminger
Russ already stopped this thread. Please do not continue with it on list. P * The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting help


2004-05-14 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Tina, I would suggest using HTML 4.01 Transitional over HTML 4.0 but I can't remember why now. I think (maybe) it is more consistently displayed across browsers. I know we had a reason to make sure we changed all our stuff years ago but it was probably to do with NN 4 at that stage. There is

RE: [WSG] When the mix of visual appearance and meaning goes really bad

2004-05-06 Thread Peter Firminger
I'm sure lot's of people probably use em when they aren't really emphasising something, but simply wanting to make something italic. Absolutely! In natural science (specifically speaking about species names here) Italics are the way to present the scientific name (genus species pair or senior

RE: [WSG] CSS: writing-mode / MS runs W3C?

2004-05-02 Thread Peter Firminger
AMEN Brother! Thanks for saying it. Kinda gets lonely out on this limb... (sorry for the content-free reply) P From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Simon JesseySent: Sunday, May 02, 2004 11:56 PMTo: [EMAIL PROTECTED]Subject: Re: [WSG] CSS:

[WSG] Read Receipts!

2004-04-28 Thread Peter Firminger
John (and anyone else that has them on by default), Turn off read receipt requests when posting to this list! These horribly invasive things are worse than spam and I get most of them returned to me being the list administrator! I have 47 so far, thanks mate. There are 580+ addresses on

RE: [WSG] Org Charts

2004-04-29 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Geoff, I still think that SVG is worth investigating though will be a steep learning curve. This one is pretty impressive, especially the relationships. P Deb, That looks pretty cool. Is it dynamically or manually built? We've been working on

RE: [WSG] WSG design competition voting time

2004-05-17 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi, I really don't think we want to discuss people's voting reasons on list. That can be done on if you really want to. They are flat graphic mock-ups so there is no code at this stage. The chosen design will be built correctly. When

RE: [WSG] PHP is OT (was: javascript form submission)

2004-05-18 Thread Peter Firminger
That'll do for the PHP stuff now thanks folks. There are plenty of resources available online. Use google to locate them. Something like P * The discussion list for

[WSG] WSG Redesign Closed

2004-05-21 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Members, Voting has now closed for the WSG design competition. For your information, here are the top 3 results: Voting (total 144 votes): 69 votes (47.9%) - Russ Weakley 35 votes (24.3%) - Current Site 17 votes (11.8%) - Lindsay Evans Rating (sum of points awarded -2 to 2): 154 - Russ

RE: [WSG] WSG Redesign Closed

2004-05-22 Thread Peter Firminger
I repeat from my initial post... Any discussion on this topic should take place on This is not negotiable! Peter Listdad * The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] strange white flash on mouseover

2004-05-24 Thread Peter Firminger
Works perfectly on IE 6 for me. There's always a flash of no BG on IE but it returns as it loads it again. IE separates the normal and hover states and when you roll over it loads the image again, even though it's the same one. Try the nav on the WSG site in IE and you'll see the same happens to

RE: [WSG] Browsers Emulator

2004-05-25 Thread Peter Firminger
It's very difficult (impossible) to emulate all the bugs in a browser without running the browser. Emulators can emulate the required behaviour but generally not the bugs. So unless you actually do what people like browsercam have done and set up a bank of machines running the browsers and


2004-05-31 Thread Peter Firminger
I've let this ramble on a bit as a) it seemed interesting to a number of you and b) it is a slow day on the list however now it is going right off target and I think we should finish the discussion. Thanks, ListDad This is having less and less to do with web standards.

RE: [WSG] Standards compliant content management system. (MOVED TO THE APPROPRIATE LIST)

2004-05-31 Thread Peter Firminger
We have a CMS list for this subject. Please (subscribe if you're not already on it and) move it over there for any further discussion. For details, see: Regards, Peter * The discussion list for

RE: [WSG] What Editors do you guys use? [Please reply to the poster that asked now]

2004-06-06 Thread Peter Firminger
Is Google that hard to use? Can we send these directly to the person that requested it please and that person can post the suggestions. Also, just give positives. If you don't like 'product-x', then don't suggest it. Trashing products on-list is not

[WSG] List daddy lecture time (speaking of grumpy list managers)

2004-06-07 Thread Peter Firminger
(not that I expect any discussion on this). I'm not joking. Peter Firminger * The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting help *

RE: [WSG] Action to force browser developers to clean up their act

2004-06-08 Thread Peter Firminger
Nick, No, no - I'm not suggesting for a second we should *only* develop for IE, or any other certain browsers! Just the opposite - I make a point of delivering my clients' message to the maximum number of visitors. And I'm not bitter; just realistic. That's why I say 'IE is here to stay'.

RE: [WSG] meta http-equiv :- CORRECTION

2004-06-09 Thread Peter Firminger
Nope sorry, The correct content type or MIME type for an XHTML document is application/xhtml+xml. This (mime type issue) is only required for XHTML 1.1. You don't have to do it for XHTML 1.0 Transitional (which the example was). The answer to Jamie's original question is to have a look at the

RE: [WSG] Standard Hacks?

2004-06-09 Thread Peter Firminger
Russ and I have discussed this at length and we have come to the opinion that the @import rule (when used in that manner) is indeed a hack but a harmless one. The reasoning is that it exploits a bug or particular behaviour in a browser. In this case, older browsers don't understand it at all and

RE: [WSG] Standard Hacks?

2004-06-09 Thread Peter Firminger
No, we do it to specifically exploit this bug or particular behaviour so it is a hack. If you look at the stylesheets you'll see that there is basic css in the one that NN4 can see and all the other more advanced stuff is in the one it can't see. All quite deliberate using both methods to achieve


2004-06-10 Thread Peter Firminger
LOL Yeah, I'm not laughing! You should see the bounces I get from many many (Government) mail servers that block anything containing the f word (probably when it is in a URL). New rule (I really didn't think we had to make a rule about this) Anyone using profanity on this list in future will

[WSG] Workshop on the W3C's Semantic Web Services Activity

2004-06-11 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi list, For our Queensland members (or anyone else that has a travel budget to get them to Brisbane for a Queensland mid-winter weekend): The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a non-for-profit, vendor-neutral international Web standards organisation that develops

RE: [WSG] file extensions

2004-06-12 Thread Peter Firminger
Not a good idea for the average website. If you're running then there would be a reason to do it but for most of us maintenance would be an issue. P From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Christopher KennonSent: Sunday, June 13, 2004 9:28

[WSG] Category for Standards-based applications

2004-06-13 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi List, I have added (at the request of Bert Doorn) a resources section for server applications that output valid code. Bert's question included the following: - In order to further promote standards compliant (x)html and css websites, I wonder if we could as a group provide a

RE: [WSG] OT: Intranet Search utility [ANSWER TO SENDER ONLY PLEASE]

2004-06-14 Thread Peter Firminger
Please answer this off list as it has nothing to do with Web Standards. P I am looking for a (preferably free) software to be able to do searches on an Intranet site. The Intranet is hosted on a local Unix Server. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Amit Karmakar

RE: [WSG] Interesting reading

2004-06-14 Thread Peter Firminger
Then again, according to the article (rant): changing standards = OXYMORON That's why there are different versions and subversions. 3.2, 4.0 and 4.01 are all different beasts. They don't change. If you're an idiot that doesn't think a doctype is required because you don't understand it, then

RE: [WSG] THREAD CLOSED - Redesigning with css

2004-06-21 Thread Peter Firminger
Title: RE: [WSG] Redesigning & with css Sorry folks, nothing really wrong here but the subject line is giving me grief.Some Governmentspam filters see ; in the subject and throw it back to me and I'm getting swamped. Stupid really but there you go. If you must

RE: [WSG] Jobs and the list - where else?

2004-07-07 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi, Russ is in New Zealand at the moment and the end of the financial year was not good for either of us. For the moment I don't have time to build a new section for job ads, but it's in the list of things to do. I don't believe it's a good solution though as it will still require people to

RE: Future.....(was: Re: [WSG] iFrames vs Scrolling Divs)

2004-07-08 Thread Peter Firminger
Hi Scott, The process is open. Join W3C, get on a working group and contribute to you're heart's content. But you'll need to know a lot more than you do now. No offence but I think you'll be out of your depth just getting out of the elevator (as I would be).

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