Re: [WSG] Farewell (was : Out of Office)

2011-12-16 Thread Reactivo Química Visual
I can understand you... it's annoying. 2011/12/16 Philip TAYLOR Just to let you all know that the number of out of office messages has now reached the point where I feel I have no option but to leave the list. Goodbye, and it was nice talking to you all. Philip Taylor

Re: tabs - was[WSG] Expected behaviour of links to external websites

2011-12-30 Thread Reactivo Química Visual
With the popularization of tab based navigation, opening new windows is much less of a hassle in desktop enviroments. It's easier keep track of your way. In mobile systems such as tablets or mobile browsers, it still is somewhat annoying. 2011/12/30 coder I just

[WSG] Official syntax to style placeholder text

2012-01-26 Thread Reactivo Química Visual
Hi, ¿Is there any official way to style input placeholder text in CSS? I know there are propietary pseudo-elements like :-moz-placeholder or :: -webkit-input-placeholder but I can't find anything about the standard way of doing it. Thanks, Diego.