Re: [WSG] Swf - google

2005-12-20 Thread Ric Raftis
Put a sitemap on your index page down the bottom so that Google et al can follow the html links. Validate your page also. You are using an xhtml doctype and yet have upper case tags on your page. Regards, Ric Elton Okada wrote: I have a swf file in my page. Google will not index. I can

Re: [WSG] Setting Up Font Sizes

2005-12-20 Thread Ric Raftis
Where did you get that from in that article? Setting the font size to 100% and then setting individual elements to ems is how I do all my pages. As far as I know it is the recommended method so users have control of their own viewport. Regards, Ric Paul Noone wrote: So setting the font

Re: [WSG] Setting Up Font Sizes

2005-12-20 Thread Ric Raftis
Not from me Paul. If my msg came across that way, please accept my apologies. It was not intended. Regards, Ric Paul Noone wrote: Is it just me or is there some underlying agression on this list of late? ** The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] Hi all, need some help with a peekaboo bug in IE - SOLVED

2005-12-30 Thread Ric Raftis
G'day Barrie, I think what you need here is called the Holly Hack. It fixes ul, li problems that IE mucks up. CSS for my sites where I use uls include:- /* Fix IE. Hide from IE Mac \*/ * html #navbar ul li { float: left; } * html #navbar ul li a { height: 1%; } /* End */ Reference:

Re: [WSG] list's with header text

2006-01-31 Thread Ric Raftis
G'day Paul, I haven't done coding on this, however I think it may be possible by setting a class for your bold heading with no bottom padding or margin and then using an ordered list. Regards, Ric Paul Collins wrote: Paul Collins wrote: Hello all. Just wondering if there is such a

Re: [WSG] Background-Image download order

2006-02-01 Thread Ric Raftis
Nick Gleitzman wrote: Boring, but multiple CSS files, one for each page, containing only the bg image declarations for that page. Maybe I've missed something, but why wouldn't you just have the one css file but declare the background image in the head section of each individual page?

Re: [WSG] Call for a new (scalable) business case for web standards.

2006-02-03 Thread Ric Raftis
Jay Gilmore wrote et al.. I'm with you Jay. I live in a small rural community as well and my work comes by word of mouth. I can't start something up locally as most people in town don't even believe people use the internet!!! This is probably where a thread on a forum has more value

Re: [WSG] suckerfish menu and position:relative woes]

2006-02-07 Thread Ric Raftis
Peter Ottery wrote: hiya, i dont like flyout menus as much as the next guy/girl but i have a situation that requires them, so i'm using the son of suckerfish menu [1]. Personally I don't like the suckerfish menus much. I found these much more to my liking and you might like to have a look

Re: [WSG] Web design education

2006-02-13 Thread Ric Raftis
James Gollan wrote: I feel it is worth pointing out that not all educational institutions are still teaching table based design. As an educator I feel I am in a great position to make a difference at a 'grass roots' level. Students studying web design at our college (Ultimo TAFE) are exposed

Re: [WSG] CSS Holy Gruel

2006-02-13 Thread Ric Raftis
Al Sparber wrote: We're compiling a folder of CSS layouts. Feel free to play. There'll be more. OK, I'll be the silly bugger who asks. Why is the layout using a HTML 4.01 Transitional DTD? Just curious. Regards, Ric

Re: [WSG] Web design education

2006-02-14 Thread Ric Raftis
Nelson wrote: Ric Raftis wrote: It was interesting reading your post James because it seems that TAFEs across the country may vary widely despite courses supposedly being drawn from a national based syllabus and providing national accreditation. Related to this, I reckon one

Re: [WSG] TARGET in 4.01 Strict

2006-02-14 Thread Ric Raftis
Bert Doorn wrote: The main idea is that one should not open new windows at all, leaving it up to the user to decide, which is why the target attribute was removed. G'day Bert, This always seems to be a subject of some debate. For commercial sites, I ALWAYS open a new blank window on a

Re: [WSG] Page veiwing

2006-02-22 Thread Ric Raftis
Angus at InfoForce Services wrote: I am sorry if this is off topic. I do not know who to ask. I have my screen resolution to default to 800 by 600 and thinking of changeing to 1024 by 768. I still would like to view my web pages in 800 by 600. I really do not have the knowledge to have the

Re: [WSG] Do you still support 4.0 browsers?

2006-02-27 Thread Ric Raftis
If you go to the Australian Taxation Office's site you will find that if you want to download and use E Tax, that you have to use a Version 5 browser and above. Does it get word it does... it has to be IE If you want to use their electronic business access you have to use IE

Re: [WSG] how important are validation-programs?

2006-03-03 Thread Ric Raftis
As someone else has already said, they are only warnings. However, if you are pushing standards to clients and they view the results, it is a good idea to have no warnings or errors. Best way around this I have found is to use background-color: inherit; and the warning will be removed.

Re: [WSG] Web projects for students?

2006-03-07 Thread Ric Raftis
Tom Worthington wrote: Any suggestions on web projects for my students this year G'day Tom, Could I suggest that quality projects present themselves quite easily in the form of non profit organisations. There are many of these around as we all know and

Re: [WSG] streaming video

2006-03-12 Thread Ric Raftis
Christina Porter wrote: can anyone give me some pointers for streaming video. I know nothing, but it looks like my client base will want it and I need to know about it in general and guidance in particular from a reliable source. If it's Flash, there is a thing called the Satay Method that