Re: [WSG] tabular data

2007-03-06 Thread Rob Kirton
Bob Using tabular form should be the first choice; where you have what is naturally a table. What you have is clearly a table. I would suggest that if reworking this and really taking the needs of users into account; maybe breaking the data into a series of smaller tables (possibly based

Re: [WSG] Talking about tabular data...

2007-03-07 Thread Rob Kirton
Barney I don't see this as being a definition list. 39 does not define Chapter 1, it is an indicator of where to find chapter 1. It is arguably a table, as in table of contents. Of course it is all a bit of an odd case considering the web. Web pages aren't paper, and trying to replicate the

Re: [WSG] style sheets - best practices

2007-03-15 Thread Rob Kirton
Bob I believe what you may have seen is the practice of having link type=text/css rel=stylesheet href= media=screen in the page body for xhtml validation purposes having a raft of @import statements in the linked CSS file The principle being to modularise your CSS, having multiple separate CSS

Re: [WSG] Acronym tag usage

2007-05-10 Thread Rob Kirton
Craig. Only the first occurrence on each page is advisable -- Regards - Rob Raising web standards : Linking in with others: On 10/05/07, Craig Bailey [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Just how extensive should our use of the acronym tag

Re: [WSG] css type loop

2007-05-21 Thread Rob Kirton
More precisely, the use of id and class can only add semantic value to developers or to those who have to maintain the site. They have no bearing on real world semantics in terms of benefit derived by end users and page retrieval via search engines. To that end they are semantically neutral --

Re: [WSG] css type loop

2007-05-21 Thread Rob Kirton
dificulties with the correct use of header and paragraph tags (rgh!!). We have a long way to go -- Regards - Rob Raising web standards : Linking in with others: On 21/05/07, Anders Nawroth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Rob Kirton

Re: [WSG] semantic HTML for intro text

2007-05-26 Thread Rob Kirton
Stay away from Strong. Strong is presentational, same as B, and I. Presentation should be in HTML and content in HTML. use span class=important for text that needs to be emphasised. I would argue to the contrary. Strong has much more meaning than a span class. The word /tag itself implies

Re: [WSG] address semantics

2007-05-28 Thread Rob Kirton
I am a great believer in the correct application of semantics myself. I would recommend either address tag set or maybe a micro format. Although the number of text analytical tools which recognise micro formats may be small, I am uncertain whether or not address is recognised by anything,

Re: [WSG] Screen resolution issue

2007-06-01 Thread Rob Kirton
Lyn If it's a fluid design, surely height and width are inextricably linked. As the width narrows, the height increases. From your description, maybe your client seems to be lacking in web content, which cannot be cured by means of design alone. If they're obsessed with having so few words,

Re: [WSG] Screen resolution issue

2007-06-01 Thread Rob Kirton
Lyn Unless this is an Intranet application, the screen resolution that your client uses is totally immaterial. It is the screen res, used by the users of the site you need to worry about. I recognise that fluid designs aren't always the answer, IE not obeying max-width etc... means that line

Re: [WSG] Screen resolution issue

2007-06-01 Thread Rob Kirton
Lyn Having seen it, doesn't look too (hmm..) bad at 1280 x 1024 full screen. What else could expected with so little front page content I would be tempted to maybe centre the content by menas of giving the whole lot 15% margin left and right, upping the size of the text, and adding more words.

Re: [WSG] Back to the Future

2007-06-12 Thread Rob Kirton
Chris If this is Internet and not in intranet, I suggest that you design for the real customers; that is people who visit the site and not those who own it. If this user group are still for some strange reason, bound by running windows 3.1 etc.. do it the old way, take the money and don't put it

Re: [WSG] Opening a New Window for Print View (dif from a print style sheet)

2007-06-15 Thread Rob Kirton
Susan Just set your doctype to transitional then all will be fine with validation using target. For your own peace of mind, you know your pages are otherwise strict, why crucifty yourself over a tiny problem? Life is too short. Your pages are no less clean or valid because of a transitional

Re: [WSG] JavaScript gurus - exercise in vanity

2007-06-19 Thread Rob Kirton
Lars Your problem is going to be to get what are deemed good academic sources. As you will already know academic publications and conference papers will carry greater weight than books, especially those not peer reviewed and published as an academic work. It's who your tutor / prof is going to

Re: [WSG] Page Structure

2007-06-27 Thread Rob Kirton
Web Man: It is one of lifes great mysteries (i.e. that is secret to Google), at what point the value of H1 is diminished through (over) use. You are doing the right thing by placing emphasis on the rugby world cup aspect. The only time I expect to maybe see a clients name in an H1, is if is

Re: [WSG] To target or not

2007-07-13 Thread Rob Kirton
I would argue the case that it may be sensible to open a new window for PDF's. There was sufficient evidence for a UK government department I have worked extensively with, to include this as a standard. The rationale behind this is simply that once presented with a PDF the user has the

Re: [WSG] Re: please avoid forcing people to open pdf in browser!

2007-07-20 Thread Rob Kirton
Michael I understand your comments, however I think it would be very difficult for governments other high volume publishers to remove the need for PDFs. Where an audience must be reached by a variety of channels by both web and printed media, it would be sensless to have to produce multiple sets

Re: [WSG] setting fontsize in body

2007-08-07 Thread Rob Kirton
Alastair I contacted the Firefox development team prior to release 2 and suggested exactly what you have suggested, i.e. give the users an obvious prompt to re-size text i.e. in the default browser menu. It saves on both the users having to discover and remeber specialist key strokes and also

Re: [WSG] setting fontsize in body

2007-08-08 Thread Rob Kirton
web standards : Linking in with others: On 08/08/07, Alastair Campbell [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Rob Kirton wrote: I was informed that they had a far better idea in the pipeline. I'm not holding my breath... As others suggested

Re: [WSG] Hanging indents

2008-03-21 Thread Rob Kirton
Elizabeth I believe the solution Mike came up with to be a sound one. However maybe you should step back and think why this should be a web page at all. You are facing the great problem of trying to make the screen look like print. Something which drives most of us up the wall at some point.

Re: [WSG] a target=” blank” not part of x html

2008-03-27 Thread Rob Kirton
Michael I would recommend that you use target=_new and then use XHTML transitional DTD -- Regards - Rob Raising web standards : Linking in with others: On 27/03/2008, Michael Horowitz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I just read how a

Re: [WSG] a target=” blank” not part of x html

2008-03-27 Thread Rob Kirton
Andrew of course you are right there, however if the brief says so -- Regards - Rob Raising web standards : Linking in with others: On 27/03/2008, Andrew Maben [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Mar 27, 2008, at 11:44 AM, Michael

Re: [WSG] selectutorial

2008-04-17 Thread Rob Kirton
Kevin First stripping out margins padding from nearly everything is quite common practice. Look up reset style sheets from YUI or Eric Meyers example (also included with blue print framework). It would be good for anybody new to using CSS to immediately get to grips with an initial CSS reset

Re: [WSG] The Problem of adjacent links

2008-05-09 Thread Rob Kirton
Darren I'd be highly surprised if a screen reader manages to read CSS. Most struggle with HTML -- Regards - Rob Raising web standards : Linking in with others : 2008/5/9 Darren Lovelock [EMAIL PROTECTED]: The content:after pseudo