RE: [WSG] What do we say if we don't say click?

2007-04-17 Thread Webb, KerryA
John wrote: I'm looking at a design involving image thumbnails and the instruction to click images for larger version -- I have the idea that saying click is wrong, or rather the assumption that everyone is using a mouse is wrong. So, how would you word this instruction, or otherwise

RE: [WSG] what is semantic?

2007-04-23 Thread Webb, KerryA
Naveen asked: Hi all. I would really appreciate if any tell me what is the term called semantic? It means relating to meaning. To give an example, some tags in HTML relate to presentation, like i or b but they don't really tell you anything about the meaning of the text that they refer to.

RE: [WSG] wa state guidlines question

2007-05-08 Thread Webb, KerryA
Nick wrote: I would disagree. I believe the pdf and word issue dates back to 1999 or so, when you needed to upgrade to the latest and greatest of JAWS at considerable cost to fully access pdfs. Things have changed in 8 years. Now you can access pdfs with almost any screenreader (that is

RE: [WSG] wa state guidlines question

2007-05-09 Thread Webb, KerryA
Jermayn asked: and Kerry, how do you make the pdf accessible??? There are some pointers here Kerry (noting the accessibility is relative, not absolute - so probably I should have said more accessible)

RE: [WSG] ABC News Online have a new website

2007-06-18 Thread Webb, KerryA
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Peter Ottery ditto - love it. an amazing achievement to get that up and out. i particularly like the nice little attention to detail like the css hovers/icons on the links and the inline video. the video section itself is hot

RE: [WSG] Navigation link not working in some browsers

2007-06-28 Thread Webb, KerryA
Lyn asked: There is a very strange instance of a navigation link not working on one particular page - the products.html page link back to HOME. All other pages seem to be OK. It does work in IE and Opera but not in FX or Safari. Can anyone see why this should be so?

RE: please avoid forcing people to open pdf in browser! was Re: [WSG] To target or not

2007-07-19 Thread Webb, KerryA
Jermayn wrote: I work at one of the those government places that has those horrible pdfs scattered through out all their horrible pages. I couldnt agree more. And I work with people who build such sites, and I don't have a problem with PDFs per se. If that's an efficient and effective way

RE: [WSG] How many of us are public and how many private?

2007-09-11 Thread Webb, KerryA
John asked: So I wonder, how many people on this list are in the commercial sector and how many are in the non-profit / public / government / education sector? More importantly, how would you classify yourself g Kerry (ACT Government)

RE: [WSG] Cost of Accessibility

2007-10-04 Thread Webb, KerryA
Christie wrote: . . . It's very, very difficult to defend the Target site, it's an unusable mess so I don't use it, but Target does have the right to have a bad site. Not if they lose this case, they don't. Kerry ---

RE: [WSG] SIte Maps?

2007-11-21 Thread Webb, KerryA
Andrew wrote: Jermayn, That one person may find the sitemap useful does not mean that the site navigation is broken - all that we do know for sure is that one person likes to use the sitemap. If everyone uses the sitemap, then the navigation could well use some work. Similarly - if

RE: [WSG] CMS review

2008-02-28 Thread Webb, KerryA
Alysia wrote: Hello. I have just discovered this australian based company Powerfront. I am really interested in some feedback. Here is an example website which I think is pretty good It prompts you to download Flash 9 - which people on locked-down

RE: [WSG] WCAG 2 implementation site

2008-03-11 Thread Webb, KerryA
Matt wrote: I also like the way you have not gone with the basic skip to content link and gone with a quick skip to menu, I have been advocating a similar approach that integrates access key's into these menu's as well. Is there a reason for not using 'accesskey' at all? I'm not Mike,

RE: [WSG] Full flash websites

2008-05-07 Thread Webb, KerryA
Michael MD wrote: also - don't assume everyone's browser has flash player. eg: mobile phones - some of the more recent models *might* have a mobile flash player ... which btw might handle flash 6 content! - ok maybe an iPhone can do better .. but honestly how many of those do you see about?

RE: [WSG] Google chrome... Accessibility coming very soon???

2008-09-04 Thread Webb, KerryA
Adam wrote: Hey guys... it is great that talk about accessibility and chrome has been raised - but I do think that we need to wait until it is out of beta. Isn't that what beta is for - to get feedback for further development? And Gmail is still in beta after several years.

RE: [WSG] Flash replace Javascript in Future?

2008-10-19 Thread Webb, KerryA
Johan Douma wrote: Flash is on 99.9% of the computers. Which is the sort of claim made often by Adobe. But, if we're talking about a recent version of Flash on 99.9% of computers, that's a different matter. Kerry --- This

RE: [WSG] Re: Searching for standards information

2008-10-26 Thread Webb, KerryA
Michael wrote: If you were to be prosecuted the court (or more likely HREOC/Administrative Appeals Tribunal before it got to court) would consider what measures could be taken without imposing undue hardship upon the service provider to ensure that equitable access is available to people

RE: # Re: [WSG] Beta Testers Needed for BCAT

2009-01-13 Thread Webb, KerryA
-Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Matt Morgan-May Sent: Wednesday, 14 January 2009 6:43 AM To: Subject: Re: # Re: [WSG] Beta Testers Needed for BCAT Adobe could do a better job, the

RE: [WSG] accessible free web hosting account

2009-06-25 Thread Webb, KerryA
Andrew Stewart said: It is clear that a publicly funded website like that for the Olympic Games should be accessible, but are you suggesting that the same rules should apply to a high-school student doing a website for a school project? - again another tough line to draw. The scale of the

RE: [WSG] accessibility: government

2009-08-26 Thread Webb, KerryA
On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 4:40 AM, wrote: Good afternoon list, Does anybody know if their exists a list of what is required in terms of accessibility features for each country (governments)? -- Regards, Luc Hi Luc, here in Australia we have a

RE: [WSG] The 'Some Links for Light Reading' posts

2009-09-23 Thread Webb, KerryA
I find that Russ's list and that of Laura Carlson usually provide something useful each week. thanks Kerry --- This email, and any attachments, may be confidential and also privileged. If you are not the intended recipient,

RE: [WSG] web style guide

2009-12-02 Thread Webb, KerryA
Lucien wrote: Hi there, I need to write a web style guide for our web site. Does anyone know of any good examples I could draw inspiration from? You'll find a lot of government guides online, such as or


2010-02-03 Thread Webb, KerryA
At 2/3/2010 02:47 PM, Marvin Hunkin wrote: You should check the Top of page links on the Recipes page. They each seem to go to the start of the previous recipe rather than to the top of the Web page. Kerry

RE: [WSG] NPO web standards guidelines in Australia?

2010-02-23 Thread Webb, KerryA
Nedlud wrote: Hi people, I see that the Australian government has required all government agency web sites to be WCAG 2.0 compliant by 2015. I work for a non profit organisation that receives government funding, but I am unaware of our

RE: [WSG] NPO web standards guidelines in Australia?

2010-02-23 Thread Webb, KerryA
Jason wrote: Please note that whilst you may not go to jail for failing to provide accessibility aspects and compliance within a website, you may be held responsible and found negligent and be required to pay compensation as directed by a court of law. Ref case : Maguire vs. SOCOG

RE: [WSG] Accessibility in Australia

2010-08-05 Thread Webb, KerryA
From: [] On Behalf Of Sue Choong Sent: Friday, 6 August 2010 9:31 AM To: Subject: [WSG] Accessibility in Australia Is it mandatory for all australian websites to be


2010-11-11 Thread Webb, KerryA
On 10 Nov 2010, at 22:34, cat soul wrote: Any thoughts on which we ought to be using HTML, since it works in IE 9 without having to pretend it is HTML. 4.01, since it is a stable recommendation with mature QA tools (unless you have a need for features added in HTML5 and are willing to

RE: [WSG] PDF Conversion

2011-02-08 Thread Webb, KerryA
Dave Lane: Thanks for asking those questions, Russ, and checking with users of assistive technologies. I also wondered how moving from an open standard to a proprietary one would help anyone with anything... Perhaps because not everyone would agree with Russ' blind user, and they might

RE: [WSG] PDF Conversion

2011-02-08 Thread Webb, KerryA
Dave wrote: On 09/02/11 16:55, Russ Weakley wrote: Hi Kerry. Neither the blind user or I were suggesting that alternatives were not a good idea, or even a requirement. I'd always recommend providing an HTML alternative if possible along with accessible (tagged) PDF. The question was

RE: [WSG] HTML/CSS reference

2011-04-05 Thread Webb, KerryA
Chris wrote: On Wed, 6 Apr 2011, Kevin Ireson wrote: Oh come on. Surely you cannot dispute for the basics. Even after all of these years. The fundamental concepts work. I wouldn't trust (note that it has nothing to do with the W3C)

RE: [WSG] HTML/CSS reference

2011-04-05 Thread Webb, KerryA
On 4/5/11 7:31 PM, Webb, KerryA wrote: You say (on that page): The alt attribute is mandatory, not just good practice. It's not, you know. For decorative images, it's not even recommended. via -- src