[WSG] CSS Expandable Menu

2010-06-28 Thread grant_malcolm_bailey
Hello, I would be grateful if someone could clarify whether there is such a thing as a pure CSS expandable menu. The sort of thing I'm looking for is the expandable / collapsible hierachy commonly shown in the left-hand frame of Windows programs such as Explorer or Outlook. I'm trying to

[WSG] Long documents

2010-10-16 Thread grant_malcolm_bailey
Hello, Is there any standard (official or otherwise) that limits the length of single web pages? I edit an online journal which contains articles of up to 7000 words. Currently each article resides on a single web page which the viewer must scroll to read. Some of the articles are 10-20

[WSG] HTML5 v. HTML 4.x

2011-01-24 Thread grant_malcolm_bailey
Hello, Could someone please clarify this for me. I realise that HTML5 has introduced new semantic elements such as header, aside etc., but does this really increase the expressive power of the markup? Can't the same thing be achieved in HTML 4.x using classes (e.g. p class=header)? I am

[WSG] Google 'Alexander Calder' theme

2011-07-22 Thread grant_malcolm_bailey
Hello, Today's Google home page theme seems to be a very good example of progressive enhancement. The mobile graphic is non-interactive in IE7 but looks fine. In Chrome, however, the graphic swings about in response to mouse movements (as does its shadow, not present for IE7). Could anyone

RE: [WSG] Google 'Alexander Calder' theme

2011-07-22 Thread grant_malcolm_bailey
Chris, Thanks for your response. Yes, some physics is involved behind the scenes I think ... Grant - Original Message - From: Chris Taylor chris.tay...@cubik.co.uk To: wsg@webstandardsgroup.org Sent: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 15:17:47 +0800 (WST) Subject: RE: [WSG] Google 'Alexander Calder' theme

[WSG] Fwd: Video in web page

2011-09-06 Thread grant_malcolm_bailey
Hello, I would be grateful if someone could clarify the best means of embedding video into a web page so as to be viewable by the widest range of users (desktop, mobile, different OSs, etc). Embedding Flash video is easy enough, however, iPhone / iPad users cannot view this format and I

[WSG] Mobile sites

2012-05-15 Thread grant_malcolm_bailey
Hello, I was wondering whether having a dedicated mobile site represents an improvement with regard to accessibility and standards, or whether it is acceptable to have a single site that is adaptable to different screen widths (e.g. by means of CSS media queries). Of course, setting up a