Re: [Wtr-general] white screen of death

2006-07-25 Thread Richard Conroy
MSIE does not close down instantaneously. Don't immediately try to relaunch it. I solved this with our scripts by introducing a 3 second delay between closing MSIE and reopening it. Another solution is to never close, or keep an IE window open somewhere (so that browser closes aren't actually

Re: [Wtr-general] Do you want Watir to be more popular?

2006-09-15 Thread Richard Conroy
On 9/15/06, Bret Pettichord [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A couple of recent posts were premised on the assumption that we want Watir to be more popular? Do we? Why? It seems like a dumb question. Of course we do? I can't think of any positive reason why you wouldn't want that to be so. I could

Re: [Wtr-general] How do you access an image that doesn't have img in the HTML tag?

2006-10-05 Thread Richard Conroy
On 10/5/06, Eva [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Typically image have this tag... img id=Banner1_imgProductName key=LogoWhite.gif src=/images/LogoWhite.gif alt= border=0 / brbr Here is the html code for the triangle image I'm trying to click on... input type=image

Re: [Wtr-general] QuickTest Pro vs Watir?

2006-11-07 Thread Richard Conroy
On 11/7/06, John Lolis [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Watir/Ruby scripts (if well designed) seem to be very easy to support. Is that also the case with QTP? Don't know about QTP, but I remember Winrunner was laughable. I would guess if you are using VBScript JavaScript as your test script languages

Re: [Wtr-general] Why Open Source Test Tools?

2006-11-07 Thread Richard Conroy
On 11/7/06, Bret Pettichord [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In her new/relocated blog, Elisabeth Hendrickson gives a convincing explanation for why open-source test tools are gaining in popularity. And then explains how to learn more about them.

Re: [Wtr-general] Watir tests as how-to documents

2006-11-08 Thread Richard Conroy
On 11/8/06, Ċ½eljko Filipin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You have a bunch of Watir tests, right? With every build of your application under test, you run them all. If a test fails, application should be fixed, or you test should be fixed. Wouldn't it be nice to make how-to documents from that

Re: [Wtr-general] Watir Test Case Writing

2007-01-31 Thread Richard Conroy
On 1/30/07, Nathan Christie [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Nathan, I've written thousands of Ruby unit tests that use Watir extensively for our web applications. If you have some more specific implementation / strategic questions that you want to take offline please feel free to shoot me an

[Wtr-general] Everyday Scripting with Ruby (the book)

2007-02-01 Thread Richard Conroy
I am curious what everyone thinks of this (new) book. It starts off well, with the first example tutorial being how to test if an uninstaller worked. No hello world, silly arithmetic examples etc. Well it is ordered, I will know myself soon. ___

Re: [Wtr-general] Data Driven Testing

2007-02-05 Thread Richard Conroy
On 2/5/07, Paul Rogers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: watir doesnt provide anything directly. As Chris has asked - what have you tried? Active record and mysql may be a good solution for you. Simple solutions are always good. We have a system where we more or less run the same WATIR test against

Re: [Wtr-general] Data Driven Testing

2007-02-06 Thread Richard Conroy
On 2/5/07, mike [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have been testing with WET for their limited data support, but its become easier to construct the tests (minus data input) without it. Using ActiveRecord seems promising, does it require the entire rails framework, or can it standalone with watir?

Re: [Wtr-general] How to take input from text file?

2007-02-08 Thread Richard Conroy
You are better off initially just putting the names into a names.rb file. Perhaps just declare a big array of names in another file and call it from your code. I know *why* you want to load from an external file, but in my experience its best to keep this stuff simple for testing. Once you are

Re: [Wtr-general] Send email from Watir script

2007-02-09 Thread Richard Conroy
On 2/9/07, Paul Rogers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: there is also a gmail library for ruby which is really easy to use I think its called gmailer or ruby-gmailer In addition to the SMTP Gmailer Ruby options, there is also a Ruby POP3 library (built-in IIRC) and possibly even an IMAP one. In

[Wtr-general] OT: Anyone using screen capture software to make WATIR tutorials?

2007-03-14 Thread Richard Conroy
I thought it would be a straightforward process to record my screen activity as a way to train up some testers in our company. The advantages being that they could be tailored for our own products, and many of the people are distributed worldwide. Basically show an IRB session interacting with

Re: [Wtr-general] Scheduler

2007-03-27 Thread Richard Conroy
On 3/27/07, Naga Harish Kanegolla [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way to run the test cases at scheduled time like i want to run all my test cases at morning 6'o clock, So how can i do that?? Create a windows batch file that invokes your tests (however they are structured). Then go into

Re: [Wtr-general] Anyone using Ruby CruiseControl?

2007-07-04 Thread Richard Conroy
On 7/4/07, Derek Wong [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi folks, here's the situation. I have the following installed: ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32] WATIR win32-process 0.5.0 windows-pr 0.6.6 rake 0.7.3 rails 1.2.3 cruisecontrolrb 1.1.0 (CCRB from now on) However, some

Re: [Wtr-general] OO framework?

2007-07-12 Thread Richard Conroy
On 7/12/07, aidy lewis [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I am concerned about hierarchy. In each class I hold methods relating to a specific HTML page. However, each HTML page does not inherit another by nature. My dilemma is should I inherit through a sequence of actions (i.e. a use-case)? A