[wxhaskell-devel] UI updates from non-UI threads: an addition to wx?

2012-08-24 Thread maciek . makowski
Getting wxHaskell to handle UI updates from non-UI threads was a frustrating experience; it's embarassing how long it took me to realise that the solution presented in this StackOverflow answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/3182588/424978 is probably the only viable one. I've packaged it into a tiny

Re: [wxhaskell-devel] liberal commit access?

2011-11-28 Thread Maciek Makowski
I don't have a strong opinion on which version of wx should be supported by wxHaskell, as long as there is at least one that works on Windows without the need to compile wxWidgets from source. Until there is a wxPack available for 2.9 I fear that the majority of Windows users will be stuck with

[wxhaskell-devel] Fix for 3019730

2011-08-13 Thread maciek . makowski
Attached is a patch for the colorDialog return value bug: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detailaid=3019730group_id=73133atid=536845. Can someone please review it and, if there are no issues with it, apply? Thanks, Maciek fix_for_3019730 Description: Binary data

[wxhaskell-devel] Fix for Windows build

2011-08-12 Thread maciek . makowski
Attached is my attempt to fix the Windows build. It should not have any impact on the builds on other platforms. The patch contains: - Dave's fix to conflicting wxEVT definitions - Eric's wx-config replacement - my changes to WxConfig and wxcore Setup.hs Any chance this can be applied to the

Re: [wxhaskell-devel] Conflicting exports in wxcore

2011-07-29 Thread maciek . makowski
Thanks, that sorted this one out. In summary, to build darcs tip on Windows against wxWidgets 2.8 I needed: 1. a patch that removes wx-config --version call and hard-codes 2.8 libraries (attached) 2. Dave's patch from the previous e-mail in this thread 1. is obviously not ideal given that the

[wxhaskell-devel] Conflicting exports in wxcore

2011-07-17 Thread maciek . makowski
I get the following during cabal install in wxcore (darcs tip): -- src\haskell\Graphics\UI\WXCore.hs:25:11: Conflicting exports for `wxEVT_FIRST': `module Graphics.UI.WXCore.WxcClasses' exports `Graphics.UI.WXCore.WxcClasses.wxEVT_FIRST' imported from

[wxhaskell-devel] Building wxcore on Windows: problem with wx-config

2011-06-19 Thread maciek . makowski
wx-config-win (from https://sites.google.com/site/wxconfig/) does not support --version flag used by latest wxcore/Setup.hs. How should I go about building on Windows? Regards, Maciek -- EditLive Enterprise is the