Re: [wxhaskell-devel] Status/development of wxHaskell?

2013-01-25 Thread Heinrich Apfelmus
in Ji as well, I'd be very happy to contribute. Best regards, Heinrich Apfelmus -- -- Master Visual Studio, SharePoint, SQL, ASP.NET, C# 2012, HTML5, CSS, MVC, Windows 8 Apps, JavaScript

[wxhaskell-devel] Design discussion - Composable Events

2012-04-29 Thread Heinrich Apfelmus
are removed. I'm somewhat undecided about possible solutions, but we could introduce a new assignment symbol set button [ on click :+ .. ] that only works on events. What do you think? Best regards, Heinrich Apfelmus --

Re: [wxhaskell-devel] Happy New Year, wxHaskellers

2012-01-02 Thread Heinrich Apfelmus
to be a really happy new year! The bananas will *dance*! Best regards, Heinrich Apfelmus -- -- Ridiculously easy VDI. With Citrix VDI-in-a-Box, you don't need a complex infrastructure or vast

Re: [wxhaskell-devel] Patches to build wxHaskell with wxWidgets 2.9.2 GTK on Linux

2011-07-29 Thread Heinrich Apfelmus
:// and then reconfigure, rebuild and reinstall these packages. Best regards, Heinrich Apfelmus -- -- Got Input? Slashdot Needs You. Take our quick survey online