[xenman-users] Image Bazaar

2007-04-25 Thread jd
take it a step further. |Here are some examples : std/customized distributions : ubuntu, debian, fc, rhel, gentoo, suse,centos Components/Stacks Apache MySQL LAMP J2EE router antivirus nagios /Jd - Ahhh

[xenman-users] Help on interesting projects

2007-05-15 Thread jd
* Internationalization scheme and translations * Packaging for distributions * Windows port and more. http://xenman.sourceforge.net Contact us at the forum for the project or write to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thanks /Jd

[xenman-users] Patch for python 2.5 / Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn

2007-05-29 Thread jd
Patch for installations with python 2.5. Example : Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detailaid=1727295group_id=168929atid=848458 /Jd Looking for earth-friendly autos? Browse

Re: [xenman-users] Joining Development Team

2007-06-21 Thread jd
Hey Thanks for showing the interest. You can reach me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] /Jd --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm interested in joing the development team for XenMan. Who should I talk to? Thanks for your time. --Marc

[xenman-users] Patch for xenman 0.6 to adjust to changes in Xen 3.1

2007-06-25 Thread jd
?func=detailaid=1738580group_id=168929atid=848458 Please try out the patch and give feedback. Thanks /Jd TV dinner still cooling? Check out Tonight's Picks on Yahoo! TV. http://tv.yahoo.com

Re: [xenman-users] Patch for xenman 0.6 to adjust to changes in Xen 3.1

2007-06-25 Thread jd
xen patch for changed/broken vncunused behavior. /Jd --- jd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Created a patch a. Adjusts to change in base class in Xen 3.1 b. Adjusts to bug in Xen 3.1 vnc related c. Adjusts to python 2.5 introduction of _use_datetime field. d. Fixes search_tree problem File

Re: [xenman-users] /lib/modules problems

2007-07-09 Thread jd
I have not seen this before... but here are some tips. are u on a multiboot machine..? Check that the grub entry has proper root directive. boot it in single user mode. check the mount points/partitions. if it does not get resolved,you may try xen-users list. (not same as xenman-users) /Jd

Re: [xenman-users] Xenman on U*untu G*tsy (development version) broken

2007-08-18 Thread jd
Please take a look at this. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/132113 The localhost problem is separate problem, for which there is a workaround and patch would be made available soon. /Jd --- Jeff Schroeder [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 8/18/07, Roland Stigge [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Why

Re: [xenman-users] XenMan .6 Documentation

2008-02-13 Thread jd
Why dont you try out the 0.8.1 release tarball? Read the appendix carefully for distro specific instructions. The document for all version is available as part of the product. About-Help. And the other docs (e.g. Image builders guide) would be under the doc area. /Jd --- Justin Ressler [EMAIL

Re: [convirt-users] ConVirt-0.8.1 on CentOS5.1

2008-02-15 Thread jd
humm looks like pygtk/gtk issue. lets see what version of gtk/pygtk you have python -c import gtk; print gtk.gtk_version, gtk.pygtk_version /Jd --- Pasquale DiGennaro [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks for your help. I'm trying to use CentOS as local distro. I'm using tarball 0.8.1. When

Re: [convirt-users] ConVirt-0.8.1 on CentOS5.1

2008-02-15 Thread jd
You are most probably running in to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/revelation/+bug/56744 Which would require a pygtk upgrade to a newer version.!! OR see if u have FC or Ubuntu machine that can be used as a client. /Jd p.s. on my box python -c import gtk; print gtk.gtk_version

Re: [convirt-users] ConVirt 0.8.1 + CentOS 5.1: Exception: Unknown type (null)

2008-02-26 Thread jd
Sorry. Here are the two relavant urls. This one is for 5.0. http://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHBA-2008-0079.html This might be useful. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=237077 /Jd --- jd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I found this patch for RHEL5. See if you can find the one

Re: [convirt-users] Walkthrough for how to setup a debian Dom0 to work with Convirt.

2008-03-21 Thread jd
Thanks William. I am sure our Debian community would benefit from them. /Jd --- William King [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Alright everyone I'm sending this to the e-mail list because that seems to be the best way to spread and store the information. Eventually this should make

[convirt-users] Help shape ConVirt's Future.

2008-06-30 Thread jd
Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and energy working with ConVirt. We want to roll out next set of features in areas with the most interest to the Community. Thus, we are seeking valuable feedback from ConVirt and virtualization users in general. We would

Re: [convirt-users] CentOS 5.2 ConVirt Provisionable Image

2008-07-18 Thread jd
in the xend.log /var/log/xen directory. /Jd --- On Fri, 7/18/08, Brett Serkez [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: From: Brett Serkez [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [convirt-users] CentOS 5.2 ConVirt Provisionable Image To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: xenman-users@lists.sourceforge.net Date: Friday, July

[convirt-users] ConVirt 0.9.1 Released.

2008-07-29 Thread jd
Hi Guys,   We are pleased to announce version 0.9.1 of ConVirt which includes KVM support, a brand new wiki, plugin development guide and some critical bug fixes. For more information, please visit ConVirt website. ConVirt Team

Re: [convirt-users] help configuration xenman an obuntu

2008-07-31 Thread jd
in to any problems. /Jd --- On Thu, 7/31/08, mourad tachouche [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: From: mourad tachouche [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [convirt-users] help configuration xenman an obuntu To: xenman-users@lists.sourceforge.net Date: Thursday, July 31, 2008, 8:44 AM my erreur

Re: [convirt-users] Fw : Re: help configuration xenman an obuntu

2008-08-03 Thread jd
Ignore that... Saw the email with attachement... Yes. the xen version is quite old. Can u move it up to 3.1 atleast ? Thanks /Jd --- On Sun, 8/3/08, jd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: From: jd [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [convirt-users] Fw : Re: help configuration xenman an obuntu

Re: [convirt-users] edit remote vm files and vnc console

2008-09-02 Thread jd
. If I select edit It happens anything but if I select chenge a pop up windows opens. Bit unclear on when you dont get anything and when does a pop up window open. What does open window look like (title, contents..) ? Can you please check the convirt.log and send me errors/Exception. /Jd

Re: [convirt-users] ssh configuration issue

2008-12-17 Thread jd
... is there anything else in thread 2 ? I am assuming that without convirt you are able to talk to the server using ssh from a shell without password. right ? Thanks /Jd --- On Wed, 12/17/08, Himanshu Khona himanshukh...@gmail.com wrote: From: Himanshu Khona himanshukh...@gmail.com Subject: Re: [convirt

Re: [convirt-users] ConVirt pause-button

2008-12-19 Thread jd
feature in the product. Do u know about the migration behavior change I am talking about ? Thanks /Jd --- On Fri, 12/19/08, Philipp Wehrheim flips...@gmx.net wrote: From: Philipp Wehrheim flips...@gmx.net Subject: [convirt-users] ConVirt pause-button To: xenman-users@lists.sourceforge.net

Re: [convirt-users] How can HA be achieved with convirt?

2008-12-22 Thread jd
Hi Himanshu, A couple of other users have also shown interest in this feature. We are investigating if we can make ConVirt work with heartbeat2/stonith approach. This way we do not need to build a native scheme from ground up. Stay tuned. /Jd --- On Sun, 12/21/08, Himanshu Khona

Re: [convirt-users] general need and convirt usage

2009-01-14 Thread jd
, you can use the shared vm config files on other machines and start the services. (This is very basic approach..and has down time associated with it. .. the less downtime you need, the more sophisticated/complex solution you require.) /Jd --- On Wed, 1/14/09, Brian Krusic br...@krusic.com

Re: [convirt-users] translation of convirt in French

2009-07-21 Thread jd
along with the patch.       Btw, it would be interesting to know bit more about your environment and virtualization usage. Thanks /Jd --- On Wed, 7/15/09, Denis Cardon denis.car...@tranquil-it-systems.fr wrote: From: Denis Cardon denis.car...@tranquil-it-systems.fr Subject: [convirt

Re: [convirt-users] Running Convirture in Virtual CentOS Linux installed under Parallels

2009-07-29 Thread jd
as you do not boot in to Xen kernel, you should be fine under your Parrallel environment. Hope this clarifies it. /Jd --- On Tue, 7/28/09, Sanjay Arora sanjay.k.ar...@gmail.com wrote: From: Sanjay Arora sanjay.k.ar...@gmail.com Subject: [convirt-users] Running Convirture in Virtual CentOS Linux

Re: [convirt-users] install convirt 2.0 on debian lenny (and kudos to the dev team for this new release)

2010-03-09 Thread jd
Thanks. Updated the wiki. Would u be willing to test a new install tarball that fixes these issues ? /Jd --- On Tue, 3/9/10, Denis Cardon denis.car...@tranquil-it-systems.fr wrote: From: Denis Cardon denis.car...@tranquil-it-systems.fr Subject: [convirt-users] install convirt 2.0 on debian

Re: [convirt-users] Convirt 2.0 cms must restarted if a node reboots

2010-04-28 Thread jd
Please apply the patch available here. http://forums.convirture.com/viewtopic.php?f=34t=1928 /Jd --- On Wed, 4/14/10, ignazio.cass...@provincia.torino.it ignazio.cass...@provincia.torino.it wrote: From: ignazio.cass...@provincia.torino.it ignazio.cass...@provincia.torino.it Subject

Re: [convirt-users] Xen server installation problem

2010-04-28 Thread jd
You may get better help on XenServer / Citrix Forum. --- On Thu, 4/22/10, Georghy fu...@wanagain.net wrote: From: Georghy fu...@wanagain.net Subject: [convirt-users] Xen server installation problem To: xenman-users@lists.sourceforge.net Date: Thursday, April 22, 2010, 2:05 AM Hi all, I'm

Re: [convirt-users] Unable to migrate guests from failing hosts

2010-06-14 Thread jd
Please post a message on the forum with the logs. This definitely should work. Sorry for delayed response. /Jd --- On Sat, 6/5/10, Jesús M. Navarro jesus.nava...@andago.com wrote: From: Jesús M. Navarro jesus.nava...@andago.com Subject: [convirt-users] Unable to migrate guests from failing

Re: [convirt-users] guests lacking info after config file import

2010-06-14 Thread jd
I think this is addressed on the forums. http://www.convirture.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35t=2019sid=065cb35d38314caf6e7719ceb884a5b4 --- On Sat, 6/5/10, Jesús M. Navarro jesus.nava...@andago.com wrote: From: Jesús M. Navarro jesus.nava...@andago.com Subject: [convirt-users] guests lacking

[convirt-users] Convirture : Customer Advisory Council Announcement

2010-07-20 Thread jd
Hi Guys Check this out. This would be a great opportunity to give your feedback and share experience on a continuous bases. http://www.convirture.com/blog/2010/announcements/customer-advisory-council-announcement/ I highly recommend all users to participate here. Thanks /Jd

[convirt-users] ConVirt 2.0.1 Open Source Released.

2010-12-15 Thread jd
We are pleased to announce availability of ConVirt 2.0.1 open source. We would like to thank ConVirt user community for their continuing participation and support. This release incorporates feedback gathered from the community over last few months. To learn more about the release, please visit