[Xenomai-core] Runtime error on PXA270 for branch 'for-ipipe-2.6.35-arm' in 'ipipe-gch.git'

2011-03-05 Thread Michael Bernhard
Hello! I'm trying to get running the ipipe patch on a 2.6.35 kernel. I've seen that Gilles was working on that port lately so I gave it a try. The kernel is booting fine. However init does not continue and the NETDEV watchdog triggers: [ 23.043294] Freeing init memory: 124K [ 31.995507]

[Xenomai-core] Whether can Xenomai bypass the cache?

2011-03-05 Thread arethe rtai
Hello: As known, cache can accelerate the memory access, but unfortunately, it would decrease the predictability of real-time tasks' temporal behaviour. Many tasks of our application prefer predictability to the speed of execution. Intel's processors after P6 include MTRR and PAT, both the two