Re: [Xenomai-core] AT91 patch duplicated code ...

2007-06-08 Thread Gilles Chanteperdrix
BOUIN Alexandre wrote:
   Gilles asked for some people to test
   adeos-ipipe-2.6.20-arm-1.7-03.patch. As we said, our board are
   always ready to receive new releases.
   Once 2.6.20 kernel unpacked, I've started patching it with
   Xenomai, including last release of Adeos patch. I've kept last
   releases of our libs cause nothing seems block us to use them with
   a new kernel. Our Buildroot is using glibc and kernel has no debug

If you did not do it recompile Xenomai kernel-space from trunk or branch
v2.3.x svn. The new patch can not work with older kernel-space support.

 Gilles Chanteperdrix

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[Xenomai-core] AT91 patch duplicated code ...

2007-06-08 Thread BOUIN Alexandre

 When we released our last version of adeos-ipipe-2.6.19-arm-AT91.patch, we 
 suggested to merge code for at91rm9200 and at91sam926x. 
 These 2 code are split but quite similar, so we think it could be a good 
 idea. Are you OK for removing duplicated code ?
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