Re: [xmail] SMTP external authentication is not worjing

2019-03-05 Thread Bart Mortelmans via xmail
I understand that you can be sure that your is indeed being called, because you see that the RFILE is created, with the contents you expect your script to put in there? In that case my guess is that XMail is having trouble accessing your RFILE. If the exit code wasn't seen as

Re: [xmail] Catch All

2016-03-20 Thread Bart Mortelmans via xmail
Hi, The easiest solution probably is putting this in “”[tab]”*”[tab]”” Obviously replacing [tab] with real tabs. And take into account that this is a file you can’t edit while XMailserver is running (so turn it off first or use CtrlClnt to edit

Re: [xmail] BUG : XMAIL 1.27 with SSL

2015-05-26 Thread Bart Mortelmans via xmail
Is there any way for you to test if the problem exists if you don't allow simultaneous POP3 logins? Oversea Site via xmail schreef op 26/05/15 om 08:14: POP3Utils.cpp - ADD POP3 Concurrent Login. I used this function over 5 years.. I don't know C++ programming. Sorry :)

Re: [xmail] BUG : XMAIL 1.27 with SSL

2015-05-26 Thread Bart Mortelmans via xmail
It might be difficult to determine if the problem is with XMail or with the client. And even if for example Tencent actually closes the connection incorrectly, it should be better if XMail would be able to handle such an improperly closed connection. But I'm not sure if you'll find somebody in

Re: [xmail] Tip: Speeding up xmail by pointing envvar XMAIL_TEMP to a ramdisk

2015-05-25 Thread Bart Mortelmans via xmail
Are you sure this will actually speed up XMail? Have you been able to compare, specifically for XMail? As far as I understand how XMail processes e-mails, it actually only creates a file one time and then moves that file around between temp-folder, spool folder and local POP3 folders. Moving

Re: [xmail] thx to xmail and its author

2015-05-16 Thread Bart Mortelmans via xmail
Hi, I have been using XMail for what must have been almost 15 years. I still prefer XMail for anything that does not need IMAP. I made some small changes to the code. If anybody would be willing to pick up XMail and start development again, I hope that these changes can also get into the new