Re: [xmail] 100% CPU usage

2012-04-12 Thread Fred
Hello, Thanks for your reply. The problem is not the PHP script. I am able to reproduce the problem with any other script that use XMail as their SMTP gateway, as long as it sends 2 mails per second to the server. I have added these 2 parameters to the cmd line : -MR 16384 -MS 8192 and it

[xmail] Problem with Xmail and ASSP

2012-04-12 Thread Stig √ėstvang
Hi, all. I'm running xmail 1.27, ASSP and 1.1.2 webmail. Before I installed ASSP, I didn't have any problems with xmail and Telaen, but after I installed ASSP I can't send mail using the webmail. It's set up to use SMTP. Unless I have used a regular mail client shortly