[xslt] Problem with xsltproc on Windows

2011-12-07 Thread Clifford Yapp
Hi! I've been trying to do some Docbook processing with xsltproc on Windows, and I am having some difficulties. I'm not sure if this is a libxml issue, libxslt issue, or both so I have emailed both lists: Using the Windows binaries for libxml, libxslt and xsltproc.exe from

Re: [xslt] Problem with xsltproc on Windows

2011-12-08 Thread John Escott
Hi CY, I've never used libxml catalogs on windows, but I have used file urls and normally you need 3 /s after the file:. So the first thing I'd try is changing your catalog rewritePrefixes etc to use file:///C:/... best regards, John. cmake.exe -P 3ptarb_mann_html.cmake Resolve: sysID

Re: [xslt] Problem with xsltproc on Windows

2011-12-08 Thread Clifford Yapp
Ah, good point! I have done so, and it eliminates at least one source of trouble - I guess the presence of C: instead of the more typical /usr was why I was seeing that - /usr must have been supplying the 3rd slash on other platforms. I also reworked our setup to not need the catalog file, so

[xslt] Problem using xsltproc on Windows

2015-11-16 Thread Edward Diener
I am using xsltproc on Windows from https://www.zlatkovic.com/libxml.en.html. The version of libxslt I am using is 1.1.26. When I run xsltproc against an XML file that has the line: http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude;