Re: [yocto] Postinstallation script warnings in Yocto 2.4 Rocko

2018-02-12 Thread Diaz de Grenu, Jose
> You can set self.log_check_expected_regexes in RpmRootfs class in > meta/lib/oe/, but > > a) depending on how broad your regex is, you might suppress real failures of > the scriptlets; > > b) it would be only your local hack until the issue is resolved properly. > > Alex Can you

Re: [yocto] Postinstallation script warnings in Yocto 2.4 Rocko

2018-02-12 Thread Alexander Kanavin
On 02/12/2018 01:40 PM, Diaz de Grenu, Jose wrote: Can you detail how this would be done? Is it possible to append to 'log_check_expected_regex' from the .bb recipe that generates the warning? Or the only option is to patch the poky layer? Is there any way to remove these warnings in rocko

[yocto] Yocto Project Status WW07’18

2018-02-12 Thread Jolley, Stephen K
Current Dev Position: YP 2.5 M3 development Next Deadline: YP 2.5 M3 cut off is 2/19/18 SWAT team rotation: Paul -> Tracy on Feb. 9, 2018. SWAT team rotation: Tracy -> Stephano on Feb. 16, 2018. Key Status/Updates: ·

[yocto] Printing DISTRO_NAME during OS boot

2018-02-12 Thread Alan Martinovic
Hi, I have two images defined, one is secure stripped and intended for production, and the other one extends the production one by adding different development tools. They are both built using the same distro so the name printed during boot is always the same. Welcome to senic

[yocto] [PATCH][auh 2/2] Improve README and sample config file.

2018-02-12 Thread Alexander Kanavin
Specifically, add more information about various config settings, add a few important points to README, and remove config file specifics from README, so that there's only one source for what the settings are (the sample config file). Also comment out everything from the config file, so that those

Re: [yocto] Here is my BSP for the adzs-sc589-ezlite eval board.

2018-02-12 Thread Trevor Woerner
On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 8:43 AM, Peter Spierenburg <> wrote: > I've created a board support package for the adzs-sc589-ezlite evaluation > board from Analog Devices. > Would you consider adding it to the layer index?

[yocto] [PATCH][auh 1/2] upgrade-helper.conf: add a template for easy deployment

2018-02-12 Thread Alexander Kanavin
From: Chang Rebecca Swee Fun Settings mentioned in the README have been ported over and now users are able to copy and start modifying for personal use cases. This file will served as a reference to minimize errors when users trying to create a new conf file by

[yocto] [meta-gplv2][PATCH] make: Do not assume glibc glob internals

2018-02-12 Thread Khem Raj
glibc 2.27 hides them Signed-off-by: Khem Raj --- ...2-glob-Do-not-assume-glibc-glob-internals.patch | 36 ++ recipes-devtools/make/ | 1 + 2 files changed, 37 insertions(+) create mode 100644

[yocto] Reg: interrupt enabling

2018-02-12 Thread Mathew K Tharakan
Hi, I’ m working on imx6ull yocto project. I would like to configure a gpio pin as interrupt source to trigger ecspi. I have configured ecspi and it’s working fine. Now I have to trigger it using an interrupt. How to do that? Regards Mathew -- ___

Re: [linux-yocto] [yocto-kernel-cache][PATCH 0/5] Cleanup Intel configs

2018-02-12 Thread Bruce Ashfield
On 02/08/2018 04:26 AM, Anuj Mittal wrote: Right now, older Intel platforms have their own configs in bsp/. Intel-common bsp config in turn combines all these .scc files along with other set of features supported for Intel platforms. Some of these configurations are duplicated across multiple