How to Really Reset your .Mac Sync Data

2008-02-26 Thread TjL
I haven't tried this + all the usual YMMV stuff, but might be of interest to many here: How-To: Truly reset your .Mac sync data By David Chartier | Published: February 25, 2008 - 03:28PM CT As many users of syncing products know, sync can be tricky. Items can sometimes get duplicated or not

How do I add supported extensions

2008-02-26 Thread Robert Occhialini Jr.
I occasionally drag xml files to Yojimbo for later reference. I am working with some Web Services today, and notice that Yojimbo doesn't recognize .wsdl files as xml files. Is there a way to add that extension to Yojimbo's supported file types, since it's plain oldeā„¢ xml? Thanks Robert

feature request: show collections that an item belongs to

2008-02-26 Thread Rhet Turnbull
In Yojimbo I can see what collections an item is in with the inspector (but this doesn't work for smart collections or built-in collections). It would be nice if Yojimbo implemented the behavior (or something similar) that Address Book uses for collections: pressing the option key will highlight

Re: Two Yojimbo feature requests:

2008-02-26 Thread Jason Davies
2. Yojimbo badly needs some sort of tag-management, but at the very least, would it be possible for you to automatically erase a tag that doesn't have any references. There are many tags sitting in the database that don't have any references, those should automatically be removed. um, so what