Re: Search not working under Leopard

2007-11-01 Thread Andrew Janjigian
Works fine for me too, beach ball and all. AJ On 10/31/07, Jan Pieter Kunst [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 2007/10/30, Michael Griffith [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Issue #1 When I have the library selected and I type a search term, nothing happens. Library, Notes, Archive, etc. all ignore any search

Using Yojimbo with Spaces

2007-11-01 Thread Gabriel Schwartz
I just wanted to pass on a hint that may be useful for those that use the Yojimbo drop dock, and would like it to appear in every Space. I seem to have this working: 1) Go into Spaces preferences. 2) Add Yojimbo to the list of assigned applications and assign it to Every Space. 3)