Yojimbo on Windows?

2007-11-03 Thread Ross Winn
I jump back and forth between several computers in my usual day. There are times I want to snip or save something on my PC the same way I do in Yojimbo. Are there any windows apps the have similar basic features to Yojimbo? -- --

Re: Yojimbo on Windows?

2007-11-03 Thread Ted Wood
I'm sure someone will pop up with the answer, but there is a web- based interface to Yojimbo that may address your needs. Essentially, it lets you access *your* Yojimbo database through a browser. Not sure if it's restricted to the same computer, or works over the Internet. I'll see if I

Code Coloring Indenting in YJ

2007-11-03 Thread Patrick Gilmour
I've started using Yojimbo to store my longer code snippets and I find the tagging and powerful search really useful in quickly locating the code I'm looking for. What I would love to see (hint!) are some BBEdit (even TextWrangler's got them) style features. Not a lot, just the option to