Re: Yojimbo Backup quick pick

2007-12-21 Thread Andrew Janjigian
Since syncing is currently DOA for me, with no ETA on a fix, I'd like
to be sure that the one intact YJ library I have is backed up

Does any one know if the Apple Backup quick pick for YJ items
functions as advertised? I only now noticed it was in there. Is it
added by Yojimbo itself?


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Save Ad Free Web Pages to Yojimbo Highlight and Markup Pages to Save to Yojimbo

2007-12-21 Thread Kenneth Kirksey


A little Christmas present for the Yojimbo community. Read on if you  
want to learn how to:

1) Save ad free web pages to a Yojimbo web archive

2) Be able to mark up (highlight, notes, etc.) web pages before you  
save them to Yojimbo.

3) Be able to save a selected part of a web page to a Yojimbo web  

4) Save static web pages to Yojimbo, web archives that don't try to  
connect to the Internet to load ads, images, or other content.


1) I want Ad Free Web Pages! I've used Adblock on Firefox for years,  
so I'm used to seeing web pages without ads. I want the web pages I  
save in Yojimbo to be ad free as well.

2) I want to be able to mark up web pages. I like highlighting and  
making notes on many of the articles I read on the web. This method  
allows me to mark up the web page using Scrapbook on Firefox, then  
save the marked up page to Yojimbo.

3) I want to be able to save just a part of a web page. Using the  
Firefox Scrapbook extension's capture selection feature, I can save  
just the part of the page I want to save to Yojimbo.

4) I want to be able to save static web pages to Yojimbo. Yojimbo uses  
OS X's Web Archive format. While Web Archive has its advantages, it  
has some downsides as well, the major one for me being that it doesn't  
save a completely static page. Web Archive files save dynamic  
elements, most often ads. When you open a web archive file, it's not  
just pulling data off your computer; it often has to connect to the  
net to fetch images or ads. This slows down the loading of web archive  
files. In some cases the slowdown is dramatic, e.g. when you're  
connected to a wireless network but not the Internet. Any application  
opening a web archive will waste a lot of time trying to make an  
Internet connection that doesn't exist.




Firefox Scrapbook Plugin

Firefox AdblockPlus Extension
(I recommend subscribing to Rick's EasyList and Rick's EasyElement
lists for optimal ad blockage.

QuicKeys or iKey


Here's the Reader's Digest condensed version. I use the macro utility  
(QuicKeys in my case) to automate the following procedure:

  1) Save a web page (or selection from a web page) using the Firefox
 Scrapbook extension. This saves a complete copy of the page to
 the hard drive.

  2) Open the Scrapbook sidebar and choose the page I just saved.

  3) Copy the file URL of the saved page to the clipboard.

  4) Invoke the Yojimbo quick entry panel with the file url of the
 saved web page.

  5) Delete the saved web page from the Firefox Scrapbook.

  6) Tell Firefox to go back to the original web page.

  7) Copy the URL of the original web page to the clipboard.

  8) Save the URL of the original web page to the comments of the
 most recently created Yojimbo item.


1) Install Yojimbo

2) Make sure Yojimbo's Recent Items smart collection is visible.

3) In the Yojimbo Hot Keys preferences, make sure that Show Quick
   Input panel is set to F8. That's what I've coded into the QuicKeys
   Macro. If you want to change the Hotkey, just make sure you change
   it in Yojimbo and QuicKeys (or iKey).

4) Install Firefox.

5) Install the Firefox Scrapbook extension.

6) Install the Firefox AdblockPlus extension.

7) Subscribe to Rick's EasyList and Rick's EasyElement in

8) Install either iKey or QuicKeys. I use QuicKeys, and the macros
   I'm providing are QuicKeys macros. I have not tried doing this
   with iKey, but I have been assured by experienced iKey users that
   iKey can do the same thing.

9) Download the Firefox to Yojimbo folder from my ftp site.

This folder contains:

- My QuicKeys macros for you to import into your QuicKeys.

- PDFs that show the steps in the QuicKeys macros. If you're using
  iKey, you can use these as a 

Re: Scrapping Synced libraries and starting over?

2007-12-21 Thread TjL
On 12/21/07, Rob Pluta [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 Agreed that it's not a Yojimbo issue per se. The issue is a Sync
 Services issue and Apple needs to get this right. Wait, let me call
 Steve now:-)

 You think you have problems with .mac? Try syncing a BlackBerry...

Yes, I tried syncing a Palm for a long time and it never worked right.

The difference here is that the Yojimbo is freakin' huge.  Trying to
sync that and having it fail is slow  painful.

Maybe 10.5.2 will do what that last dozen updates have failed to do
and make dot-Mac/sync services work better.

A LAN sync for Yojimbo would make this a very merry Christmas...


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