Re: Tagging several items at once

2007-04-20 Thread Chris Porter
Hi! Is there any possibility to add tags to several yojimbo-items at once? Niels Select several of them, hit the inspect button or menu WindowShow Inspector, and type in your tags in the tag field. -- -- This message is

Re: clog-files on iDisk

2007-04-20 Thread Chris Porter
you wrote: [...] wow - you need 24 MB of sync-data for a 40 MB-database? How much do ppl need with *big* databases? Sync Services stores a copy of the data from every sync-able app (Address Book/iCal/Safari/Yojimbo/etc.) on the .Mac server. That's just how the sync mechanism works.

Re: 3-Pane-Interface

2007-03-28 Thread Chris Porter
Hi! Is there a hack on the way (or even official support) for an optional three-pane-interface? Would be nice for my widescreen-display while I'd like to stay with the actual layout with my iBook. Niels --