Disappearing drop dock

2007-05-05 Thread David Nedrow
Is anyone else having a problem in which the drop dock simply disappears. Quitting and restarting Yojimbo does not cause the dock to reappear. Strangely, sometimes it will be there. Any ideas? -David -- -- This message is

Baffled by non-synchronizing synching

2007-06-05 Thread David Nedrow
I currently run Yojimbo 1.4.2(46) on two machines, an iBook G4 and a PowerMac G5. Both are OS X 10.4.9. My primary working machine is the iBook, hence most of my items are created there. I currently have ~373 items in Yojimbo on the iBook. However, Yojimbo on the G5 only shows 299. I've

Re: Baffled by non-synchronizing synching

2007-06-05 Thread David Nedrow
On Jun 5, 2007, at 12:10, Ted Wood wrote: A long shot, but are the date and timezone settings correct on both machines? Heh, I hadn't specifically checked that but good idea. Yes, both machines are set to the same time/date/TZ and are both syncing from Apple's timeservers. -David

Re: Using Yojimbo with Spaces

2007-11-02 Thread David Nedrow
On Nov 1, 2007, at 1:01 PM, Gabriel Schwartz wrote: I just wanted to pass on a hint that may be useful for those that use the Yojimbo drop dock, and would like it to appear in every Space. I seem to have this working: snip/ 6) Restart Yojimbo, and the drop dock should be now be