Re: Tagging several items at once

2007-04-20 Thread John Chennells
On 20/4/07 Patrick Gilmour wrote: Though remember that if there are pre-existing tags they will be removed, so be careful with items that are already tagged. or to get around that, try this: -- Start Script (* Here's a script to batch add tags to Yojimbo items. Select the items you wish to

Re: Yojimbo and 10.5.2

2008-02-13 Thread John Chennells
On 13/2/08 John Cradock wrote: Ever since I updated my system from Mac OS X 10.5.1 to 10.5.2, Yojimbo hangs when I launch it. I cannot get it to launch completely. Anyone else seen this issue? Bit of a long shot... Do you use Linotype FontExplorer X? This stopped a few apps launching on my

Re: Feature Requests

2008-02-27 Thread John Chennells
On 26/2/08 Michael Shaff wrote: Would be nice if we could click on a URL and go there this is particularly true of password objects. Currently, I copy the URL and paste it into a browser.. that's clunky. I should be able to click on a arrow bullet next to the URL or the URL itself