Re: Keyboard command for bullet points?

2008-04-30 Thread Ted Wood
Option-* creates a bullet point, but just the character, no intending or formatting to go with it. ~Ted On 30-Apr-08, at 6:58 AM, Chris Coldewey wrote: Hi there, I'm looking for the quickest way to activate bullet points from the keyboard while in a note. Currently, I Cmd-R to reveal

Re: Mail TODOs synchronization

2008-04-29 Thread Ted Wood
Just a couple of thoughts: - Yojimbo works with 10.4 and 10.5, but the ToDo framework introduced in is only on 10.5 - Yojimbo would need to be reworked (significantly?) so that it supported ToDos when running one both versions, while providing the enhanced sync feature of 10.5.

Re: Time to change the data store to play with time machine?

2008-04-06 Thread Ted Wood
On 5-Apr-08, at 4:19 PM, Doug Ransom wrote: Angry - no - why would I be angry? Annoyed I am not getting the utility out of Time Machine I would expect, and disturbed all my files archived in Yojimbo are in one big opaque file - yes. (broken record reply, sorry) It's unfortunate that

Re: restoring the drop tab

2008-01-11 Thread Ted Wood
In Yojimbo menu Preferences. On 11-Jan-08, at 7:33 PM, doug rogers wrote: Circumstances forced a clean reinstall of OS X. I've been replacing items as I find them missing from my Time Machine backup. What I'd like to find now is where the Drop Tab stuff is stored so I can get it, and

Re: Yojimbo on Windows?

2007-11-03 Thread Ted Wood
I'm sure someone will pop up with the answer, but there is a web- based interface to Yojimbo that may address your needs. Essentially, it lets you access *your* Yojimbo database through a browser. Not sure if it's restricted to the same computer, or works over the Internet. I'll see if I

Re: Goodbye to Yojimbo

2007-05-14 Thread Ted Wood
Don, Syncing is a complex issue, for sure. But there's many other factors to look at, and you might consider sharing a few of those details (if you haven't already). - how are you connecting to the Internet? - what speeds/latency are you getting from your ISP? - does .Mac syncing work for

Re: Times Select into Yojimbo?

2007-03-26 Thread Ted Wood
Are you logging in first? On 26-Mar-07 8:02 PM, at 8:02 PM, TjL wrote: Ok I'm stymied. I have an account at Times Select, which requires login (cookies), and want to save some articles as Web Archives, but when I go to do that it gives me the you need to login page. I realize that I