Re: Yet another mostly happy user

2008-05-05 Thread Claude
an almost happy user ! Claude Le 5 mai 08 à 14:22, [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit : I'm another mostly happy Yojimbo user who would be even happier with nested folders. Well, that and being able to sync my notes to my iPhone -- hopefully that will come soon enough

Re: Happy with Yojimbo the way it is!

2008-04-30 Thread Claude
Hi ! Yojimbo is OK but, for me, it lacks one very useful feature : you cannot have sub-folders. And I have now a too long list on my collection pane, so long that I think of working with another application (unfortunately). Claude Le 30 avr. 08 à 02:54, Keith Ledbetter a écrit


2008-03-13 Thread Claude
Hi Can I have a dream/request ? A French localization ? Have a good day ! Claude -- -- This message is sent to you because you are subscribed to the mailing list To unsubscribe, send mail to: [EMAIL

Re: Leopard update feasible?

2007-12-04 Thread Claude
It's OK for me. Le 4 déc. 07 à 21:41, Florian Leitner a écrit : Can somebody confirm it is working flawlessly for him? And are there any plans (read: dates) for an update if there are real persistent problems? In short, would you recommend updating? Thank you! --

Re: Import text from Mail -- including headers

2007-11-30 Thread Claude
Very simple. Just do : print (comm.-P) and choose in the popup menu (PDF) : Yojimbo ! Claude Le 29 nov. 07 à 18:31, John Cradock a écrit : Is there an easy way to get an entire message from Mail into Yojimbo, including the headers? I know I can select the text and then import