Goodbye to Yojimbo

2007-05-14 Thread Don Truett
My last 3 Emails for support of my issues have gone unanswered over a  
period of two weeks. I still have issues that make Yojimbo unusable  
for me. Synching doesn’t via .Mac doesn’t even begin to work,  
although I’ve used the Terminal commands I was given and reset/merged  
the data. Items I delete still show up in the  
usernameLibraryCachesMetadatacom.barebones.yojimbo folder
Sometimes when I click on a Library item, it doesn’t show up in the  
viewer window - the last item viewed stays there and refuses to budge.
Seems like tech support gives you an attempt or two, then gives up on  
you. I can only think of two reasons for the poor support:
1. Synching is such a problem (verified by things I’ve read  
elsewhere) that BareBones is throwing their hands up.

2. BareBones just doesn’t care about losing a customer here and there.
I always thought that BareBones was a company of good reputation. I’m  
a fairly technically proficient user, so I’m not missing something  
obvious. As my trial runs out in a week, I guess I’m outa here.

Don Truett

Re: Goodbye

2007-05-14 Thread Don Truett
Patrick, thanks for the reply. I'm sure you folks are busy. I have  
put in so many hours trying to solve this (a bit OCD) beyond what I  
would normally do, just because I feel compelled to get to the bottom  
of this. Also, as I have about a week left on my trial, there is some  
urgency. If there's any way to extend the trial, please let me know
I did find one clue. I wasn't able to empty the trash within Yojimbo  
until I put it on the master exclude list for Application Enhancers  
(haxies-WindowShade, FruitMenu, Labels). I deleted all of the data  
from my school Mini, then forced a reset from .Mac, Interestingly it  
populated the Mini with data from my MacBook, which I just brought to  
school and not from my G5 at home, from which I followed the above  
procedure to force Y data from it to .Mac.
I may be having what J. W. Williamson observed (and was kind enough  
to Email me privately about), which is an ISP problem. I hope not, as  
there is no way around that. Cox would laugh at me before they hung up.

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Just won?t work for me

2007-05-11 Thread Don Truett
Other than that, it’s the perfect program for quickly collecting  
links and tagging them for the school support site I have created.
At first I had (and still have .Mac sync problems), as in it just  
doesn’t. Even using Advanced in .Mac prefs and replacing Yojimbo data  
in either direction doesn’t change things. Patrick gave me Terminal  
commands, which I executed properly, then a series of steps to reset  
sync data, which I followed.
I changed some things in Yojimbo at school, creating a couple of new  
test items and deleting some others. When I went into the folder  
holding the items at  
I discovered that there were many more items than in my Library.  
Opening them all individually, the deleted items were still there  
(still none I synched from my other computer). Is this where they  
should reside, and does anyone have an idea why they won’t update,  
let alone sync? I tried trashing Yojimbo and redownloading, but no  

Don Truett