Re: Replicating Yojimbo, importing/exporting, etc.

2008-05-31 Thread Forrest Aldrich
Tim Rodriguez wrote: Forrest, Forrest Aldrich wrote: Hi Everyone, I'm new to Yojimbo... Finally, I would love to be able to export portions of my Yojimbo content (ie: some stored tutorials or web pages) for use in smaller functions like a Wiki. I'm not clear whether that's even possible

Replicating Yojimbo, importing/exporting, etc.

2008-05-29 Thread Forrest Aldrich
Hi Everyone, I'm new to Yojimbo... I'm interested in replicating my Yojimbo database so I can use it elsewhere (ie: at work). I'm aware that it has .mac capability, but I wonder if that's simply a sync of files to the iDisk (copying), and how would you resolve differences if, say, you do