Re: Yojimbo workflow for access password protected websites.

2007-05-20 Thread Matt Henderson
Because I want to do step number 3 (in my desired workflow); I want to have to enter my global password. On May 16, 2007, at 9:55 PM, bill shamam wrote: Why not use the MacOS Keychain for this? That's what it's designed for. On May 15, 2007, at 6:30 AM, Matt Henderson wrote: Probably

Feature Request: Tag Browser / Tag Management

2007-04-18 Thread Matt Henderson
system that goes a bit further than the current preferences; in particular, to address the situation that you want to consolidate the tags pdf and pdfs into a single tag. Kind regards, -- Matt Henderson, MakaluMedia Group | +34 952 900 776 | +1 404 975 0988