Yojimbo on Windows?

2007-11-03 Thread Ross Winn
I jump back and forth between several computers in my usual day. There are times I want to snip or save something on my PC the same way I do in Yojimbo. Are there any windows apps the have similar basic features to Yojimbo? -- --

Mark/Space Notes Sync Error

2007-08-01 Thread Ross Winn
When my Motorola Q syncs the system log repeats this for fifteen to twenty minutes and then just stops. Any ideas? 8/1/07 12:41:28 MSUI: Mark/Space Notes: setStatusString string=Beginning session with Sync Services. MotoQ, MacBook Pro, OSX 10.4.10 --

Dates created and modified

2007-05-07 Thread Ross Winn
Can I chime in too? Maybe only allowing the creation date to be modified. I don't know, but it is an interesting question. What really pisses me off is that the creation and mod dates aren't supported for backup and restore. When I expert all of my items, since Yojimbo has no convenient


2007-05-05 Thread Ross Winn
I was browsing the faq and using google, but I can't seem to find a bookmarklet repository. I used to have some, but they disappeared. Any help would be appreciated, Ross Winn Freelance Geek -- -- This message is sent to you