Re: Yet another mostly happy user

2008-05-05 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
I agree completely with your mail. Sometimes I am afraid to forget some items because I don't remember all the tags' name. I really need tags and folders. I try Eaglefiler (nested folders AND tags) : it tastes like Yojimbo, but it is not Yojimbo - but looks fine too. I've seen several people

Re: Almost happy with Yojimbo the way it is

2008-05-01 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
I'm not singling out Rhet, but there are several ideas embodied in this paragraph that bear comment: If someone from BareBones does pipe in, it's usually to say We're never going to add that feature. See previous post... This compares poorly to several other indie-Mac software lists I'm on

Re: Setting the External Editor

2008-04-09 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
1. (How) Is it possible to change the default external editor? (I searched the preferences, the help and the online FAQ with no luck.) It's an external Viewer, not Editor. Any changes made outside of Yojimbo are not returned to Yojimbo. 2. Since there is no 'make plain text' option, can I

Re: Setting the External Editor

2008-04-09 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
(I don't know what it's like for you but, I find I discover programs one menu item at a time; a year or so of having used it every day and I'm still finding things in BBEdit that amaze/delight me.) I have the advantage of having the source code for both of these programs, so I have a pretty

Re: [ANN] Yojimbo Tag Cleanup

2008-04-01 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
Other than iterating through each database item using AppleScript and searching manually through it's list of tags to find abandoned tags, does anyone have any other AppleScript suggestions for how to find unused tags? Or any ideas why his Spotlight index wasn't up to date with Yojimbo's tags?

Re: Capturing URL for documentation

2008-03-10 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
On the other hand, dragging the URL to Yojimbo automatically captures the title of the page (which you may or may not want). If you use the quick input you'll have to type it in yourself (or use a multi-clipboard program like Quicksilver which makes this a matter of a few keystrokes). FYI-- If

Re: Yojimbo already running

2008-02-28 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
I just wanted to fire up Yojimbo (have to retrieve a registration code I have stored in it) and I get the message that Yojimbo is already running. Only one copy can run at a time. The dialog box for this message just has a quit button. The problem is that Yojimbo is NOT running. Has anyone run

Re: [OFFLIST} Re: [ANN] Yojimbo 1.5.1

2008-02-06 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
Ha Ha. I need to stop sending mail when I'm under the weather... -- -- This message is sent to you because you are subscribed to the mailing list To unsubscribe, send mail to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] List

Re: Function to decode the passwords in the database

2008-01-30 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
I have been wondering if there is a way to decode the passwords stored in the sqlite database directly. Is there any function I can pass the desired entry id and my master password?? No. What are you trying to do? You can use AppleScript to get at them, assuming your permissions are set to

Re: Save PDF to Yojimbo oddity

2008-01-18 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
For some time I have been saving web pages, primarily receipts, to Yojimbo from Firefox via the Print menu. Of late I've found that this does not yield a 'proper' pdf but rather the text only (and generally in very small font size too). I can however 'Save as PDF' from the Print menu and drag the

Re: Applescript to get modified date of file selected in Yojimbo

2008-01-15 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
What I am trying to do is get the modified date of the item and be able to rename the item by appending the modified date to the end of the filename (but before the file extension). I was trying to do it using a TypeIt4Me abbreviation - .e.g so that every time I typed ytag the item's modified

Re: Applescript to get modified date of file selected in Yojimbo

2008-01-14 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
I want an Applescript that will grab the modified date of a file selected in Yojimbo. Keep in mind that there aren't files in Yojimbo. If you want to get the modification date of an item in Yojimbo: tell application Yojimbo set selectedItem to selection set modDate to modification

Re: selecting focus panes

2008-01-07 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
When I typically bring up Yojimbo using QuickSilver. Once it's up, I have to use my mouse to get to the search field. Is there a keyboard shortcut to search? Command-Option-F in the application, or you can set your own system-wide hotkey from within the Yojimbo preferences. --

Re: Applescript for opening Yojimbo Notes in BBEdit

2007-12-19 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
Has anyone made an Applescript to open a Yojimbo note directly in BBEdit? If not, would the proper procedure be to export the note to disk, open it in BBEdit and then have the Finder delete it from disk? Getting the contents of the note to BBEdit (minus all formatting) is trivial, but any

Re: formatting palette not showing

2007-12-11 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
The according menu entry is Format - Ruler - Show Ruler. I am not a native speaker, but for me a ruler is not very intuitive. The terminology comes from word processors. Originally, the ruler was used to set tab stops and margins. As time marched on, people started sticking things like

Re: newbie question

2007-12-11 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
Here's my question about Yojiimbo. If I'm understanding right, there's essentially only one database for the Yojimbo application. Even if I want to use Yojimbo to catalog stuff for several very different things, they will all be together when I open Yojimbo. However, I can tag them separately

Re: newbie question

2007-12-11 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
However, I would still like it if you could have more than one YJ library at a time (and sync them all over a single dotmac account) so that my wife and I could have separate buckets. Given that individulal dotmac accounts are probably very often used by families of users, this seems a reasonable

Re: Quick Input Panel - Autofill

2007-12-10 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
how is it that every time I select and copy some text and then use the Quick Input Panel via F8 that I always have a text appearing that says: Your previous information has been preserved. Click Autofill to import the new clipboard contents. Sebastian answered this a moment ago. I'd also add

Re: Importing Passwords and Serial Numbers from Password Retriever?

2007-11-30 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
Has anyone done this before? What is the best way to do it? Password Retriever can export records as delimited data files, but when I try to import it into Yojimbo, I run into field mapping issues. Before I start migrating seven years of passwords, serial numbers, etc, from Password Retriever

Re: Code Coloring Indenting in YJ

2007-11-07 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
I guess that's no then! Any suggestions on what to use as an alternative searchable place to store HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP code? There isn't much likelihood of us adding syntax coloring to Yojimbo: it's too specific of a problem. If you really want to stick with Yojimbo for storage, there

Re: Quick Input Panel

2007-11-02 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
I would love it if the quick input dock also included tag entry. It would save me an extra step on literally every piece of textual information that I enter into Yojimbo. I understand that with things like Web archives and pdf's I would still have to do step two. The Quick Input panel

On Yojimbo and Time Machine

2007-10-31 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
Before things get too far out of control, I want to clarify some facts about how Time Machine and Yojimbo. Yojimbo is built on CoreData, the same underlying technology as Aperture, and several other products. Because of issues related to how Time Machine and CoreData manage files on disk,

Re: yojimbo-module

2007-05-25 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
Good point, personally I never used .mac sync. This would require me to 1) buy a .mac account and 2) buy another yojimbo license. While the .Mac requirement is true, you don't need an additional Yojimbo license. All flavors of Yojimbo license we sell allow use on multiple machines. -- Steve

Re: Yojimbo workflow for access password protected websites.

2007-05-15 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
to the Yojimbo Security preferences, and allow AppleScript access to password items. If you use Safari, make sure the location field of all your records starts with http:// or https://. Camino allows slack urls. -- Steve Kalkwarf [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: Group in Spotlight?

2007-05-15 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
Is there a way to show Yojimbo items as a separate group in Spotlight? I.e. Spotlight separates PDFs, images, e-mails, etc. Can Yojimbo items be broken out into their own list? No, unfortunately the groups are defined by Apple, and not accessible to us. -- Steve Kalkwarf [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: Triggering the save command

2007-05-10 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
a new note, quickly popping open the File menu, waiting a moment, and looking again. To be specific, Yojimbo doesn't edit documents and as such, doesn't have any sort of notion of an unsaved document. -- Steve Kalkwarf [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: Sente and Yojimbo

2007-05-07 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
-51AA5E2C8597 Otherwise, your observation that Yojimbo copies its items into the database is correct, and they cannot be seen by other applications without a lot of trickery on their part. -- Steve Kalkwarf [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: More keyboard shortcuts, please!!

2007-05-05 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
of the 5 types of documents is to either select it from a menubar menu or a button menu. please give us more options. :-) I type F8 to open the Quick Input panel, and then Command-(1-5) to select the correct entry type if our ESP module guesses incorrectly. -- Steve Kalkwarf [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: When are Notes Saved?

2007-04-21 Thread Steve Kalkwarf
this by making a new note, quickly popping open the File menu, waiting a moment, and looking again. -- Steve Kalkwarf [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- -- This message is sent to you because you are subscribed to the mailing list yojimbo-talk