Re: [ANN] moving Yojimbo-Talk to Google Groups!

2008-05-29 Thread infrahile
RSS - Atom - T. On 29 May 2008, at 18:29, Jim McCarty wrote: Kerri Hicks wrote: On 29 May 2008, at 1:17 PM, Jim McCarty wrote: Any solution for folks

Re: More about how I use Yojimbo

2008-05-06 Thread infrahile
Sounds like you need OmniFocus. I find it works perfectly with YJ - any detailed notes, saved documents I have relating to a task in YJ can be linked to from OF by pasting the item link as a note for the task making the two work pretty seamlessly together. T. On 6 May 2008, at 13:26,

Re: Tag Collections not treated the same as 'regular' Collections (was: The Real Issue With Nested Folders and Multiple Databases.)

2008-05-05 Thread infrahile
On 5 May 2008, at 16:45, Bill Rowe wrote: What would happen if the tag collection had several tags associated with it? Would you assign all of the available tags to an item dragged to that collection? That's exactly what I'd expect it to do, I don't see what the problem is. For example,

Re: Almost happy with Yojimbo the way it is

2008-05-02 Thread infrahile
Thanks for your response Steve, great to have some direct answers from the guy who kicked it all off :o) Now, naturally, I want more! :o) In the past I've drawn a distinction between 'nested folders' and a means to group collections in the sidebar. I see these as distinct things and I've

Re: The Real Issue With Nested Folders and Multiple Databases.

2008-05-02 Thread infrahile
Personally, along as it's civil, I think a bit of heated debate is all good fun - livens things up a bit! :o) T. On 2 May 2008, at 23:19, Scott J. Lopez wrote: No one said Yojimbo is a GTD tool, but apparently people use it for that given the number of posts that reference it. There are

Re: Transferring info from Yojimbo onto ipod touch

2008-04-29 Thread infrahile
Sounds like Webjimbo is what you need - webjimbo/ - $30 third party app, not tried it myself but it seems to get good reports and has recently added an iPhone optimised interface. Cheers, T. On 29 Apr 2008, at 00:20, Alexander van Nievelt wrote: Sorry if I am

Re: Cycle through Search criteria

2008-04-09 Thread infrahile
Would anyone else find this useful? Yes, me. Although there may be a slight UI issue as when the search field has focus the preview text indicating what is being searched is removed, so as you cycle with the arrow keys there would (currently) be no indication of what type of search you'd

Re: Feature clarification - capture URL

2008-03-08 Thread infrahile
Related feature request - I've long thought that the web archive source URL that appears in the status bar should be a live link. It's a minor thing when the contextual menu offers the same functionality, but it just seems simpler and more natural to click the link to go to the URL in

Re: [ANN] Yojimbo 1.5.1

2008-02-06 Thread infrahile
Me neither, and I'm not behind a firewall… also, v1.5 (62) T. On 6 Feb 2008, at 16:27, Daryl Spitzer wrote: Nothing happens when I select Check for Updates from the application menu. Could it be because I'm behind a firewall? (I'm running Authoxy:


2007-12-11 Thread infrahile
Here's a weird little curiosity - I opened an Adobe Illustrator document just now (by double-clicking on it's icon in the Finder), for the first time since installing the recent 1.5 update, and rather than opening Illustrator my Mac decided that Yojimbo was a better choice and created a

Re: ANN: Webjimbo web interface

2007-07-24 Thread infrahile
Great to see the very highest journalistic standards are being maintained by both MacNN and MacUser (UK) who both report this as being a Bare Bones product… T. On 24 Jul 2007, at 12:32, Adrian Ross wrote: Hi all, Following on from my post a month or so back, I'm pleased to announce

Re: iPhone sync

2007-07-11 Thread infrahile
Maybe Leopard Mail's 'Notes' feature would provide a workable conduit for getting basic notes to and from an iPhone via an ITunes sync…? Sounds iCludgy just thinking about it though! T. On 11 Jul 2007, at 18:40, David Nedrow wrote: On Jul 11, 2007, at 1:26 PM, Steve Drach wrote: This

Re: yojimbo-module

2007-05-25 Thread infrahile
…you don't need an additional Yojimbo license. All flavors of Yojimbo license we sell allow use on multiple machines. You'd never make it as a Used Car Salesman. ;o) T. -- -- This message is sent to you because you are

Re: Folders/Tag-collections

2007-05-25 Thread infrahile
All very amusing, but not a fair analogy in any way… This is not a request for a new or wildly unrelated feature, I already use YJ for browsing, it forms the majority of the way I use it and it does so pretty well. Features such as collections and tag- collections exist already and have

Re: yojimbo-module

2007-05-25 Thread infrahile
…you don't need an additional Yojimbo license. All flavors of Yojimbo license we sell allow use on multiple machines. You'd never make it as a Used Car Salesman. ;o) Given that I do not own a single Yojimbo license yet (I'm still in demo mode) he actually did his best to convince me of a

Flag item

2007-05-25 Thread infrahile
Another minor feature request… I've recently switched to using YJ in two-pane mode (no preview area) and opening items in new windows (allowing me to keep the Library on my MBP screen to one side of my main 20 where I view the items in individual windows, in case you're curious why!) I

PDF Display

2007-05-25 Thread infrahile
Here's another request, I'm on a roll… PDF's: maybe I've missed a feature, but it seems there is no way currently to view the list of pages in a PDF document. Maybe the Acrobat 8 way of displaying page thumbnails down the side of the background area would work well - I'm not a developer so

Re: Dates created and modified

2007-05-06 Thread infrahile
On 6 May 2007, at 14:51, tedd wrote: No offense meant to the Yojimbo programmers, but this is an example of how a programmer thinks that s/he knows what the user needs as compared to what the user actually wants. Well, not necessarily, there are all sorts of more likely explanations

Re: Dates created and modified

2007-05-06 Thread infrahile
On 6 May 2007, at 15:21, tedd wrote: But from experience, programmers think about the data and not necessarily how user will use it -- that's why GUI is like a new (anything that is less than 20 years old is new to me) science to programming. First, solve the problem and then make it easy

3/2-pane toggle

2007-05-03 Thread infrahile
Quick little feature request folks… I typically use the three-pane standard view when using Yojimbo, however when I want to review a long list of notes, archives, etc. I will double-click on the divider between the notes list and note preview panes (i don't know the 'official' terminology

Re: auto Welcome post...

2007-04-26 Thread infrahile
2- Item structure: It seems to me that many items (mainly S/N and passwords) could have a slightly more complete and harmonized field structure. As examples, I somehow miss an e-mail field (and even an owner field) in the password class, and a location field in the S/N class. I may

Re: Feature Request: Drag-n-Drop images

2007-04-08 Thread infrahile
Not sure if this has been covered in past discussions, but I'd love to cast a vote for the ability to drag images from a Web browser directly into either the drop-dock or the Yojimbo application without having to create a note to contain it. I agree, this would be very useful… As a