Re: Yojimbo and PDF files (wish list).

2007-04-08 Thread Patrick Woolsey
[EMAIL PROTECTED] sez: 2-For storing a catalogue of PDFs, for example all my design/print output PDFs. These are larger files and there are a whole lot more of them. For the minute, I'm not using YJ for this. I would like to but I don't think BareBones designed the software for this type of

Re: Feature Request: Nested Tag Collections

2007-04-08 Thread Patrick Woolsey Regards, Patrick Woolsey / Director of Technical Services == Bare Bones Software, Inc. P.O. Box 1048, Bedford, MA 01730-1048 --

Re: Feature Request: or-condition in Tag collections

2007-04-08 Thread Patrick Woolsey
Niels Kobschätzki [EMAIL PROTECTED] sez: Right now tag-collections only have an and-condition (matches all of these tags), I'd like to see an or-condition (can match any of these tags). As we've mentioned before :-), we will be adding support for user-definable smart collections in a future

Re: Feature Request: Drag-n-Drop images

2007-04-08 Thread infrahile
Not sure if this has been covered in past discussions, but I'd love to cast a vote for the ability to drag images from a Web browser directly into either the drop-dock or the Yojimbo application without having to create a note to contain it. I agree, this would be very useful… As a

Re: Script to pipe multiple Mail messages to Yojimbo with date, names,tags

2007-04-08 Thread J. Stewart
On 4/8/07 at 4:50 PM, Sherman Wilcox [EMAIL PROTECTED] spake thusly: Ah, yes, iKey. I also use QuicKeys, which can run a script, but it's a more expensive solution than all of these others. I'd bet there's some fancy way to do this with Quicksilver too (but who can figure it out?). FYI, as